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Alex Harron And The Scottish Filmmaking World | First Cut

October 8, 2019

I think the first thing that I sort of remember
with cinema was when Jurassic Park first came out. I think it was the first time that I
realised how great cinema was. Because it was a classic popcorn movie, but it had a
good story, good action and stuff like that. I went to college in Fife and basically we
done…we had to do a drama and we had to do a documentary. And I done a drama and I
found it really quite hard. I mean I think when you go to college you’ve got this idea
in your head that you’re going to be the next Steven Spielberg or something. And then
when you put all the different elements in place and then you look at it and you think:
“aw, I made a mess”. “Like do yous want to play football? Nobody
wants to get their ass kicked every week. Let’s start winning.” I done a documentary and it was the experience of it, I guess…getting to be involved in
that world. It was about amateur boxing. And the end result, it wasn’t great, but it
was looking okay. And so I wasn’t happy with some of the elements. So I decided to
make a documentary about amateur wrestling. It was the, sort of, first film that I had
any success with because it was played on BBC Two and stuff like that. And, to me, it
felt quite easy to make a documentary. I remember it really blew me away when I asked
someone the question, “but why would you take part in a wrestling match you knew you
were going to lose?” and he said, “well it’s kind of like a performance”. He was
like: “Alan Rickman knew he was going to lose in Die Hard but he still done a good
performance”. And I was like: “Oh my God! I didn’t think about it like that”. It
just totally blew my mind. At the end of the day, what a lot of people
dinnae talk about is the money side of things. What sometimes happens in the Scottish indie
filmmaking world: people do all these things and it doesn’y really go anywhere. The drive
is obviously to make films and to love that and have great fun but, at the end of the
day, it’s also to make a bit of money for yourself otherwise what is the point? You’re
just playing it essentially. That’s the way I look at it

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