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All Sports Baseball Battle | Dude Perfect

October 18, 2019

What’s up, guys? Welcome to the F.A.D.P.A.S.B.B. Nice. First annual Dude Perfect
All Sports Baseball Battle. Here we go! Dude Perfect. The rules of this
battle are simple. After each Round, the
dude with the lowest score will be eliminated. Welcome to the first
of three competitions. Obviously, with all
sports baseball battle there will be a
baseball theme running through all the competitions. However, we are starting off
with some golf, long drive, home run derby competition. It’s go time. Purple Hoser, here. First up, I got a
metal bat in my hand. A golf ball on a tee. This is a childhood
dream of mine. We have elected to do it
“Happy Gilmore” style. So we have to start
outside the brown circle. Takin it to right field. Oh! That is a shot! [FALLING WHISTLE] That was a bomb job and a half! Wow. Wow! Oh my! We don’t have any
angles in the forest. And it went past the forest. What would you say to us
after a hit like that? Welcome to the show. [CLAPPING] Welcome to the show. Let’s go, baby! Let’s go! I played one season
of organized baseball. A kid hit me on my first
at bat and it scared me, I’m not gonna lie. Here we go! Good luck, dude! High! You gotta go! [FALLING WHISTLE] Right center! Oh! It barely gets over! Home run! If someone hits inside the
park, you’re in the clear, baby. Yes! Folks, not great at golf. Not great at baseball. We’re playing both today. So we’re looking for prayer. Here we go. [RECORD SLOWING] [LAUGHTER] High to right field! And it is short! Oh, no! Folks, I am officially
on the chopping block. Do we have to run to first? My dad had a high
school baseball game where he hit two home runs. He kept the baseball bat,
it was in our garage. We saw it growing up. That’s my inspiration right now. Dad, this is for you. Here we go. He’s starting in the circle. [RECORD SCRATCH] Unfortunately, Cobes, before the
match began it was very clearly stated you had to start
your “Happy Gilmore” from outside the dirt. We have to start outside
the brown circle. Start outside the brown circle. Not only did you
not do that, but you walked up to about the
batter’s box and hit. [DING] We need to meet with
the Rules Committee real quick. Just a sec. [MICROPHONE SCREECH] Ladies and gentlemen,
after further review the Committee has what we like
to call a gift for Coby Cotton. And that is the fact
that even though you should be DQ’d right
at this very moment, we will allow him one re-hit. I started inside the circle. They clearly stated in
the rules that you needed to start outside the circle. So I’m going to take
this opportunity and make the most of it. Oh, wow. [FALLING WHISTLE] Boom! All right. Well. Ty, you’re up. Get it out of the park. OK. You move on. Thank you. Keep it in the park you’ll
probably still move on. Yeah. Here we come. [RECORD SCRATCH] [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP] Well, the good news
is you don’t have to hit it too far to move on to
the second competition, which is gonna be a good one. My lanta! [FALLING WHISTLE] Na na hey hey hey Goodbye. Hey, office needs a little
bit of cleaning if you want to go back there and start. Hey, welcome to the finale. I like our chances, huh? Welcome to the finale. Me too. Me too! I feel like you guys
are saying something. Second competition! What’s up, guys. Welcome to Round 2. While I was driving over
here I realized something. I have just won two
straight battles, which means if I can
somehow pull this off today, that’s three. Figure I keep this
whole thing secret so the guys won’t see
me talking about it. Secret between us. Let’s go. Welcome to Round 2 of All
Sports Baseball Battle. We’ve got baseball field goals. We’ve gotten the first one worth
10 points, second worth 20, third is worth 30. Cory starting us off. Here we go. Let’s go! Whoo! I’m in Round 2. I feel pretty good about it. But what I feel even better
about is that my eyebrows back. Oh, wow. [LAUGHTER] Let’s do this. [BUZZER] Oh! No! The first one! Hit number two. It’s up! [BUZZER] Oh! No good! [BUZZER] Ahhh! My lack of baseball
experience caught up with me. Cory, not a great performance. That’s OK, I’ve been there. This one though,
straight and true. I’m ready! Three, two, one go! [DING] It is good! Kick number two. Second kick is up! [DING] Good! It is good! It’s deep! Does it have enough? [DING DING DING] It’s good! He’s walking to the finale! He is. What a performance
from Coby Cotton! Well done. Thank you. Moving on to the finale. I’ll go next. That was one heck of
a performance by Coby. I just need to put one
of these three through and I’m into the finale. Stay loose. One, go! First kick is up! [BUZZER] No good! Second kick is way– [BUZZER] No good! No good! The final kick is up! [BUZZER] Oh! It’s no good! I feel good about a
tee off with this guy. Or it could be
with this guy too? Nah! Yeah! No! It’s not gonna be with this guy. Good luck out there, T. You’re up! You’re up! Coby had a pretty
