Agent Dash Android Game Review – Androidizen played on Samsung Galaxy S3
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Agent Dash Android Game Review – Androidizen played on Samsung Galaxy S3

September 6, 2019

king All right! Here we are with Agent Dash A temple run style that is really popular at the moment It’s added the extra little twist that
as you’re playing the game to shoot people on screen gains you extra points see the graphics are absolutely gorgeous looks to me a a little bit like a
unity game engine game and see the graphics are absolutely
stunning very very smooth on the S3 as
well got to be careful of those barrels! you can get power-ups as well being a free to
play game There’s all of your usual in-game purchases that can give you a bit of an advantage if you are stuck on the game but obviously You can buy those once you’ve unlocked enough gems or collected enough gems it’s all about anticipation the graphics are absolutely gorgeous just bringing it a little closer so you can see these up close and personal there you go, you can really see how sharp these three-d_ graphics really are on this game
on this game They’ve done a gorgeous job on it. The frame rate is really solid as well no glitching out at all no stutters a swipe, it responds your act secret agent is basically on a track there’s three positions on the track so you just swipe to move onto position and you move around the map start to get faster and faster beaten my last best high score and now he got some acid in the face then not a good kind of acid! By laser absolutely stunning looking game and actually really fun to play as well found myself yesterday stuck in a shop waiting for my wife just buzzing around on this game. Fantastic! Load times take a little bit to get going But what do you expect with such lovely graphics . If you go into the gadget HQ You can use the diamonds that you’ve picked up
purchase extra power ups and so on The diamonds, a jet pack and take it from there really. But that is Agent Dash and don’t think you will be disappointed if you spend a couple of minutes downloading this game

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  1. You need to anticipate your jump just a little bit, you're getting too close to the obstacles 🙂 This game is harder than it looks. The agent runs really fast from the city onwards

  2. man I blitzed temple run, but in this i cant get much further than just into the town….. its much harder tham temple run and subway surfers

  3. this game works perfect in my galaxy ace 2, for a variation play you can use another agent too.. likes agent goodtug or agent jawbone, they have different style when tried to play.

  4. you know you just show the game and play it ,i think this is not review because if you review you must say something about this gameTT

  5. ar u mad ip hone is the best u don't have the powr to buy an iphone because apple price it so high but still the best phone in the world ever made

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