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  1. Out of all the gaming chairs we have seen over the last few years the AKRacing Pro Gaming chair is very well made and extraordinary comfortable.

  2. When I was buying mine I saw great one but was WAY too expensive and it was orange -_-. Ended up with office chair with back and butt support only problem is leather

  3. I guess you get what you pay for. That chair is 550$ US! At that price, it better have a built in fridge and foot massager. Most people are in a market for a 150-200$. At that price, it kinda defeats the point of a review; throw money at something til it sticks.

  4. I think a real gaming chair also should have some upgradeability like adding wheel and shifts pedals, USB ports and a place to add the power bank for all that stuff :p

  5. I am not into chairs, but I want to give you a full view and I have a AKRacing chair, not the pro tho. It didn't disappointed me yet. Elric you was one of the first persons I watched for tech videos on Youtube. Lets revive your view count! And great video! Thumbs up!

  6. I've owned the AK Pro chair for quite a while now. Excellent quality, super comfortable. Also have a review of this on my channel.

  7. "Bean bag chairs, or whatever" – tech of tomorrow, 2019.

    Hope you are getting more awesome everyday!!

  8. I really need a good PC chair. But can't get myself to order one

    I like to test them out before buying

  9. I thought you would mention the price and bash the chair on just that for being the only negative problem with the chair. My chair was 400 but this kills it in price

  10. The only thing I care about the arm rest is, can they be left off, I don't like arm rest on my PC chair. I am also no going to spend $500.00 on a chair, I would get new parts for my PC.

  11. I have a clutch, pretty much same design, 2weeks after I got it it started squeaking and making crunchy noises, it's a terrible chair do not buy it.

  12. I think it's kind of funny that he talks about how with the lumbar support he isn't being pushed off the chair. But when you look at some of the pictures he has of him sitting in the chair it looks like that is exactly what it is doing.

  13. They (every f**king manufacturer of chairs) need to design a chair where the lumbar support cushion is raised way above the level where your butt touches the butt-seat. I really don't understand how every f**king manufacturer doesn't get that. And yeah, it does feel like it pushes you off the chair when it's positioned at default.

  14. I'm taking the max series today cuz I really hate the sides of the butt cuz I always change the way I sit. Also, I felt that the quality is really good

  15. Great video. Thumbs up for being an honest reviewer. I would want to purchase one but I don't know the difference with the pro and the prox gaming chair. Might as well ask you thanks!

  16. AKRacing Pro Gaming Chair is good as like Anda Seat. Anda Seat Assassin King Series Gaming Chair is equipped with hygiene enhancing properties and designed for comfort. Also provide Lifetime Warranty, Free Delivery & Free Return within 14 days.

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