Alienware turned a gaming PC into a Nintendo Switch
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Alienware turned a gaming PC into a Nintendo Switch

January 9, 2020

– What if a Nintendo Switch was also a full Windows 10 gaming PC? (glitch hop beat) This is Alienware’s Concept UFO which it’s announcing
at CES 2020 this year and it’s basically that. This is an early concept. We don’t know price, we don’t know release date. We don’t even know if the final product will even look anything like this. But it’s really the idea that
Alienware is gunning for here, which is to kind of complete
that circle of gaming. Alienware makes desktops
and Alienware makes laptops. And now they want something that you can take really
anywhere and play anywhere. It’s a full-fledged Windows 10 PC. They won’t tell us
anything about the specs, we don’t know what
processor or GPU it has. But we do know that
it’s running Windows 10, that it has an eight-inch screen, has a battery, and you can play full-fledged
PC games basically anywhere. (synth pop music) This would sort of pave the way for this. It kind of showed that there was a market that people want to be able to play full console quality games on the go, and this kind of feels like the next step, which is not port games or bring them down to the Switch’s level. But just to run those
games that you already own. You could, in theory,
just load up Steam on this and play all your regular
existing PC games anywhere. The hardware here is
really what you’d expect if you took an Alienware gaming laptop, especially one of the newer ones, and kind of shrunk it
down into a handheld form. You’ve got these very angular designs, you’ve got the honeycomb
vents on the back, you’ve got Alienware font. Of course one of the cool
things is the controllers, which detach right off. There’s a hub unit which is sort of like the
Joy-Con controller dock where you can dock these
two controller halves and use it like a regular controller. Controller feels great, the joysticks feels great, the buttons are nice and clicky. This hedge unit, which has the battery, the PC, the CPU, can also then be stood up with
the kickstand on the back, which just unfolds. So you can prop it up, you can pop the controllers off, and then you can just put
it up on the table and play. Alienware says it’s 900 grams, which is like 1.9 pounds. It feels pretty good to hold in your hand. What you can also do is you can plug this into
an external monitor. You plug a regular USBC
cable into the top over here. (synth music) Alienware isn’t talking
what kind of panel this is in terms of display resolution. It can run games at up to 1200p, which again isn’t 4K HD quality. But especially when you’re
this close to the screen, it doesn’t seem to matter as much. This isn’t the most demanding game, but this looks way better than it does, say, on a Switch. And it performs great. There’s no lag, there’s no stuttering, reflections look good. There’s a lot of things that Alienware’s still gonna have to solve before this is actually a compelling device that you can buy. Obviously battery life is huge issue. Alienware wouldn’t talk about that. But if you’re running
full-fledged PC games on a full-fledged PC on batteries in something
that you can fit in your hand, that’s obviously a thing that they’re gonna need to work out. And I would not expect to get more than a couple
of hours of this at best. Heat is also a big thing. Even just playing a game here, you could hear the fans
kicking up and they are loud. (fans whirring) Again, you’re holding a
gaming PC in your hand. There’s gonna be sacrifices and
that’s gonna be one of them. That’s Concept UFO. Again, it’s still an early concept, there’s still a lot of the
details that we don’t know. We don’t even know if
Alienware’s ever gonna sell it. But at least on this idea, I’m a big fan. And again, while these are early concepts, they’re really functional. They work, they’re
running active hardware. I’m playing Rocket League on this thing, which is a lot more than we
usually see from concepts. Which could indicate that
these are farther along than you might necessarily think. Thanks so much for watching. For more great videos like this, make sure to keep it locked
to The Verge YouTube channel. We’ll have tons of stuff
out of CES all week. I’m terrible at Rocket League. Please don’t hold this against me.

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  1. Make this steam compatible and I rather purchase this than a nintendo switch. I would buy a lot of games again just to have them run properly like bloodstain and Valkirya chronicles 4.

  2. Nintendo gonna sue Dell for this I guarantee it. This awesome little product probably won't come to Market due to that.

    Also this will be good if Dell and valve can work together on a custom optimized SteamOS for this device since Valve Proton (and Linux gaming) in general is much better.

