Aikido Basic Techniques : Karate Ryote Tori Shihonage
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Aikido Basic Techniques : Karate Ryote Tori Shihonage

November 16, 2019

We’ve dealt with three attacks from behind,
now we’re going to start looking at frontal attacks. The first one is called Ryote Tori
Shihonage. Ryote, the technical name is Karate Ryote Tori, so two hands held in front. Just
like this. Again, I have my left foot forward. What I’m going to do with this particular
technique is do the tenkan motion that I did earlier, in the beginning, Tenkan undo. And
as I do this, I turn and put his wrist right into my hand. Just like this. Let’s turn this
I complete this technique by turning, keeping all of this, all the wrist, in front of me,
in front of me, in front of me, in front of me, in front of me, curl it, and drop him
to the ground. It’s important, very, very important and it’s something I watch for on
this test, is that people keep these hands in front. Don’t let the hands get behind,
because if he pulls you, he’s just going to knock you clear on the ground. So it’s here,
down. Something I like to do with this technique
is do this part very, very slow, slow, slow, slow. Once I get it to this point, I move
fast, keeping my hands right here. Something that’s important about this, is if I’m pushing
this way, he just walks this way. If I try to grab him and pull him to the ground, he’s
strong, he can fight this. I relax, and take his hand right to my center. Just like that.
And you may think, he’s just taking that fall. That’s choreographed. If he’s strong, be strong,
OK. He goes down. One more time. Be strong, be strong. He’ll just drop. If you just relax
your body, and drop his weight to the ground.

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  1. Excellent. The problem with first timers who sees Aikido is that they think its all choreographed, that is until it is being done to them, haha.

  2. I tried to resist during training (I do jujitsu but simular excercise) to simulate a real life situation and I tore my knee mussle, took me out for 2 months, Lesson learnt just give in and roll with the motion.

  3. Nice demonstration, but you got confused with the Japanese. This grab is "ryote tori", the "katate" has no business being there. (Katate is a straight one-hand grip).

  4. I don't doubt this instructor is an expert. But I've seen this technique done by lowering gravity center while making turn, that makes more space for the turn and lowers risk to escape it.

  5. Nice to take the time to make a video. It's easy to get caught up in what your hands are doing and ignore some critical postural and rotational momentum issues. But, hey, I guess I could make my own video.
    I do think this "expertvillage" concept is a bit pretentious.

  6. What I dont understand is the notion of relaxing and just dropping him…

    I watched very closely but to me they look the same, I dont know what is being done differently.

    Same thing with pins, 'just use your energy and relax'. Can someone explain this to me please? (no I dont know anything about aikido, Just watching the vids)

  7. @PureOwnification the trick is to put extended pressure to his elbow and shoulder, so his body follows the wrist, and then you can just let him down

  8. @ParkFight You are the one who is talking too much . Go to a Dojo , challenge the Sensei , get your Ass kicked , and SHUT THE F*CK UP !!

    "If you dont know what to say , shut your mouth !"

  9. What the people over here dont realise is that Aikido takes a lot of time before it gets effective . There are things you dont know because you dont see them . You dont know that the fingers of high level aikidokas are as hard as a rock , you dont know that those people are capable of hitting one of your pressure points and make you feel more pain than you could possibly imagnine , in fact you dont know shit !
    STFU !!

  10. There are different ways to do techniques in Aikido. Including "light side" and "dark side" ways. I call this the dark side version of shihonage. That does not mean the instructor's intentions are bad. It is possible to use dark side techniques with good intentions, which is a paradox, but true.

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