ALL The Annoying Orange RAGEQUITS!!! (Video Games)

September 18, 2019

– [Together] Saturday Supercut. – My butt, I don’t wanna
keep hitting my butt. You know what, I’m done with this game. This is just stupid.
(crashing) Three times in a row on my butt. That’s not even fair. Dude, I gotta get a
better score than three, otherwise I’m gonna freak out. Two, three, yes, four, get on it! I’ve had enough of this game! (explosive crashing) I can’t take it anymore! – [Pear] What is going on in here? (screaming and explosions) – We haven’t fought yet, we’re
gonna go really fast, yeah! What’s wrong with you, you
don’t want me to go fast enough? You can’t go fast in there, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, we’re kicking so many butts now. Oh, yeah, give me more ads,
more ads is so much fun! Woo, we’re having so much fun! This game is so much fun. Yeah.
(laughs) Yeah.
(screams) One, two, three, four,
fours, five, yes, ahhh! That’s it, the phone goes out the window. (screams)
(glass shatters) All right, I feel better. Cool, you just can’t handle it. Okay, I am on a roll, I am on a roll. Oh, this is what I’m talking about. See, see, this is how you play. Try harder, this is how
you beat the game, yo. This is how you oh, man, I am on a– No!
(crashing) – [Pear] What is going on in here? – [Orange] This is the worst game I’ve ever played in the entire world! – [Pear] What are you doing? (screams) – [Orange] Hey, it bit your big toe. – [Pear] It did not bite my big toe. I can’t even talk, stop it, stop. – [Orange] Hey, Pear. – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Spikes up the butt. (Pear groans) ♪ Hello to spikes up the butt ♪ – [Pear] No, okay, that’s it! I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. – [Orange] You broke it. – [Pear] I told if you
if sang that song again. – [Orange] You’re not
overreacting at all, Pear. – [Pear] Overreacting, you
wanna see overreacting? Here’s over overreacting!
(crash) Yeah, try and be unfair now, Sonic. – [Orange] Pear, Pear, Pear, Pear. Settle down, settle down,
it’s okay, it’s okay. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] You know what,
in situations like this? – [Pear] What? – [Orange] You know what
really, really helps? You know what, you know what really helps? – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Spikes up the butt! (Pear screams in rage) Who made this game go to
the top of the App Store? You’re insane, you’re all
gluttons for punishment. You all hate yourselves! You all like barfing,
you all like barfing. – [Woman] Game over. – [Orange] That’s it, I’m done! I’m done, I’m done, I’m done! – [Passion] What’s going on in here? What’s happening?
(Orange screaming) – [Orange] Oh, you barfed
on me, you barfed on me! (screaming)
(objects clang) (laughs) Okay, I’m gonna beat the poops. I’m gonna beat the poops. You can’t stop me, poops. I’m gonna beat the poops, wait, that’s it? (crashing and screaming) Holy moly, I am not cleaning this up. – [Pear] Okay, yes, yeah
give me some of that music, that calming music, get me centered, man. This is, oh no no no, okay, it’s fine. I just gotta get myself back over here. Nope, over there, no. We gotta go fast, we gotta
go fast when you do this. No, what are you doing
dude, okay, here we go. Just gotta launch myself
up quick, up and over, like I did before, over the pipe. No no no no, ahhhh! (laughing and screaming) You gotta be kidding me! (crashing)
(laughing and screaming) – [Orange] It’s getting
a little late, oh I, ooo, space nipple, come on! Getting so angry! Yeah, I knocked your face off! How do you like your face off? Yeah!
(crashing and screaming) – [Pear] Whoa, no, not my
pocket protector collection! – [Orange] Pear are you going crazy? – [Pear] You hit that guy. – [Orange] Pear, you’re not answering me. – [Pear] You gotta jump
over here, see what that is. – [Orange] Settle down Pear. Pear you did it! – [Pear] I got it, I got it, I got it! I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it. – [Orange] Are you okay, Pear? – [Pear] No, I will never
play this game again, I’m not going to press a button again– – [Orange] Pear, come back, are you okay? (yelling and crashing) (yelling and explosions) – [Apple] Wait wait, what’s going on? What are those ads, I gotta watch it. It’s making me watch it. Wait a second, minis? Minis? Wait a second! Are they making fun of me? Is that what they’re doing,
they’re making fun of me? Did they know that I
was going to be playing this game and they ran an ad for a mini? Mini?
(rage-filled yelling) I’m a little apple, I’ve got big heart! (screaming) – [Pear] The ball should actually bounce. It shouldn’t just try
and rub up against me. There we go, see I just
gotta follow the path, oh, ya just moved, uh, okay. You just screwed up your entire path. You had a path goin’ and
then you went the other way. Oh, excuse me, whaaa.
(crashing and yelling) I’m not cleaning this up. Stop it!
(Orange screaming) I’m almost there, four,
three, two, one, yeah! I’m out, okay I’m out, I’m out. Screw you, I am done, I’m done. Ugh, you’re so annoying. – [Orange] Don’t run
