Alienware 15 r2 laptop (2015) Unboxing for Gaming & Video Editing
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Alienware 15 r2 laptop (2015) Unboxing for Gaming & Video Editing

August 27, 2019

Hi, welcome to Stockman214. My name is Jeremy.
I’m Tezi. And today we are unboxing the Alienware 15 r2. We’re really excited about
this, so stay tuned. [violin music] Alright, so this came in the mail via FedEx today and
I’ve been really excited about this. We’re gonna be doing a lot of video editing on this,
not so much gaming. Although as you guys know – if you’re watching this video you probably
know a bit about the specs of this thing – it’s certainly capable of gaming, But Tezi and
I are hoping to do some productive stuff with it so we’ll see what happens. So anyways,
here goes. I’m gonna be using this little pocket knife to open this thing up. So you
guys already know, most likely, that Alienware is a company that’s owned by Dell. Dell
kind of uses them now as their kind of super high end gaming laptop platform, even higher
specs than the Dell XPS. What’s nice about owning Alienware is that you get the support
of Dell computers, which is traditionally pretty good stuff. You’ve got 24-hour assistance,
that kind of thing. The guys at Alienware have put together a pretty amazing computer
here, so here we go. Set that aside. Ta-da! Tezi’s smiling back there behind the camera.
That’s kinda cool looking. You guys get a good look at that? Looks like an alien in
a motorcycle helmet or something. Very cool. Let’s get this baby open. Ooh wow, okay.
Did I open it up backwards? Interesting. It’s set in the case in a really nice, padded case,
kind of form-fitted. There’s the computer there. You see that is a very good looking
computer. It is very solid in the hand. Feels wonderful. Feels like some sort of magnesium
external, as well as underneath. A lot of grills there for the breathing, so this thing
can keep cool, etc. We’ll bring you guys in closer here in a moment to see those types
of things but for now let’s look at what else is in here. Some paperwork from the company
Alienware. And, let’s see, probably more documentation, stuff nobody ever reads. Great,
so come on in close guys, we’re gonna take a good look at this thing. You can see here
it comes beautifully packaged in it’s case. You see the computer there, we’re gonna
set this off to the side just real quickly to look at the power supply and whatnot. It’s
a massive power supply. That’s like the size of three iPhone 6 pluses on top of each
other. Not super heavy, but there’s your power supply. And nothing else back there.
But let’s take a look at this. Hope you guys can appreciate the packaging. I always
am a fan of when companies spend time – you see the Alienware branding there on the box,
that’s really cool. Let’s do this, let’s take a look at this computer. So, you see
here on the front are, looks like some speaker grills. You guys know these illuminate as
well. You’ve got an SD card slot there, your lightning port. This is a USB 3.0. There’s
for your Internet, your Cat5 connection. On the other side, the left hand side of the
keyboard, there’s your power supply, there’s your Lexington lock, two more USB 3.0s, your
microphone jack, and your headphone jack. And then around the back, you’re looking
at a couple of ports, your HDMI port and then a port that I’m not exactly sure, I think
it’s for running another monitor. But now, let’s really look at the goods. You ready,
Tezi? She’s so excited guys, you just don’t even know. Here goes. Wow, that is really,
really beautiful. So, Tezi and I are very, very excited about this laptop. It’s gonna
enable us to do the editing that we want to do for Stockman214, which as you guys will
soon be seeing is gonna be featuring videos on a regular basis, as well as other endeavors.
We’re gonna power this thing on, but please know that – it’s kinda cool, the alien face
here on the top is the power button – please know that we are going to be doing a full
review of this after we’ve had a chance to use it maybe for a month or so. I’ll
let you know, because I’ve never used this computer before. But I’m very curious to
see how it is typing, editing, it’s speed that I’ve heard so much about. It’s booting
up right now as you can see. If you guys are in the market for a computer and this is something
you’re considering, I will definitely give you my honest opinion. As we enter the Alienware
zone, we ask you just to check back with us often. Please subscribe, like this video if
you enjoyed it, say hi to Tez for us, and check us out over at My name
is Jeremy. I’m Tezi. And we are Stockman214. Find your voice. I’ve got the Alienware
15 r2 fired up here, just to give you guys a quick look. Is that a killer desktop graphic
or what? Really looks sharp. If you guys can see, the keyboards here of course are backlit.
That alien power button there changes colors based on what’s happening. It’s downloading
some software right now so it’s showing that orange color. I just wanted to give you
guys a good, nice look at this thing. All these colors are changeable. And again, like
I was saying, that real minimalistic approach here, to this keyboard. Just looks good.

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  1. Congrats on the computer. IM wondering when did you place your order and how long it took to ship? as I'm thinking of getting one myself.

  2. Ahh man, mine arrived 3 days ago and I have been doing everything to calibrate this screen. My colors are completely washed out and the brightness is terrible can't use it near a window.
    you're definitely not having any issues with washed out colors specifically reds? Do you use the built in screen much or are you outputting to an external monitor?

  3. I was thinking of buying this great machine but as have some availability problem in my country, i'll have to get it from Malaysia so just wanted to ask you that is it available in stores or I have to buy it directly from

  4. how are the temps on this machine GPU and CPU? and is it loud? cause i know a few of the r1 models were really loud

  5. Hey guys, I bought my Alienware 15 R2 laptop not too long ago. I already had a service tech replace my motherboard. I had an exchange for a new laptop. I got a refurbished one instead it looks like. So I am still on the old laptop. I am sad to say this but Alienware has failed me. I suspect a part of it is Windows 10 and the Skylake processor. I tried a Sager laptop before Alienware and it was faulty (had skylake). I want an awesome laptop. For engineering programs, for music production, and for gaming, but I keep getting turned down. I might have to go with a MacBook Pro 15" πŸ™

  6. bro, This Laptop can also used for cad & 3d modelling & rendering.( ex – autocad, 3dsmax, vray etc..,) have you tried this software things.

  7. Hello there.

    May i know how did you pay for this? I dont own credit card. Is it possible to pay thru bank deposit?

    Great pc btw.

  8. Been looking for the perfect laptop for video editing/music production. Still waiting for your full review on this!

  9. u seriously have no clue about the alienware graphics amplifier ? lmao .. dunno the port it seems at the back..llol

  10. you bought this not knowing about the external GPU you could use with it? You're gonna be pleasantly surprised when you research on it πŸ˜€

  11. Thanks for the unboxing. I need to know if your having a yellowish screen and the brightness is dimer then the other laptops. I'm planning on getting one for work and I'm afraid of this problems.

  12. How is the laptop now? Mines is arriving today but I've read mixed reviews. Some people are having to get it repaired right out of the box

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