Akshon Esports Overwatch World Cup 2018  Bracket Challenge
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Akshon Esports Overwatch World Cup 2018 Bracket Challenge

October 8, 2019

The Overwatch World Cup is the highest
level of competition with teams representing countries across the globe
and while the pros duke it out for the title of world champions, most players
are still struggling to climb out a Platinum in Competitive, but what
if I told you that you too could compete in a even more prestigious competition
for a prize far more comfortable and useful than any trophy. Well you can all
you need to do is go to Akshonesports.com and sign up for the Akshon
Esports Bracket Challenge. All you need to do is put in your predictions for the
Blizzcon stages of the 2018 Overwatch World Cup and you can win one of three
gaming chairs from Pulselabz but wait there’s more! The glorious Ultimate Genji
sword can be yours for the taking if you guessed the perfect bracket. Unlike
Overwatch, the Bracket Challenge is perfectly balanced so your chances of
winning won’t get any better, but you need to sign up today since cutoff is
November 2nd 12 a.m. PST so what are you waiting for? Go to Akshonesports.com
for your chance at glory!

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  1. Predictions:
    FR vs CA – FR
    CH vs FN – FN
    US vs UK – US
    SK vs AU – SK
    FR vs FN – FR
    US vs SK – ???
    US/SK vs FN – US/SK

  2. The Overwatch World Cup Top 8 starts on Nov. 2nd at BlizzCon 2018 so make sure to get your predictions in before the deadline!

  3. France wins over Canada, Finland, wins over China, SK wins over Australia, USA wins over UK. —France wins over Finland, and USA upsets and wins over SK. —France vs USA final and I’m not sure

  4. Id love to see once the wc is over the results of the bracket challenge, seeing how much % voted for what team, scores etc…

  5. Why would I want to win a toy sword that is $200 and not even metal.

    Maybe if it had full designs and was like an actual blade then sicko

  6. I'm a Canadian, but am not seeing them getting too far this year…which sucks to admit to myself.

    If the qualifiers were an accurate representation of their ability, they are inconsistent and it would seem as though Jayne's coaching is more about fundamentals than actual strategies.

    Hoping I'm wrong, but if I'm right, then it'll have its own benefit…

  7. We've made a Bracket Challenge Group dedicated to our wonderful community with its own unique set of Overwatch related prizes. Use the code "AKSHON" to join!

  8. Quarterfinals
    South Korea(3) > Australia(0)
    USA(3) > UK(0)
    China(3) > Finland(2)
    France(2) < Canada(3)

    South Korea(1) < USA(3)
    China(3) > Canada(2)

    Finals(Gold+Bronze Medal Matches)
    USA(4) > China(2)
    South Korea(4) > Canada(1)

    Gold – USA
    Silver – China
    Bronze – South Korea
    4th place – Canada

  9. I think anyone can have a pretty good chance of predicting the perfect bracket just by knowing how good each team is. The winner for the World Cup seems a bit tough to determine though

  10. I think france will win ^^ here are my arguments : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByJETbbE7nE&t=120s
    check out if interested ^^

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