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Amazon Niche Hunting using Kindle Niche Hunter

January 23, 2020

Now let’s quickly find a niche together
using and Kindle Niche Hunter along with our four step process so
first things first, what do we need first thing to get started, what you need is
ideas so you can either model after the bestsellers for example start with
what’s already working and drill down into categories and subcategories until
you find something that you can work with or you can also start with keywords
if you have keywords already in mind you can start with that so for this
illustration just for this example I’m starting with the bestsellers so I’m
looking at the “health and fitness and dieting” then I want to look at
“exercise and fitness” so I already have that tab open so exercise and fitness
and within that I want to look at Yoga for example so I already have yoga as
well open to optimize the time so now if you go to Kindle Niche Hunter it shows
you all of the hundred titles here alright now basically when you are
looking at a sub-sub category which is in this case is yoga, so this was our
main category then we went to exercise and fitness and then yoga alright so we
are only about third level in terms of category so I call it sub-sub category
generally when you are at that level the top 50 books, the up to top 50, basically
they will easily represent 80 percent plus of the revenue for that sub
category alright now you can sort this by revenue here right so
let’s say you sorted into increasing to decreasing revenue, alright so when you
look at this you can see the top book is selling about 189 copies a month and if
you look at the bottom is selling about a copy or two every month right which is
of course not enough 189 is a pretty decent number. You
can see the chair yoga this book is pulling in about over 2000
with only 60 reviews right and it’s priced at a very good point, you know
$10.99, it’s a pretty good price the book has 288 pages and BSR is about
11,000. Now basically let’s browse through the list and see if you can spot
something that makes sense here right so let’s see the first one is of course
chair yoga so this is a niche within a niche basically right now this is what
what we want to target we want to target a niche within a niche because yoga is
too broad but we can try to find something that’s not as broad so
let’s see yoga everybody yoga right which is basically let’s say yoga for
everyone right that kind of stuff or Yoga for Beginners now I’ll try to see
how many other books that kind of match that kind of theme so yoga Bible in some
ways that kind of matches that same theme yoga basics yoga Bible for
beginners of course that’s pretty much exactly matches to what we’re looking at
and then you have other books that kind of similar right so now let’s look at
the top book that we just looked at they pretty much match everybody yoga right
that’s bringing in about $500 and with 76 reviews right 52 copies each month so
that’s not bad right I mean if you look at daily basis, it’s you know
selling $14 basically worth of revenue on daily basis a month a book
a month basically sort of a book a day
sorry, so now look at 52 this is something we can work with, right so now
before you settle down on one of these niches or
“niche within a niche” what we need to do we need to look at basically we need to
make sure that demand for these books are not just one time it’s not seasonal
and it’s more consistent and there is no easy way to do that
on Amazon unless you use Kindle Niche Hunter over time which
means you actually use it over a few months right to kind of make sure that
the book demand is consistent yeah and you can do that using tracking for
example right we offer tracking you can look at this book for example we’re
tracking already and you can see the the revenue and the BSR and the price
changes however for this exercise of course you know generally speaking you
don’t have that much time so less let’s try to turn to Google and see what
Google has for us so I already put Yoga for Beginners
and also put in another title that I saw or a theme was yoga for seniors so it’s
kind of niche within a niche so as you can see Yoga for Beginners
for the year before and then the last 12 months about the cause very
consistent right so consistent search volume on Google which is a good thing
that tells us it’s not like you know one off wonder sort of things so it is
something that carries consistent demand now how about if we combine these two
topics for example weekly say you go for a beginner and yoga for seniors and you
want to look at Yoga for beginner seniors right and if you wanna see let’s
see if people are actually searching on Amazon for yoga for beginner and yeah
boom so people are actually looking for yoga for beginner and seniors or yoga
for beginner seniors alright so which means you can actually carve out a space
for yourself by targeting yoga for beginners and seniors alright now
let’s start on tracking for those book and come back and see the actual revenue
potential so to be – in order to do that what you will do is you come here on
Kindle Niche Hunter and then you basically turn on tracking right so you
can turn on tracking here you can turn here with the PRO
subscription you can turn on tracking for up to 50 ebooks or books or
so for example here yoga Bible right you just keep going yoga basics man yoga
simple etc. right so you have now all of these books and you can look at
the tracking data when it is available in a few days you’re gonna see tracking
data become available so that’s your way to make sure of course those books
of interest that you’re trying to displace basically try to complete with
they are bringing in consistent sales volume on Amazon so we looked at the
search volume using Google to make sure it’s not seasonal then we validate the
dollar volume using Amazon itself right now the last but not least what you need
to do is you need to analyze each of the top books and see what are the gaps by
looking at the book meta-data especially revenue, reviews, ratings, and a number of
pages for example book title and description and come up with the title
and manuscript that you can beat those alright so for example here right
you can see if I go by revenue I can see the everyday yoga book has about
76 reviews doing about $500 a month and selling 52 copies right so is this is
this you need to figure out of course this is comfortable you’re comfortable
with this much competition right and if this revenue is in line with your
expectation if not then you can continue to hunt up the list until it matches
your expectation or down for that reason if you’re just looking to make let’s say
you you’re okay making a couple hundred dollar a month with one book then you
can also go down the list end and do this way alright so I hope you
found this video helpful if you have any question at this point please contact us
using the help page, thank you!

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