Alla Ricerca Della Mia PROSSIMA AUTO!
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Alla Ricerca Della Mia PROSSIMA AUTO!

December 17, 2019

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we hunt my next car! As you’ve seen, the M3 is officially gone, it has a new owner and that means there’s an empty spot in the garage a spot to fill and for the occasion I’m at Milano Autoclassica to check out the cars for sale, to see some cool cars and to understand the current market and their value, as you see there’s some Paganis behind but I tell you immediately, they’re out of budget! Milano Autoclassica is always a good occasion to delight your eyes and witness hypercars, supercars, brand new and also old because in this event there’s lots of sellers and not just car companies like Pagani, they come here to propose their cars for sale so it will be interesting to look around and see what the market offers! Compared to the Zonda, the 812 is slighty cheaper, very particular in this livery that pays hommage to the Daytona Competizione, Not bad, an F50! All brought by Rosso Corsa, they aren’t for sale. How awesome the Testarossa in silver! To be honest, enough with red, this colour is factory original love at how it enhances the shape of the car, how nice! Also, it’s Monospecchio and Monodado, the most sought after version, so the most expensive one! Here we find something more reachable to me, I’ve always loved the F430 and it’s stunning in this spec Grigio Silverstone with red interior, another car not to underestimate because it has interesting prices, it’s the 599 GTB you can even find them for about 70-80k, a V12 powered gran turismo with such shape, what a car, so pretty! Sometimes you ask, why not a classic? I wouldn’t mind, years ago I was about to buy a Fulvia, of course not HF nor Fanalone, it was a regular Fulvia that I loved but at the end I change idea. Here another candidate could be the first gen Gallardo, the most beautiful and enraged to drive to me! Positive note is the engine because it’s a V10, negative note is the AWD so you can’t drift, you would burn the LSD! I asked and another problem is the maintenance, it’s painful on the first gen, just like the reliability. Endless modern and vintage Porsches here, I’m not a Porsche guy but if I had to buy 2, if would be these.. GT4 and GT3RS! Not a bad duo to play with, GT4 of course is manual and here we have the latest generation GT3RS, the 991 mk2 that comes only PDK love this lime green colour! If there’s a “regular” Porsche I truly appreciate, it’s the 997 mk1, this one ahead! In terms of design, it’s one of the best 911s of the modern era, it still has affordable prices and I think with 30-40k € it’s a lovely daily sports car, it’s a Porsche so it’s reliable and can be used in all occasions. To keep the trend of a potential italian car, what about the 355? This one is basically new, look at the mileage! 6500km, one owner from new and first paint, 6-speed manual, love in Giallo Modena, this spec is truly worth it! The only negative note, the price! I asked and they want a whopping 109.000€ for it! Second hand 355s start at about 45-50k € raising, of course they have more mileages but a manual Ferrari… thoughts? I don’t know about you, but I find the Porsche 928 truly fascinating, back in time it wasn’t succesful but with the time I started to appreciate its shape and especially the rear which is the most popular feature, a modern 928 would be magnificent! This is so Osho! RR Silver Spur which ain’t even expensive, they ask 18k € for it. Problem about purchasing a vintage RR is not the purchase but the maintenance, it’s like buying a debt! Here’s a Bond a car, a car that has aged divinely with the time! Of course it’s the BMW Z4. What a shape, just think that in recent times BMW used to design cars like this.. In recent times this car didn’t had much request and the value was low, even down to 60-70k €, for this one they ask a whopping 210.000€! Do you recognise this air intake? This is a mental Escort Cosworth RS! Love in this colour, it didn’t last that much here because it’s sold! There’s not just private and dealers showing up cars for sale, here we are in an auction house, I wanna show you – oh, an umbrella – some cars that are about to hit the auction! This looks like the classic Ferrari F430, red with black interior but let’s get closer the treat is inside! Right there! It’s manual! F430 Spider in manual are extremely rare, just like the coupè! I think the mix of convertible, N/A V8, manual gearbox, I can’t think of a better car than this! Is it or isn’t it one of the most beautiful cars ever?! Auction house claim this 8C is unique in this colour! It takes your breath away! Look at the paint close, amazing! The 8C is one of the most beautiful cars ever, it’s art on wheels! Look at the combination of blue paint, silver wheels and yellow calipers, beautiful! The 993 Turbo is definitely one of my favs, years ago I drove Stefano’s Turbo and I fell in love with it for being aged, it’s still surprising in terms of performance and what a shape! I think Porsche reached the peak of design in the 911 with this model. I wouldn’t mind an M3 E30 but also here the prices have gone high, estimate is between 50-70k € What a beauty! To keep the BMW trend, a BMW I truly fell in love is the M3 E46, if you remember I drove a blue one last winter that made me go crazy, this one is manual (as it should be!) with a rare colour called Phoenix Gelb manual E46s still have reasonable prices, not this one as they ask a whopping 52.9k € with 106.000km! with the same mileage you can find exemplars with other colours but 20k € cheaper which is a good save! And go for a wrap with the money you save! With this you’re automatically the king of Capri, look at this vintage Spiaggina, I love it just look at the roof! I adore it, also this one has reached high value. How fascinating, this is such a stylish beach car! What american YouTuber Effspot did is basically what I dreamt to do eventually with a V12 BMW 760li, this old ‘Benz has a V12, the same of the Zonda and with a straight pipe you can imagine of the sound! Basically it sounds like the slowest Zonda ever, amazing! These cars ain’t expensive, problem is about maintenance and if something breaks down. If something breakes, it’s cheaper to throw the car! 430 Scuderia! After the F40, this is my fav Ferrari! Look at the shape, it hasn’t aged at all Let’s tour around of my fav areas of Milano Autoclassica, it belongs to RM Autosport of Monaco We’ve already shot a few videos together with his cars and Raul is a talented driver with a crazy collection a particularity of Raul are the ” Raul style parkings “, look at how close they are! In his showroom all his cars are parked as close as possible, look maybe a finger can pass through? This is quite something, just hear the idle of the V12! Also the colour is stunning, this is the Diablo SE which is a limited edition too Nice to see Museo Enzo Ferrari joined and made a contribution with this, the Monza SP1. How fascinating, driving experience without the roof and a N/A V12, how amazing it must be! Both on modern and vintage, especially vintage, those who don’t spare expenses there’s plenty of choise! Love this 275GTB in Nero Daytona! Alpine! Lovely product I find interesting, I never got to drive one, dinamically speaking everyone say it’s a bomb! Born as a 4C rival, it’s more comfy and premium and it’s interesting to me, sure it won’t be a brand new purchase also because I wonder what’s the market in Italy for this, the day I get bored and I want to sell it. Here at Milano Autoclassica we got to see some potential cars to consider, prices were insane for most of the cars but you know, during such events the prices are always above the average, the ideal thing is to find the right car from a private owner, I’m not in hurry but I can say the hunt for my next car is officially started! Between all the cars you saw, which one would suit to me? Make sure to Like the video if you enjoy it, subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

