Amazing River Fossil hunting trip March 2016 with Mosasaur Shark Mastadon
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Amazing River Fossil hunting trip March 2016 with Mosasaur Shark Mastadon

February 15, 2020

hello YOUTUBE! We are here at the river
going to go fossil hunting see what we can find. And
I was expecting the water to be flowing and it’s moving pretty good right over there
but it’s not moving is not as high as when I thought it was so it’ll be pretty
easy I’ve got the inner tube with us it’s got the canvas cover and everything
so with that the water no higher than it is we should have a really easy time but
we’re gonna go down there there’s a sandbar you can’t see it yet i’ll show
it later and we’ll see what we can find sharks teeth apostles dinosaur bones oh yeah and up there is our gravel beds three
back and we are in the flotation device and I’ve got a spot i can stand up and
then I’m just hold on to the back and paddling but i may take it easy just let it let
me float as much as possible ok ok ok this is a good sign like I’m really
excited I’ve only been here about 20 minutes and i think the trip is going to
be great because this out check this out and I know look at that look at that see I come here for the fossils and just
the strangely pointed rocks just happened – sometimes pop up and you know
I always leave them behind but look at that like unbelievable I’m pretty sure actually that for this
river right here this is the best one that I’ve ever seen how do you like that because i’m loving
it I am loving it yeah part of the ear the shoulder is is
broken and the tip but otherwise I’m thinking oh man good start to the day
you can get this recording with that the wind whipping too badly the background that I have with your
near water and you’ve got dry gravel a lot of time at least around here it’s real light colored and everything
for me that’s hard to really make much out so what i did i splashed water from
right here up onto it right away right there just like that this is something else is bound little
bit earlier two piece of backlight and it’s a broken piece but it’s nice
because you can see the suture lines those squiggly lines actually I just realize you’re not in
focus I can see you can see these uh we’re gonna suture lines real well on
this one so it’s a nice example and then here’s something else I’ve already found
today which you know we’ll have about two pieces of Mastodon to email is a
broken up master don t not be able to take the mastodon team and this one here
is part of the ridge and tip it will have these little ridges kind of like
our molars do but much more pronounced and so I’ve got a couple pieces of that
so that’s real nice also there was this ink is tooth right
here it’s got a broken tip took my hang on to
it but nothing too special it’s gone somewhat slow for the moment
otherwise I wouldn’t be highlighting this but this is a really big boulder of
phospholipid is rock see that right there is tons of shapes
in here and obvious than others there’s this one with be like Ponderosa
choice to shell type of oyster shell and it’s still in the matrix there’s another one still it’s an amazing some of these
things like the type will the most have never getting a
little boring camry anyway a neat rock way way too big
for me to be thinking about carrying home all right all right all right i just
found a a nice find in line and broken pieces of these different bone pieces
but and this was not in great condition they’re not really great condition at
all but it is a mass or vertebra that’s very humbled around very broken
up and still get the basic shape nice size but pretty busted up so at something real happy with it check out that current I know it’s
nothing right I can walk across that maybe not on the
far side but all across here I could walk across that you want to know where
the fossils come from they come from here there’s a condition right there
right there the second creation but that’s part of what the bottles from out
of anyway what I really wanted to show you
what i was looking down here and there was an old bridge along time ago the
head at least a couple of its pillars made out of a paint granite and I was
going to pick up this pace because it’s pretty and it’s small and put it in the
flower bed or something not too heavy to carry out and whenever I was looking
down I saw something maybe my second best
find of the day but see I think it’s a good one oh yeah oh yeah that is a nice one again it’s beat up a little bit it’s not
perfect but that is a Mosasaurus vertebra in pretty good shape pretty good shape I am really happy about that really really happy about that and the
mosques or that’s a dinosaur like water creature that used to roam in the seas thankfully they don’t anymore they were
pretty vicious so it was my youngest boy that I brought with me today and he’s
not quite the fossil hunter that his brothers are you’re not going to find it
in on the muddy ugly parts I told him well he he went across on his
own and I told him a look over there you might find a shark tooth there in the
rock and so he took a stick with them and started beating at it like still searching i got over to
gravel here in front of me so wish me luck are you guys doctor who time travelers I did yall wish me luck and it bring me luck here on the video look at
that it’s a small one but it’s a nice little shark vertebra I’m happy with that oh yeah alright guys I didn’t realize
how much luck y’all had wish me to put this down roughly where that is and
we’ll come back to that this is get the camera out I just look
down in front of me and let me see if I can find it again I lost sight of it it was a small one so
what am i finding you must have known that I like shark vertebra because i
just found where it is right there another little bitty shark vertebra and
it’s not coming out sharp is it there we go another shark breath over
here sons and I saw the shark tank right
there and then right next to it is a shark part of breath fragment and then I
was scanning and I saw this shark vertebra right there what else there’s a tiny little shark
tooth to wait there’s another one right there this is unbelievable this is
unbelievable what else can we find i’m just going to
pan along and see if I can see anything else was at wine t3 in the broken one and what else let me know if you’ll see anything no
thank you another one right there that is another one and believable this is wild look at that look at that
look at that in a barnacle plate too and then it’s another thing i’m not sure
what those are but we find those sometimes this is crazy this is in saying anything else that may be it wow wow I think that’s particle plate not
something different something else that may have been in like no I’m sure about
that there you go see you think about before
I get what all is going to go alright so this is the recap of what i
found there one two three four five shark vertebra
was a broken one couple shark teeth and weakest job fragment and a barnacle
plate so unbelievable how do you like that I am just thrilled wow thanks for that wish guys appreciate
it all right so I found another barnacle
play or claw or whatever they are and i figured out there be more vertebra in
that area and I kept looking at found one I didn’t pick it up at do about a
foot and a half sir conference no diameter line or a
circle around it with it off centered so he wouldn’t be perfectly easy to find he went over there any found in and kept
certain he’s found two more over there well i just picked up to get it on video look around to be so yeah I think this is this is a
section of fused vertebrae in the middle up and down minutes it’s gonna beat up
and everything but that is a section of what i believe to be fused vertebrae of
what I’m not sure but pretty neat and knew it I knew and I knew it I started seeing the clues to the
different stuff that I was seen around here this is gonna be a good spot and I
was right the first large shark for the world today but nice size that’s about a
quarter size really nice really nice oh yeah very cool there’s something for you an old whiskey
bottle top to an old whiskey bottle handle there around here throw it over
your shoulder take a big drink I don’t say stuff like this please not
this far away from the car it’s pretty neat though well I’m not
that many sharks teeth today and had done a good job of getting them on film
so I figured out at least show this one here pretty nice little phone that very nice very nice well the sun’s starting to get low and
the angle for seeing stuff is not as good so let’s wrap up here i’m still
going to keep my eyes open on the way back but don’t have much expectation
anyway thanks for watching big thumbs up come back again yo

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