Alexandra Popp – Player of the Match – Germany v Nigeria
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Alexandra Popp – Player of the Match – Germany v Nigeria

October 18, 2019

Congratulations Alexandra Popp, for having
made it to the quarter finals and to your 100th cap. Was there a key moment in this match? Difficult to say, but I think the first goal
made us relax and feel safe at the beginning. But then we lost a bit of control and let
Nigeria into the game, but still, our defence worked very well today. They blocked all the balls and threw themselves
into each dangerous situation. Then in the second half, I thought our team’s
better quality really showed. That was incredibly important and the third
goal really sealed it. A great setting for reaching the quarter final. What would you say to young girls who were
watching you on TV or in the stadium and who would like to follow in your footsteps? Basically, I would tell them: practice a lot. Unfortunately, you have to set a few priorities,
but despite everything you have to focus on having fun and following
your passion. Without this, you can’t play football.

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  1. She played well and proved to be a good captain, she rised to the occasion when the team needed her.

  2. 13' 16' seconds..if someone spoke to me like this in the streets I would run. This language sounds aggressive

  3. Aber das beim Eckball keiner richtig oder falsch hochspringt und A. Popp nur den Kopf hinhalten braucht….manoman

  4. You simply have to turn on subtitles and understands what she says in English .regrettably there are no subtitles in Spanish which is the most spoken language in the world after Chinese

  5. she plays like a typical german striker; also a leader on the pitch

    and Däbritz also scored again, that's nice

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