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September 19, 2019

¡Very good creadsajgsa ¡Very good creatures of the Lord! How are you? Today I bring you fresh news of the week, ok? no, really there is some really healthy s*** we’re about to talk about some little interesting things hmm… things that i’ve seen interestings these last days wait… does not Pewdiepie have a section like this? am i cpying him? (yes rubius, i think so) [pewdiepie screaming Stop it, STOP IT RIgHt NOW nah RUBIUS’S NEWS He tells to you No, really what’s wrong with pewdiepie 9 million visit… oh… okay i know why hmhm Okay Let’s start with the first news hmmm BELLE DELPHINE we’re talking about belle delphine, not about dolphin till the end(its a meme) Okay Let’s start with the first news hmmm it’s supposed that this girl is like a god of tik tok he turned “famous by that” im… to be honest i didn’t seen some tiktok memes buuut… i know who is she i know who is she because she put faces like ahegao that scares me (me too rubius) its supposed that this girl is earning a lot of money with her patreon that scares me (me too rubius) she has also a YouTube channel where… [starts laughing uncontrolled] she has a YT channel where she plays [laughs] No… Really where are going to stop sniff… is this legal? she just put a ha… she jus put a hat of foam and is taking his hand… (rubius that’s a tentacle) SOOO WEIRD ASJIFB she just put (her?) lashes and a glasses PETA WE NEED YA HERE RIGHT NOW PETA and.. why am i talking about her… surely most of you have noticed that this girl is selling water… water of gamer girl yep… what you hear, gamer girl water literally she… she takes baths okay and, from the water she uses in the bath she puts it into a glass and sell it for $30 PETA WE NEED YA HERE RIGHT NOW PETA AND ITS BEING SELLED LIKE CHURROS JiJi HEHEHE HAHAHA [rubius reading the commment in spanish] hahaha HA HA HA (but loudly) lets BUY EIGHTHUNDRED i’m gonna see this video only for scientific purposes and for you to give and opinion(all of we know the truth rubius) what is she doing here there is there is what did I just watch what… literally we live in a society… literally we live in a society… burp X2 combo HOW TF DO I NOW BUY GAMER WATER [*belle delphine closed her web*] no, now talking seriusly and I do not say it ironically this girl has known how to take advantage all the memes etc… she has accomplished selling at overrated prices whit a really exorbitant price and she has sold so much that she has had to close the store well done WELL DONE oooff aaahhh my god it would be better if i serve a cup of gamer girl AAARRHHHGGGG OOPS hehe it look like i I have wet a little the chair with gamer boy water ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but.. okay we’re going to tell the next new before continuing leave a like if ya would buy gamer water by rubius usdfghqsfdlghadsfyl UNLESS… UUUUUUUUHHHHHUHUHUHU(rubius giving birth) RUBIUS’S NEWS this is something that is touching my morality every time it happens the same, always happens the same NoW yOu ApPeAr iN StRaNgEr ThInGs RuBiUs jijijijijiji JAJAJIJUJUIJIJIJI HOW FUNNY ARE YOU calm down rubius this is a christian channel please forgive me sir ALWAYS every time this actor shows up at anything you all start saying its me that it’s me who looks like my brother who is etc … for me and for this guy who tf is this guy, whats his name rcade gui strnger tngs.. . MATTY CARDAROPLE is the name of this guy… mateo(matt in spanish) apparenly he looks like me… really guys? before continuing leave a like if ya would buy gamer water by rubius usdfghqsfdlghadsfyl i know what all of you are saying but.. NO i dont know in what exactly y look like him so thank you all because now i cant see films or series where this guy shows up UUUUUUUUHHHHHUHUHUHU(rubius giving birth) because I do not take them seriously so thanyou, nice im gonna write a tweet to this guy… beautiful there is. is all connected guys the chapter 6 of 3rd season of ST is named E pluribus unum a new strager things season if you didn’t know it means ElRubius OMG the evidence is irrefutable do you remember of my secret sibling okay there is Rubius, Rubén and Mateo the saint trinity he likes pizza a lot… just ike me he has a hair like mine it is all connected we are entering in a age in wich we are starting to get married so our friend luzu got married and we went to his wedding and emmmm… basically i got drunk at the 2 minutes after arriving so i dont remember so much things please arespect… for both but images have come out very … who tf is this guy, whats his name this one rocks is the name of this guy… mateo(matt in spanish) apparenly he looks like me… really guys? you all did a lot of photos that is the firs wedding i go with friends so i enjoyed very much that was something very funny i hope you the best hope you be happy and eat partridges(spanish sentence) idk wich will be the next friend-youtuber in getting married but… well i know it because i seen in who fell the flowers but i can´t say nothing i sell it to you, if you buy me 300 unities of gamer boy water i will tell the truth and if you like a lot the video also will tell it so, news of the weeks, did you like it? idk, i dont know what im doing with my life i do not undersand youtube and i dont know either what im doing here but im enjoying it wich is the important thing so thanks for whatching my video (and thanks for reading my subs :)) thanks for all the love you give to me, i give you it back so see you in the next video and dont forget to drink water, keep hydrated but be careful with the water it is not going to be that it has gone through the body of a girl who sells her body on the internet so see you son, in the next video be healthy, drink a lot of whater not gamer water pls go to mass so see you soon subtitules by ThePeluki86YT and @jollyvazfer on instagram, hoped you liked subtitules 馃檪 subtitules by ThePeluki86YT and @jollyvazfer on instagram, hoped you liked subtitules 馃檪

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  2. Me encant贸 el final, lo aplicare en mi vida

    "No lo s茅, no s茅 que estoy haciendo con mi vida
    No entiendo ya a Youtube
    De que va, ni que co帽o estoy haciendo aqu铆
    Pero bueno me lo estoy pasando bien que lo que importa"

  3. Belle deplhine no no mames litreralmente despues de ver esto va vallan al sicologo acusen con la fbi y limpien sus serebro amen (autolike)

  4. williiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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