Aline Rocha | Hoje foi dia de estreia do Brasil | Samsung Paralympic Blogger | PyeongChang 2018

December 8, 2019

Hi guys, today is a big day for Brazil, everyone is celebrating. We had our first participation and Cristian, that is a Brazilian athlete, the youngest here in games, only 15 years old, got sixth place. Me, in the female group, got 15th place. And now after a tiring, exhausting competition, is time for what? To get a massage to relax. How is it going Bruno? What are going to be your methods of torture for today? Yes, have to help the athletes to recover. A light massage today, a light stretch also. He said light, but I heard Cris groan a bit. What about Cris, is it gentle? “laughing” More or less, right? Massage done, muscles relaxed and now its time to rest so tomorrow we start the preparation for the sprint competition on the 14th. Thanks guys.

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