good performance. It’s weird to say
that, but he did. All I got to do is put
one through the uprights. Two, one, go! Oh no! [BUZZER] Left! [BUZZER] Oh! [BUZZER] That is unbelievable! We’re moving you three
boys into a t-off! First two to make it from 50
yards move on to the finale. Here we go, boys! Three, two, one, swing! I got it! Cory! [DING DING DING DING] [BUZZER] Cory’s safe! I just squeaked into the finale. So the dream is still alive. Three in a row. Let’s go! Tyler and Garrett, it’s time
for another t-off, boys! Yeah! Brothers. Brothers. I want to make a pact. What? Whoever wins this needs
to go on to win the ship. I agree. OK, that’s the pact we make. Ladies and gentlemen,
it all comes down to this one final t-off. Here we go, boys. Three, two, one, swing! [DING DING DING] Yeah! Oh! He’s done it! Whoo! So this will be three battles
straight that I have not lived up to the expectations
that I put on myself. Well, unfortunately,
this isn’t about you! This is about the finale bros! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! Ladies and gentlemen,
it’s finale time. It all comes down to a hockey
shootout baseball-style. Oh, baby. Two shots each. High score wins. Let’s do it, boys! Whoo! We’re really
excited to introduce to you, Gary the Goalie. You think he missed the memo? We’re coming to an ice
hockey rink here, Gary. He wore swim trunks. Good luck out there. Hopefully you get
theirs and miss mine. All right, Purple Hoser Nation. I’m up first, I barely
squeaked into the finale. But I’ve never
been in the finale with just both sets of
twins, so right now I’m putting a little added pressure. I’m gonna win this sucker. Here we go. Here we come. [BUZZER] That was just pure contact. [DING DING] Yeah! Whoo! That’s what I’m talking about! Cor, you’re up. Garrett left the door open
and I’ve got Coby after me. So I feel pretty
good about this. I need to put a couple in
the net and get that trophy. Let’s go. [BUZZER] Oh! I hit the post. I need to make this in order to
force a shoot out with Garrett. [DING DING] Yeah! Bang! Gary a little help here. Guys, my spidey
senses are tingling. It’s time for my
second trophy, baby! [RECORD SCRATCH] I almost fell. Don’t let that worry you
because I’m actually confident. [DING DING] Let’s go! Oh, man! One in the books! It all comes down to this. Will Coby get a second
trophy or will we all be heading to a shootout? In the words of my
good buddy, Tyler Tony. “One swing of the bat can
change the world people!” He’s right, man. One swing could
change the world! Let’s go! [BUZZER] Oh! [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my! [SLOW YELLING] That has got to be frustrating. Gary– Gary just
blocked that right? Am I wrong? Game recognize game, Gary. Well, we find ourselves in the
sudden death penalty shootout. If you make it you
live another day. If you miss it, you
risk being eliminated. Oh, man. Let’s get to it boys. Good luck. Whoo! Good luck, baby! Let’s do this! [BUZZER] Oh! How does that happen? And now, I’m on
the chopping block. Let’s do this. [DING DING] Yeah! Yeah! Absolutely buried it! I mean, my goodness. Talk about putting
the pressure on. Yeah. Have to put out of my
mind the fact that Gary blocked that earlier one. Can’t do it! He’s freaking out. Thinking through my options. OK, I think you’re ready. I think he’s good. Ready. Make it or it’s
Cory’s championship. [BUZZER] Oh! Whoo! How is that even possible? Yeah! [DING DING DING DING DING] [LAUGHING] Gary blocked him twice! That hurts more than
any battle loss ever. Yeah! Back to back to back! Let’s go! Thank you guys at the office
for the trophy presentation. Whoo! Well, Cor, three in a row. They say to make
something a habit you got to do it seven times. So, hey. Good luck on four more! I will try. Let’s go, team Cory! All right! Well done. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already a
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to a city near you. Shows are selling out fast. Signing off for now! Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

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  1. Did anyone else see that Cory wanted to go into the hand shake hug at 5:30

    Edit : THANK YOU for the 10 likes its the most I have ever gotten and I am trying to hit 15 now
    Edit: I know I am asking for alot but, I did not think I could get 15 so I want to get to 30 likes let's see if we can so it. Even though I didn't make it too 30 I am still happy I got 25 likes

  2. This was an amazing episode!!! Such tension! Would have loved to see Tyler see the pact break live on the ice though!

  3. Coby you might come so close to win a game but you now what’s the grate thing about that.that you never gave up.each battle you always try. the other guys some day you will have 100 trophies ? but it just takes time.everyone believes in you

    So go win that next trophy and the next and the next ???????

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