away from your feelings! – [Pear] Shut up! – [Orange] I can yell toooo! I can do it, I’m gonna die a happy man. Come on Harry, Harry it’s all you! Oh, yes, first down, we’re doing it! Yes, ahh, a new record,
I’ve never felt such a sense of accomplishment
more than right now. But you know what that means? It means we’re done with this game! (screaming and crashing) How is it so hard? Yeah, probably because
I don’t have any hands. (laughing) (furious noises) (crashing and screaming) (screaming and explosions) – [Pear] Holy crap. – [Orange] That’s lookin’ real good! – [Pear] Dude there is
so many cookies on there! – [Orange] You think I
should have put more? – [Pear] No. – [Orange] What? Zero points? – [Pear] What’d I tell you? – [Orange] And he stiffed me on the tip! – [Pear] Cause you didn’t
make it the way he wanted it. – [Orange] That’s it, I’m so angry! Here you want to do it, what
do you want in your shake? You want some broken glass, here! – No, no, no, dude!
– What are you doing! – [Orange] You want
some of this too, right? – [Pear] Ow, that hit me in the peal! – [Orange] Shake, that’ll give you shakes. – [Pear] Ahhh, dude! – [Orange] How do you like them shakes? How do you like them shakes? – [Orange] Three. – [Pear] Lock. – [Orange] Four. – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Oh, that feels good. – [Pear] Come on, seriously? – [Orange] What’s up Pear?
Oh, six. – [Pear] Oh, Pear’s derriere. Whoa seven, oh eight! – [Pear] Come on, no way. – [Orange] Oh, lookin’ good! Oh, who’s got the high score! (Pear protesting vehemently) Winner winner chicken dinner! (laughing, screaming, and crashing) (screaming and explosions) Fresh air, Delaware, dental
care, earthen wear, everywhere. Potty bear, laissez-faire, in the air– (laughing) Hey, this is pretty fun. Could put this right here,
could put that right there. Ooo yeah, wasn’t that
there, oh, that’s good. I like that, oh yeah. Oh, hey, Pear I won!
I won solitaire! This is an awesome game! Woohoo, I won! Oh yeah, winner winner chicken dinner. I’m so good at solitaire,
in the air, compressed air, oh yeah, camel hair. (explosions and yelling) Okay, so I just need to get this one. And then I got, okay and
then I can go over there, straight forward, okay,
and then, the portal! Got this, got this, got this. Whoa, look at this, look at this, yes! Okay, I got the sphere, just
need time this just right. Oh no no no! (screaming and crashing) – [Pear] There ya go, let’s give you this, are you sure you want to do this? This bike, yeah, okay let’s
see what you do on a bike. (dramatic music) What happening? What? What the? What? What the? Oh, can your pets? Oh no. – [Orange] This is so
exciting, I can’t believe this. And then when Pear described
it to me I was like, whoa, mind blow. – [Apple] No, it’s not mind blowing. – [Pear] Yeah it is. – [Apple] No it’s not, it’s just blowing. – [Orange] Oh, shots fired! (yelling over each other) – [Pear] Oh no! (Orange laughing) Oh no, what are you gonna do? – [Apple] You guys are making me so angry. This game is boring, I quit, I quit. I’m never gonna play this game again! I’m outta here, you guys suck. (Pear and Orange laughing) – Oooo, yeah, yeah. (laughing) – Oh no, little apple, we gotta stop him! He’s gone cookie crazy! Come on, we gotta get him away from it! (screaming) Get him away from the cookie! Orange, we can help you! (screaming) – [Pear] 1877, that’s when it was made. – [Orange] Oh, so that’s
when the imaginary phonograph was made. – [Pear] It’s not imaginary! – [Orange] I believe 1877 was also the last year you were any fun. (Orange laughing) – [Pear] That’s it, I quit, I quit! – [Orange] Touch it. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Touch it, touch it. – [Pear] No, I’m not touching it. – [Orange] Come back here. – [Pear] No, get away
from me, no, get away! What is the capitol of Puerto Rico? – [Orange] Gesundheit. – [Pear] I didn’t sneeze. – [Orange] I know you
didn’t, that’s my answer. – [Pear] Your answer is
Gesundheit, Puerto Rico? – [Orange] Yep, that’s my
answer and I’m sticking to it. – [Pear] Well you got a big
fat ehhh, it’s San Juan. – [Orange] Why would you
Juan to be so mean to me? – [Pear] That’s it, that’s it, I’m done. I’m done, I’m leaving,
I’m not playing anymore. – [Orange] Where you
going Pear, come back! – [Pear] No, I’m leaving! – [Orange] We still have lots
more Trivia Crack, come back! – [Pear] No! – [Orange] You know what you wanna do? You wanna steal all my
prizes, that’s what you want. You want to trick me into thinking I’m not going to get prizes and then you’re going to steal all my prizes! – [Apple] Orange, I think it’s time that you stop playing this game. – [Orange] I’m not gonna stop playing this game, little apple,
you gotta make me stop playing this game and then
you’re gonna steal my coins, and then you’re gonna steal all my prizes. – [Pear] Dude, we’re
not stealing you coins. Now hand me the phone,
dude, give me the phone. Give me the phone, we’re not
playing this game anymore! (screaming) We’re helping you! Dude, you just need to take a break, you just need to take a break! We’re helping you, we’re helping you! Come back here, come back here! Dude, give me that phone,
no, give me the phone dude!

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