Alisha Newton on Mounted Archery | Heartland | CBC
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Alisha Newton on Mounted Archery | Heartland | CBC

August 15, 2019

When i first read about it in the script I kind of thought I had an idea of what was happening but I wasn’t sure so I looked it up online and I saw these people in like huge costumes with armour and I was like wow this is gonna be interesting it wasn’t quite like that… But I did some lessons at home in Vancouver before I came back to Heartland because we were on break when I read the script. So I did some mounted archery lessons and I came back and was able to do all of the stunts involved and it was so so much fun. Huge rush.

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  1. I loved this!! but I did anyone else
    we find it weird how Georgie was wearing the same thing as the other girl when they were shooting?

  2. I really love Heartland but I'm from germany so I want to see all seasons in german!? But when will season 8 and 9 be synchronized into german?? Please an answer!❤

  3. When is Heartland going to post season 10 episode 10 the full episode on the channel Heartland? When will Ty & Amy have the baby?

  4. I absolutely love Heartland! I kind of wanna ride horses again now…? Is it possible to send fan mail? Also the actors/ actresses are so good and the story is so realistic and you can always relate to it! xxxx

  5. Hi I live in Australia and I am a super big fan of your show I have a horse that I adore and I am allways buying your new episodes,I have a next door neighbour that is allso very big fan!Hopefully 1 day I could come to heartland and see how amazing it is thereAnyway it would mean the world to me if you could respond! 🙂 BTW the episode were Alisha Newton runs away was amazing!

  6. I love her character she is very talented doing so many different tricks and talents it is amazing to see how much Gerogie has grown

  7. Georgie como você cresceu! ? e eu aqui esperando a netflix atualizar para assistir a 8 temporada ainda. ???

  8. Hi Heartland! My name is Leila Badenhorst and I am 10 years old and live in Pretoria, South Africa. I love Heartland, I watch as much as possible. I have my own 4 year old warmblood cross mare and we are starting her training shortly. She is a dark bay almost black. My biggest dream is to visit Heartland. Regards to all the Heartlanders!

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