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  1. Ciao Marco,io credo che dovresti puntare su una f430 con cambio manuale,anche perché l'hai già guidata e ne eri soddisfatto, l'f 355 certo costa di meno ma è anche vecchiotta,magari nella guida di tutti i giorni credo sia meno confortevole, credo che il pedale frizione sia un po' troppo duro. Oppure hai già valutato una 360 Modena,?

  2. Ciao Marchettino, perchè non compri una bella Giulia Quadrifoglio con il cambio manuale, la trovi sotto 50000 euro e avendo 510cv ha prestazioni di tutto rispetto.

  3. 430 cambio manuale❤️. Anche 8 c direi ma so che costa tra i 200 o 300 Milà euro. Io da un M3 come la tua passerei o alla 430 che abbiamo visto o a una Giulia qv

  4. Io ti vedo troppo bene su una F355 manuale colore grigio o blu metallizzato.. secondo me ti calza a pennello il prodotto italico fine anni 90, manuale e di colore sobrio..???

  5. Bmw m5 e60 v10 berlina il cambio sceglilo tu, mettili uno scarico in titanio total black e hai vinto tu non ce altro da dire o da paragonare

  6. Buonasera,vista la sua passione per gli orologi le propongo un mio pezzo:Girard perregaux chrono rattrappante referenza 1509 ,numero1 della serie limitata prodotta per Ferrari.Orologio completo di corredo e perizia di autenticita'.Orologio unico al mondo.Distinti Saluti. EMAIL:[email protected]@t ,contattarmi per foto e info

  7. visto che davanti alla 355 hai detto PRODOTTOITALICO poi indipendentemente da ciò che prendi devi dire "SECONDOTESTOMALE?"

  8. Molte di quelle auto le ho viste dal vivo e lasciano senza fiato, tipo la M3 E46 gialla, la 996 Millenial (accanto l'M3) ma anche le varie GT Junior, Ferrari, Maserati ecc… Personalmente, non amando la 430 (anche se l'esemplare grigio interni rossi era stupenda), prenderei un 355 non rosso. Oppure una 360 spider manuale

  9. tra tutte quelle che ho visto nel video, è quella signorina color ciliegia dietro di te durante i saluti…..una certa lancia delta HF…è il mio sogno fin da bambino

  10. f355 da evitare se possibile, 109 mila euro son già troppi,l è vero, ma è una delle Ferrari peggiori, con più problemi sia di interni (plastiche appiccicose, problemi agli interruttori) che esterni, cofano posteriore che si disassa ecc ecc.

  11. Secondo me un ottimo prodotto è la Maserati granturismo, ha 4 posti veri, quindi la utelizzeresti tutti i giorni, ha una linea bellissima, ben bilanciata tra classe e sportivita, secondo me per la linea e i 4 posti veri e' la piu' bella del mondo, una linea senza tempo come l'aston martin ma con 4 posti veri.

  12. Secondo me quella 8C con quel blu che mi ricorda un blu Maserati..
    Modello unico e introvabile in quella combinazione.. andrei su quella

  13. Secondo me come rapporto qualità, prezzo, fascino, sound, prestazioni, versatilità, zarrismo, eleganza ecc ecc… 430 canna di fucile con interni rosso Cartier come quella di Auto Vergiate… che dici? Gallardo prima serie tanta roba ma come dici tu affidabilità imbarazzante… su quei motori cedono sempre le bielle… visto coi miei occhi da un amico che fa manutenzione… ? secondo me però anche una bella R8… vedo che i V10 stanno scendendo e non dovrebbero avere i problemi del Gallardo prima serie ? ciao ???

  14. Dai marchettino , dimostraci di entrare nella famiglia del PRESIDENTE , la 599 .
    Se il presidente ti vedere arrivare con la 599 , gli vengono le lacrime agli occhi !
    Mi raccomando , se la compri , come direbbe lui , NON SNAZZICARE Il cerchione ?

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