  3. If Sony ever decides to bring back a handheld device I feel it would be like this but 5x better. Honestly I hope this is true I’d buy it

  4. I'm on the road for work 90% of the year. The switch has been key in keeping me in contact with friends and playing games like smash bros with them. But I find myself wishing the switch could run more demanding games. Would definitely get this as my new travel system if they made it

  5. Yeah right. “No lag no issue No FPS drop” that’s a biggest lie I ever seen testing rocket league please test it playing world war Z with cancer horde

  6. Enjoy the lawsuit Failenware!

    Nintendo Switch
    Protected by US Patent Nos. 9,724,601; 9,751,008; 9,757,647; 9,776,081; 9,782,671; 10,092,832; 10,139,865,D819,696 and D863,448. Additional patents may be issued or pending in the US and elsewhere.

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
    Protected by US Patent Nos. 9,498,728; 10,074,269; 10,354,519 and D819,641. Additional patents may be issued or pending in the US and elsewhere.

    Protected by US Patent Nos. 9,724,601; 9,751,008; 9,757,647; 9,776,081; 9,782,671; 10,074,269; 10,092,832; 10,354,519, D819,642 and D863,448. Additional patents may be issued or pending in the US and elsewhere.

    Joy-Con Charging Grip
    Protected by US Patent No. 9,776,082; 10,258,879 and D815,696. Additional patents may be issued or pending in the US and elsewhere.

  7. Don't think nintendo will sue alienware, because Razer already launched their jungle cat controller with same nintendo switch joycon concept.

  8. If this has apps, such as the google play store, netflix, and a basic web browser and social media than the switch is gone. Pokemon was a bust, and without other apps the amount of compelling 1st party titles on it are not high supply. Zelda, Smash, Mario Kart and odyssey. Perhaps mario party? That's not enough to be worth buying, especially when the prices of all those games never goes down.

  9. 10th gen intel, 4hr gaming, 6hr multimedia, 10hr browsing battery life, thunderbot, fhd 120hz, etc.

  10. I like it but it needs to be a little more portable (less bulky) and I’m a little bit afraid of the optimization of the games to the hardware (0% I presume). But, if this can give me 60fps on high for all the games of this generation I’m sold 🙂

  11. I don't think that it will really be successful
    1.)Let's assume that this costs $1000. At this cost I can buy a Nintendo lite and 15 games.
    2.)The ultimate reason:- performance. It can't simply give great performance.
    So practically this project will depend on 3 factors:- battery backup,more powerful processor( hey AMD ) and most important, it's cost(otherwise I will prefer a better gaming laptop)

  12. Alienware: hey can I copy your homework?
    Nintendo: sure but change a bit so it's not obvious.
    Alienware: yeah sure, proceeds to make the UFO

  13. Sure we don't know for sure what specs. But we should be able get the idea through the game's graphics settings.

  14. Of course thsi is not for hardcore gamers. For myself, that plays just not too often, this is looking awesome!!!!

  15. Honestly look much better than switch and this might be switch killer, if I were nintendo I would sign contract with alien to make consoles and Nintendo focus on games

  16. Loved the UFO, i would like a keyboard on the go as a option, and i
    would miss a physical media… dont mind if it`s heavy, but i mind the
    noise and the temperature, i think 3hrs its cool

  17. it took Sony and Xbox 2+ years to catch up to motion controlled Wii games.
    i honestly thought it would take them 6 months to make a Switch. still no viable competition as of now…

  18. I like the switch, but I don’t like any of the games.. I like multi player/ co-op games..

    I play on PS4, and the switch games don’t draw me in. That’s just me.

    However, this device would be nice because of the library of games you can play.
    Still this is basically a switch lol.

  19. I was planning to buy the next ps5 but then I see this masterpiece now all what I think about is the alienware ufo 😍

  20. PSA for all the people who want 4K:

    The Smaller the screen goes, the more hidef. If this is 1080p, but atleast 4x smaller than a TV (exponentially because its area) then it will already be higher resolution than 4k.

    People forget to factor screen size. Theres a reason why most phones dont even have 4k, most are only 1080p but because of how small they are, theyre some of the highest resolution screens we seee day to day

  21. Imagine playing games at 1080p 60 fps like The Witcher 3, Outlast, Silent Hill, Rally 2.0, MGSV, GTA V, man this would be cool ! I give 500$ for playing all games at 1080p60!!

  22. The battery needs to last a little longer. I'm fine with 1080p. Should have no less than a GTX 1050. The screen could be a little smaller too. Max price… $850.

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