Alan Partridge’s tragically hilarious animal impressions – BBC
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Alan Partridge’s tragically hilarious animal impressions – BBC

October 7, 2019

I’m sorry, I’ve stolen your seat. Nah, I’ve lent it to you. I’m so sorry, it must be muscle memory. As you know, I’ve guest
presented this show many many times but no, he leaves a hole is what I’m saying
which is why everyone watching appreciates how tough today must be for
Jenny. It must take guts. You know not many people would soldier on on a day like
this. I mean some people will take a day off like that. Like the makeup woman, Mary. Marianne. Yeah, I mean, she took a day off because they gave her cat a CAT scan I
found cat cancer and that’s just a cat. Now, war machine. I feel like I should be
asking you questions sitting here. So Alan Partridge, how do you put up with
this monkey? Yeah, very good question. How long have you got? She used to drive me nuts when I was on this show. No, I didn’t. Monkey nuts
they used to call her. Yeah I call her Trilly. Aw it’s so good to have you back. Get a room. Well, talking of monkey nuts Get a room! Well, talking of monkey nuts, I think
we’ve got a little clip to show of Sam. It’s a little thing that you do in your
nature shows that has fast become a viewer’s favourite and one of mine too.
Let’s take a look. I found a bit of chocolate here, darling. Oh have you? I love chocolate. Can you share it? Yea, in a minute, in a minute, in a minute. Mwah, aw I love ya. I’d do anything for you. I’ll just have a tiny bit more, a tiny bit more. I would like some chocolate. Mwah, and it’s all finished now.
Yeah, you wouldn’t have liked it anyway, love. Mwah. That really makes me chuckle every time. I used to do animal voices myself on rambles with the kids. Really? Yeah, yeah, there was, there was Simon the Sheep, Martin Cow,
Simon the Squirrel and Chris the Bee. Well, go on, let’s hear it. No no, no that’s Simon’s thing. I’d like to hear it, wouldn’t you? Come on, you can’t tantalise us like that. Exactly! Nah! Come on, have we got another clip? Can we bring that up? Move on, move on. Have you got cold feet? No, hot feet! Watch this. Hold still, you. If I don’t get these ticks off your back, you’ll get sores and you
might die and love, you’ll never get a girlfriend, a monkey girlfriend who’ll kiss you. Get off, mum. I hate you. You ruin my life. Why you not making eye contact with me then? I will do in a minute. There. I nearly got one then. Alright, bye, bye then.
Goodbye. That’s pretty good. Well, Sam, thank you so much for joining us. Always a pleasure, never a chore. Always worth trying stuff like that. Well, you’re always
welcome. I’d love to have you back on the sofa next to me very soon. Well, let’s see what happens.

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  1. Week 1 was poor – this week was abysmal – doubt I'll be watching week 3 – this is light years away from the shows when Ianucci and baynham were writing with him….

  2. I have real trouble watching Alan Partridge, its very funny and clever, but painful to watch, you want to help him, you forget he's a comic creation, just brilliant, and Warren thats currently on before it is just as good, and Martin Clunes is perfect in it

  3. What I really don't get is people complaining he isn't funny yet CONTINUE to watch his videos. If you don't like certain food, you won't nyam it would you? Do you go into Starbucks and complain you don't like their machiato just because? No, you seek an alternative. Simple really.

  4. Why do people assume his character wouldn't have changed? Do you still expect him to be exactly the same Alan as 20 years ago? It's his biggest break for over 20 years and he's obviously over excited and over eager to impress.

  5. I'm sure some people want a hundred episodes of I'm Alan Partridge with the exact same cast in the same travel tavern, but the newer stuff is pretty good too. Scissored Isle, mid morning matters, the film and this time are funny enough. I'm sure people moaned when he stopped doing the spoof show kmky , so you can't please everyone

  6. Excellent from Alan as always! I loved how Alan kept repeating that the giy is the son of the Factual broadcasting department and at the end when he takes time to read out the tweets about Johns conduct at the BBC and his three marriages, perfect, very much tongue in cheek humour ??

