Alphonso Davies’ First Interview in German!
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Alphonso Davies’ First Interview in German!

November 19, 2019

Germans are totally alright. Referee. Referee, yes! Referee. Thiago, top-class player. I was shocked. Welcome to a new edition of our 1:1 Talk. With me is a young man who has only been in Munich for six months but has still agreed to give us his first German interview today. I am very happy you’re here, Alphonso Davies. Hi. Hi. You’ve only been in Munich for half a year. How have you settled in? Munich is a really beautiful city and I really like it. Everything is going very well with my teammates, the coaches, the physios and the entire staff. I feel good here. Nice! I remember when you arrived in Munich and held up your new Bayern jersey at Munich’s airport with a huge smile on your face. Let’s take a look at your time here so far. Yes. Hello, it’s me, Phonzie! It’s Alphonso Davies. It’s been a short but spectacular career so far that took Alphonso Davies to Bayern Munich. Born in Ghana and raised in Canada his talent became apparent at a very young age. Davies celebrated his MLS debut for Vancouver at the tender age of 15 and soon made quite the impression. At the age of 16 he played for Canada for the first time making him the youngest ever international of his home country to date. During the 2018 Audi Summer Tour Bayern Munich confirmed his transfer and in November 2018 Davies arrived in Munich. He has been an official part of the Bayern squad since January, he already debuted for the first team and scored his first goal in a 6:0 win against Mainz. The 18-year-old feels comfortable in Munich and has adopted to the Bavarian culture, learning not only German but also the Bavarian slang. I was not born yesterday. Goodbye. Goodbye. If I said that right. Goodbye. Goodbye. How impressive! Bavarian is even harder than German. You had to say goodbye to your home country recently. You were only 18 when you left Canada and Vancouver so tell us the difference between the two countries. The language is different of course and the winters are much colder in Canada. Canadians are more relaxed… More relaxed, really? …than Germans but Germans are totally alright. Of course, football is different, Germans support their teams more than Canadians do. Are there more fans? Yes, there are more fans and football is obviously much bigger here. I love that. You love playing here? I am so impressed with your German. I learned French for seven years in school and never really got to the bottom of it. Respect for that! Thank you. How well is your German improving? I watch movies with subtitles. German subtitles. German is really difficult. Yes. Really difficult. It’s hard to learn but I’m doing my best. Considering it’s only been six months your German is really good. Is there any German word you think is really funny? A word that’s funny. You have so many funny words. I like “Schiedsrichter” – referee. “Schiedsrichter?” – Referee? “Schiedsrichter” – referee. That is really hard to pronounce. That’s a really tough one. “Schiedsrichter” – referee. I prefer to say “Schiri”. “Schiri”. That’s better! You once said in an interview your dream was to play for Bayern Munich. Tell us about your first steps here. What was your first impression of the club you so desperately wanted to join? Säbener Street is top class, the training pitches, the support for the team, the staff, the food. The food is great. Yes! All of these things are very good and very well-organized. What did you find was the greatest challenge and hardest to adapt to? It’s the first time I am without my family and friends. I miss them. Your family is still in Canada. Exactly. But I assume you will fly back during the summer break. Of course. Visiting them. Which of your teammates was most impressive so far? Who did you learn the most from so far? Probably Thiago. Regardless of where he plays he’s always a top-class player. On March 17th you played against Mainz in the Allianz Arena and you scored your very first goal for Bayern Munich after 70 minutes. Describe the feeling. I was shocked. Yes. I actually scored a goal in front of the home fans. All the fans and all the celebration. It must have been an incredible feeling. You played in the MLS for the Vancouver Whitecaps in the past years. Now you are in the Bundesliga. How do the levels of play compare? The Bundesliga is fantastic and one of the top five leagues in the world. The teams all have great quality and every opponent is difficult to play. Is it tougher in the Bundesliga? Absolutely. It’s really hard. The basketball team of Bayern Munich is doing very well this season too and I know you have seen them play in the Audi Dome. and have shot some buckets. How did you enjoy that experience? The Audi Dome is fantastic, the team is very good and I enjoyed my time watching. It’s very loud there. I have a few pictures here of you taking part in the Bavarian challenge. Like this? Oh, my hands are shaking. No. How was that? It was really funny. Very nice. With these pictures we would like to say goodbye and thank you, Alphonso Davies, for joining us here today and for conducting your first ever German interview with us. All the best! Thank you. That was our 1:1 talk and see you next week.

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  1. Irgendwie hab ich so das Gefühl, dass Alphonso beim FCB schon bald Top Leistungen aufm Platz abliefern wird….gönne es ihm total!!

  2. haben wir keine weissen Talente ? Es wird keinen schwarzen Beckenbauer, Uli Hoeneß, Paul Breitner geben. Oder wollt ihr den Afrika Cup veranstalten?

  3. Davies is going to be a superstar at Bayern mark my words when he played at left back at ICC cup I was very impressed and seen a lot of potential. If we can use him at wing and LB he will be essential!!! I like this kid hope we can keep him at bayern. Mia San mia! #bayernsnextlegend

  4. ich liebe diesen spieler aber finde echt schade das er vllt linker verteidiger wäre mittelfeld passt besser zu ihm

  5. Wow!! Dafür das er ein halbes Jahr hier ist spricht er mega gutes Deutsch. Das ist nicht selbstverständlich

  6. Alter diese Moderatorin ist ja mal so grauenhaft. Kommt wahrscheinlich aus einem Ort, indem keine Ausländer leben. Diese Fragen und diese Kommentare schlimm

  7. supersympathisch der junge und sein deutsch ist hervorragend nach nur 6 monaten, wenn man bedenkt das deutsch eine relativ schwer zu erlernende sprache ist.

  8. nettes Mädel…
    nun, man kann davon ausgehen das er eine der besten Deutschen Schulen in München besucht, ohne Hilfe keine Chance

  9. 0:02 to be honest with y’all I don’t even speak that language but this word funny shesheshKta lol all this word for referee tf

  10. The earpiece he has in is probably helping with the translation a bit.. but he is getting the inflection/pronounciation pretty well

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