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Ailish Forfar | Bronze Medal Match | Samsung Paralympic Blogger | PyeongChang 2018

November 30, 2019

It is Bronze Medal Saturday here at the Gangneung
Hockey Center and we are expecting a sold out crowd. We are still an hour and a half away from
puck drop and the crowds are coming in, waiting outside for the gates to open as Korea will
be facing off against Italy which is sure to be a battle for the bronze. [music] I am here with hockey superstar Danelle Im
who represented Korea a few weeks ago at the Olympics right here in Kwangong. What’s it like to play on home ice in front
of the Korean crowd? It was amazing. I was so, I was so inspired to see all of
the fans that came out to support us. It was a really, really great energetic atmosphere. A little like today, right? Yes. Exactly. It’s an exciting game and it’s great to be
in the stands cheering them on. Sell out crowd for the Bronze Medal Game! The third period is about to start. It is a 0-0 game still. It really feels like the next goal wins. We’ll see who takes home the bronze! [cheers!] They have just scored with three minutes left
in the third! It’s 1-0. WOHHHHH! So the goal is under review with three minutes
left in the third period. WOHHHHH! It’s a goal! We did it! [music and cheering] That wraps it up here on Bronze Medal Saturday. Team Korea takes home the bronze in front
of an entirely packed home crowd. It was one of the most incredible experiences
that I have ever been a part of. I might have shed a few tears. The Korean President and First Lady came down
on the ice. The athletes were humbled. It was just beautiful. That is the true essence of sport. We’re back tomorrow for the Gold Medal Game
between Canada and the United States. And you know that that is going to be one
for the history books as well. So we’ll be back at the Kwangong hockey centre
tomorrow from noon to see Canada Vs USA for Paralympic gold.

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