  7. I don't know if this is that good out of context. The point is he totally failed to be witty (and therefore isn't inherently funny to us) and I think was more of a plot point to sink him lower so his revenge would feel all the more satisfying at the end.

  8. I hate alan partridge 2.0 – Neil and rob gibbons have reinvented him and made him painfully cringy and unfunny – It's hard to watch

  9. The Gibbons have developed Partridge really well since 2011 , they’ve given the character a real freshness while maintaining the core elements that define Alan, pay attention to the dialogue because the jokes are so subtle you might miss them , really enjoying This Time, Alan Partridge keeps getting better & better ✌️

  10. Mr Coogan this is not allan as we know old shows piss on this new material more lady boys and12 inch plates not gmtv copys

  11. I don't really understand why fans don't seem to find the new series funny. Personally I find it hilarious and i've been a fan since knowing me knowing you. Comedy changes with the times, it was never going to be the same as it was, but I think Alan's character has adapted and changed well with the times

  12. Alan has evolved with Alpha Papa/Scissored Isle etc, he's no longer the neurotic man in crisis gorging on toblerones & driving to Dundee in bare feet while desperate to get back into the big time with a 2nd series; he's found his niche and probably more comfortable in his own skin, so all of that comedy angle is missing from this new stuff. Now he's out-Brenting David Brent for the cringe factor; it's different and I can see why some diehard fans just don't like it

  13. Episode 2 was a masterclass in well-craft cringe and perfect pettiness. I can't recall Coogan being better than this.
    But I'm definitely open to suggestions!

  14. Alan get back to that hotel…that for me is his best work, this is it contained, confined and nowhere near as good as the original.

  15. coogan actually purposely impersonating someone trying to do a good impression but being awful , thats talent !

  16. I love Alan Partridge. I remember alot of people moaned too(including myself) when the series where he was living in the caravan came out.. I remember at the time thinking it didnt work. Now its my favourite of the series. You need to give these things a chance and watch them a couple of times before writing them off. Dont be so negative. The clips Ive seen of the new show look excellent and Im always happy to see more episodes of Partridge coming out coz I know ill appreciate them even more when I watch them again years from now. Its great to see Alan age and evolve.

  17. Iiicc I i I. I. Cccc ccc ccc can’t stop llaaaughing. Funny y. F f funny. Split wine all over myspelf lol snsnsbaaahhhhhhssts. X cc c c

  18. I thought it was awful. Alan's low point (and by extension, high-point) was at a shite hotel in Norfolk, dating an immigrant and bringing his own plate to the breakfast buffet. It's not so much that this is bad. It's simply not AP. He hasn't "grown up". He's long gone.

  19. He's almost a completely different character to what he was years ago, he's still dry and awkward but it seems contrived. I'd like to see the old Alan again

  20. This isnt in the samr league as early Partridge. Hes trying to hard to be funny when he was baturally funny in series 1 and 2

  21. I wasn't too keen on the first episode, as with anything I guess it's a case of getting used to a different format.

    But this episode was absolute cringe comedy gold. Loved it and can't wait for the next episode.

  22. If you find this funny, may I direct you towards Mrs Browns Boys and away from any Partridge material pre 1999.

  23. Genius. The other guy is funny to the jaded public, who love that kind of puerile humour. Partridge (coogan a master of impersonations and characters) takes it to another level with his cringe worthy effort.

  24. Make sure you watch each episodes twice or you will miss so many great lines. Top swearing under breath too.

  25. It does seem a bit contrived. It's still good. The Alan Partridge character has always been hit and miss. Good to see him back on tv.

  26. The gags don't always work in the new series but Alan's right on target with, "Get a room!" More of that, and he might get a second series.

  27. Alan just gets better and better with age, anyone slating modern Alan because it doesn't have a laughter track or catchphrases, go back to watching Mrs Brown's Boys if that's what kind of puerile shit you're into.

  28. Decent, worth a watch, but not a patch on ' I'm Alan Partridge ' – I think if they'd left Partridge at I'm Alan Partridge, the character would have gone down as the stuff of legends. A poor film, various shows since, and it's just really quite tired.

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