AltWork Station lets you sit, stand and even lie down as you type
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AltWork Station lets you sit, stand and even lie down as you type

August 21, 2019

A California based startup has come up with
a new kind of workstation named as ” Altwork Station” which will be allowing users to sit,
stand or recline while working, with their computer and table perfectly positioned to
let them concentrate on their job. It looks like the chair in your dentist’s
office. It’s like combination of chair, bed and desk. Altwork redefines how humans interact with
their computers by allowing the computer screen and keyboard to physically conform to the
needs of humans in the workplace. Unlike standard desk & chair workstations, high intensity
computer users can use this product to sit, stand, focus and collaborate. In simplest
terms, it allows you to work any way you want and the computers seamlessly move with you,
instead of forcing you to conform to it. This workstation is being marketed towards
programmers, designers, writers and anyone else who uses a computer as their primary
working tool. Altwork can support you for being more productive,
comfortable, and healthy. But it’s bit expensive. It costs $5,900,
but the company is selling it for $3,900 as initial offer. The desk uses Magnets to keep the mouse and
keyboard from falling when you lean back.

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