Airgun Hunting: Guinea Fowl Shooting in South Africa
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Airgun Hunting: Guinea Fowl Shooting in South Africa

March 25, 2020

This time on Air Arms TV, I’m out hunting guinea fowl on the Limpopo Province of South Africa. These birds are a huge pest for the farmer and we are doing all we can to help. I also managed to bump into some pretty interesting critters along the way. In today’s show I am deep within the Limpopo Province, a magical part of Africa teeming with wildlife it’s the perfect place for the Air Arms adventurer. Today, I’ll be targeting disease spreading, feed stealing guinea fowl. A very popular game bird here in South Africa a specie that presents quite a challenge to hunt This farm specialises in rare and dangerous game. Sable, buffalo and rhino are all roaming these grounds and the farmer is having a real problem with these birds stealing the feed meant for the wild game. So, he called me to see if I can help. I’m super excited about hunting on this property, apparently there’s all kinds of game here. But, before we get started we’re gonna head up over the hill and meet up with a guy called Victor. He’s the local poacher control here and he’s gonna be my bodyguard for the day so, let’s get going. good man, good to be here. Well, Victor is going to be looking after us today. There is a lot of rhino, buffalo it is a dangerous game property so air rifle is not going to help me out too much with a charging rhino or a really angry buffalo, so Victor’s got our back today he’s going to be keeping a distance as these guinea fowl are extremely skittish, they do shoo them a lot on this property, so we’re gonna have to use every bit of stealth manoeuvring as we can and see if we can get close enough for the shots. at some points I’m probably gonna have to take running shots, but we’re gonna do it what we can. These guys love to eat guinea fowl, is that right Victor? Okay, well hopefully we get lots of guinea fowl for Victor and his family today but we’ve got lots of hunting to do, we’re going to head on out and get some of those guinea fowl. Let’s do it. The helmeted guinea fowl is a large bird with a round body and a small head. They can weigh up to three kilograms and are very social birds. These birds are very good runners and often run away from predators rather than fly. I can see some movement there. Looks like animals are feeding, but looks like some birds. There’s guinea fowl. There’s quite a few of them. just gonna make up some ground. Just stay low. Get ready. Here we go. Yes. First one in the bag. Man that’s cool. That’s an awesome way to start the day. Suns coming up, there’s a whole load of animals feeding there Let’s go check him out. My goodness, look at that. The guinea fowl fell down here we’ve got a whole herd of buffalo. My goodness and that we’re looking this way. Let’s just go real slow. What an awesome way to start the day. My goodness, first guinea fowl down. Herd of buffalo right in front of us. How crazy is that? Oh my goodness, look at that sign coming up. Beautiful. Really nice guinea fowl. Have a look at that. Look how beautiful that is. Lovely. The plumpest one in the flock and I got him. Really, really cool. But have a look at that scene. Cape buffalo in the background. Suns coming up First one’s down for the day. How awesome is that? got a whole lot of hunting to do today, so let/s keep moving. This place is really magical, the sun is barely up and we’ve already seen buffalo, taken my first guinea fowl I just know today’s gonna be real special and I’ll get another bird soon. there’s some there’s, some guinea fowl. Come, come. I’m going to have to try and make a gap for the tree there. There’s a big fat tree, if we can just make it there. We’re going to have a chance. Let’s do it, let’s go I can see him. Got busted, came in and they were on the go. I try not to take shots like that, but man, I was so perfectly so you just had to take the chance. That was good, let’s go see him. Okay, look at that. Here we go. Another beautiful guinea fowl. This day is going well. Another fat, plump bird. A lower neck shot, just what I looking for. You can see why they call it the helmet that guinea fowl. It looks like it’s actually wearing a protective helmet on its head and very unique colours on its face and on the top of its head. So, yeah lovely bird let’s keep going. You have to love the Limpopo, not only is it wild, but the beauty of the bush veldt will leave you hungry for more. You never know what this part of South Africa will see next. What’s that over there? Oh my goodness, it’s a huge snake. Oh my shattered nerves. Have a look at that python. We have a mature, huge male python. He looks in excess of 14 feet. My goodness. Limpopo bush, let me tell you. He’s lifting his head up, let’s have a look. he might actually want to come towards me and go into that hole but I want to actually have a look at his size. My goodness, look how huge this animal is. You very rarely get to see this. Guys. this is absolutely phenomenal to see this. This is amazing. I want to get closer, I want to see how huge it is. Let’s have a look here. Guys, this is why you have to stay sharp out here. Have a look at that, a fully grown mature African python. He looks like he’s in excess of 15 feet. Quite rare to see a full mature African python and in the open like this is really, really rare. So yes that is just such a beautiful sight. This must be his home, right over there. So, right now he’s starting to move into a zone where we’re coming between him and his hole, so we’ve got to be careful there. His tongue starting to go now. He’s just checking, it’s obviously how they they get the scent it’s like they taste the air and they get our scent through the tongue movements. He’s going back into his hole. That snake is massive, absolutely massive. He fits just into that little hole. My goodness. It’s absolutely phenomenal, you don’t get to see that every day. I think lets safely move on. What an incredible experience, a sight like that doesn’t come around every day. But I’ll have to start watching my steps a little bit more carefully. hopefully I’ll bump another bird soon I think I’ll take the road for this one. I heard about another field that is full up with guinea fowl but best to take a more visible pathway. Oh, it’s guinea fowl. Just going to take him off the shoulder here. Right, they’ve seen us. Just goes to show you have to be alert and always every step of the way and you just never know when you’re gonna see them well. That was super cool let’s go check him out. Alright, look at that. Awesome. Fantastic. Another nice, fat guinea fowl. Look at that nice and plump I tell you, I think the farm workers are gonna be very happy with us today. It’s so good to see them in this kind of numbers, but it is quite a problem for these guys. lots and lots of pests species totally cleaning up after feed bins, so we’re doing our job. But man, I tell you it’s like being in a life safari park and bird hunting at the same time. Absolutely phenomenal. Let’s keep going and see if we can get a couple more. The day is quickly coming to an end and I really want to get another bird down. Luckily the field the guys have been talking about is near by and I’m feeling lucky. There’s Francolin. about three. There they are. Francolin make for some delicious eating so I just can’t let this opportunity pass. They’re moving. That’s awesome. Francolin. We’ve been seeing guinea fowl all over but we haven’t seen any francolin, they said we should see them, but man we’ve had to search for them, that is just so cool. It looks like a nice plump one as well. Another really good eating bird, let’s check him out. oh look at that. That’s great. Awesome. That is a really, really good eating bird. Fantastic. Lower neck shot. Could have asked for better. that’s fantastic. Sure, we’ve seen lot of different bird species yeah to start off the day with an awesome guinea with the buffalo in the background. It just seems to get better and better. We saw rhino. giraffe so close to those gentle giants and then the bird life to see all the various different types of bird species here from the go away bird which is the gray Lurie to the yellow horn ball, which we often saw feeding on the ground and sitting in the treetops and then two in the day with a lovely francolin like this. Man, what an incredible hunt, a hunt of a lifetime. One I won’t forget. Thanks for joining us on another great show we’ll see you next time on Air Arms TV. There you go my friend. Thank you. Thank you you so much for today, you’ve been so patient and you’ve looked off to me I appreciated it. What a great day, I’ll be asking for you again next time.

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