AMAZING Bow And Arrow VR Game – Final Archer VR
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AMAZING Bow And Arrow VR Game – Final Archer VR

August 21, 2019

Hello everyone today we’re checking out
final archer ultimate archery VR. Kill them all
exit… Well I guess we’re gonna kill them all Instructions Sure So in this game to teleport you have to
actually teleport to these predefined locations. Okay guys we gotta get ready
for battle. It’s directing me to go this way. Wave one… we got some birds up there Here they come. Oh yes. I gotta get a
little closer yeah little too close for comfort slow-motion. I’m gonna try one of these
lightning bolts oh well that cleared them out. I’m gonna go over here oh I like the slow-motion Headshots are
insta-kill. Can I move back a bit? Yes I can. He ain’t gonna poop right for a week. Any how what’s good about these predefined locations. Oh my goodness all my dudes are dead
this is where I need the lightning. Oh know, they’re not dead. What’s good about the predefined
locations is you kind of stay in one spot. In your play area so you’re not gonna
really run into anything okay these guys wave two these guys are facing this way
let’s see what we got here in a castle. It’s burning. We got another Archer. You
gonna help me up there? Oh, I’m in the wrong spot fire arrow okay I got to get out of here. Is
there somewhere different I can go? Ohhh, head shot head shot come on K, I gotta get out of here. I Love the lightning bolt. Oh here we go oh okay
that’s the coolest Enjoying the video? Then like and subscribe. Throat Punch! Gurggle what am I doing
wrong Those guys move so fast I’ll let them worry about… Oh a nice shot…
whoever that was I think it was that chick up in the archery tower man she’s
taking out two at once what does she got magical bow.what are these guys buddy
you need to brush your teeth. Oh just over his…. Help me out, archery chick. Holy they move so fast… Lightning bolt to the guts. alright flaming arrow coming your way Holy smokes! OK lightning bolt I will definitely say it seems like the
frame rate takes a hit when theres all these…. oh yeah took that big guy out with a flamin.. Oh man okay I got a jump how to here again And I need my lightning bolt… flames… Normal arrow. Will I finish wave two I’m gonna go
behind the protection of my buddies. Ohh… Wave clear that was tough it took me
like four times this way maybe I’m maybe I don’t want to go that way. Thanks for
the help oh I thought there was two of ya… Oh. Guess Not. Wave 3. You guys are facing
that way…. I’ll go over here Wha… What was that. Oh we got a bat coming. Oh not a bat, a dragon I think. What is hitting me? Oh, haha. Oh oh yeah I didn’t even know that… Hey
thanks a lot there you’re an expert. that lightning bolt is brutal definitely the key to this game is keep
moving don’t really stop for much because if you do stop you’re toast.
Because there’s so many enemi… What was that. There are so many enemies. K, do I got a flaming arrow? I need my I need a
lightning bolt no I don’t have it yet oh there’s a lot of bats building up
go over here. lightning bolt… Yes. bring me to the
tavern I need a little break. Gotta lightning bolt take this. I feel like I
want to punch them sometimes. But that would not be a good idea okay I think I’m getting hit by a dragon again. every time that okay so it takes two arrows to kill a dragon or I don’t know what thats not evena dragon, it’s a bit bat. I’m obviously confused about what it is
here we go lightning bolts flames yeah he’s on fire well that’s it for me today thanks for
watching me play final Archery VR. If you enjoyed watching the video please
like share suscribe, whichever. I’ll talk to you guys later

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