AirArms D.I.Y: How to Fit A Metal Butt Pad Onto A MPR Air Rifle
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AirArms D.I.Y: How to Fit A Metal Butt Pad Onto A MPR Air Rifle

November 30, 2019

Hello, my names Carl, I’m a technician here at Air Arms. Today, we’re going to be showing you how to actually fit a metal butt pad onto a MPR. One metal butt packet. Take it out of the pack and there we have the metal butt pad. So now we have to remove the rubber butt pad. Here we have one screw in the back. One flat head screwdriver and you might need to just put a little pressure backwards. just to make sure that actually unscrews from the nut that it’s attached to. Now you have two screws just here. Same screwdriver and we undo. That bit that’s just dropped down is a spacer plate. Keep an eye on these as they can fall out. You might want that later. Take your butt pad and with a 3mm allen key, just loosen this screw here. That one will then slide off. This piece is ambidextrous, so you can actually have it either way on the stock. So you can have it that side or that side, it really doesn’t matter. Personal choice. To attach this to the stock you’ll need the two screws that are still inside the rear of the old butt pad. This bit that fell out, we drop that in there and this is the tricky bit, because we’ve got to try and make sure that is aligned. So you can actually see the thread holes. Screw in there and if we do it this way around it helps to hold it up straight for the next screw. Now the second screw. Same again. You have a long arm and short arm. The long arm is the bit that goes underneath. So that goes to the bottom of the stock. Slide in, now with your 3mm allen key you can tighten this up and that stops that from moving. We can also use a 3mm allen key just to tighten these up so they don’t rattle about. The butt hook itself is of course completely adjustable. So we could adjust that to length to fit and also move these so it’s much more comfortable. You’ve also got another adjustment just here and we can actual start slide this up and down. And that is how you fit a metal butt hook to a MPR. For more information on our products and
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