African Rebel HORRIFIES gamers with their REAL LOCATION
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African Rebel HORRIFIES gamers with their REAL LOCATION

August 26, 2019

hello I am here looking for some good soldiers to help with our struggle against the government it is anybody I am here good soldier good good what is your name my name is [Music] you are trying to make fun of me I have respect for the black Rambo this scene where td2 is in a Miss in that movie I do not watch movies where I’m from don’t lie to me you are an America where are you from mr. big nasty why you lie to me huh I don’t like liars you told me you are from Los Angeles but you are not you are liar you disrespect me and then you lie to me it says here you are from Claremont are you going to say something or not I have all of you information you understand me you won’t even admit it did you lie to me are not [Music] miss Antonia I’m going to log into your Facebook account and masaccio brought us your mothers your sisters your for a CEO Graham Juarez la guerra more as I don’t care because this is what we do here in Zimbabwe to buy us but if you apologize to me all will be forgiven and it beats 2 meter to a liar but is full I want to eat and now you have to tell me you’ve seen Raul and I am exactly like Rambo you’re like Rambo [Music] crucify all is forgiven I hope in the future you are be nicer to what I submit [Music] hello yes I’ll go on route but I don’t like smoke ah come here I collect with us to fight for me but don’t pick the important ek Tama you steam new advanced team against them go over my truth the new weapons yes the new way positive you’re not stand no not really I’m sorry you’re kinda hard to understand look at me look at me look I’m looking at you sorry are you looking at to me yeah I’m looking at you you and your deep regard this you like it I do like it it’s a Cuban true bazooka human the Garter here hold on hold on I think I got one in my pack if I got it hey look I found one I got one that is not Cuba not cheap cheap I got it hey hey hey don’t you back from a cigar that is chinese’ know what did you just say to me I do not cuss at me you and I stance I did you a hug religion Cuba you’re safe wow that’s what I totes are only me to command against Cuba your Nestor you Rambo get scuba you understand now get on the floor kiss my feet through your commander some respect don’t worry yoke amanda has arrived war FD bellboy I am your new commands I’m touched commander rambled in window rainbow lieutenant no trim rambu like the movie Rumble Oh commander rainbow not a rainbow are you doing that good how are you soldier homeland coolant breath are you playing a game breath I have place for IDI true but I don’t like it these games they never show you to proper war ii understand the proper war but you mean the instant pathway when T is a Awards at Peapod a tumult cry they are happy because the streets become leaders in the divorces finally submits they can harvest to bring home for them children to eat this is the proper don’t talk to me like that understands some respect for our you’ve done that today I can’t live first shot though like very first 40 ok ok cool calm down tough guy huh to tell me what to do what do I do don’t talk about me well it sounds like taking it down yeah I think a tune what they’re going to do bar teacher I will come to your doorstep as he gets onto your face you I do not see yeah I know where you live you live in Kentucky beautiful yes you do don’t lie to me I even do it your name is what your name is Matt if you like to be one more time I am going to make you regret it too honest at first you disrespect and then you lie to me unless you want to see what I can do he better apologize to me do it good the next time don’t talk about me or semiotic natural cause I am Takata reminds a cup time yeah yeah I was just playing with you dude so I got I got I got your name right and everything are you central central city Kentucky I [Laughter] might might depending on how the recording came on I might put you up in a video just for fun just look at me at the front of the boat ha ha you can’t like look at me I am Jay you can find the upgr for a second the African burglar no no no no I am a real African Reba – not some impersonates are behind the microphone however were you and Nana I live in the slums of Zimbabwe after your nap ok now it is your turn to vote on it kiss my feet huh yeah I look did you hear what I said do you speak the english ah look at me huh look I am NOT walk away from me back away from him [Music] that’s what happens when you walk away from me yeah way to kill again my favorite way to kill in front of the children lead cup size robbery they got coal mines out robbery wait the cabin commander with one tough time combines a general who lives here for [Music] I understand that I understand the realm was just four letters dude that’s what I understand

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  1. Uploads once a year, this channel is dead. Amazing how he created this then was surpassed by Truth Gaming who uploads regularly ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. The thumbnail shows ghost recon wildlands

    Placed in South America

    But thereโ€™s an African in the title


  3. Virtually is great. Its sad he doesnt post videos often but i bet he is doing major moves with his life and career. This dude is amazingly talented

  4. I want the Zimbabwe African Rebel to run into someone whoโ€™s from Rhodesia. Thatโ€™ll be a good fight

  5. How do you use the IP sniffing? I have a few people on a mmorpg that wont stop messing with me and my clan and I have done everything else I can to get them to stop I have blocked them banned them reported them and they just keep coming back. The only thing I want to do with their info is read it to them like you did and give them a scare so they will stop and just let us enjoy our game.

  6. I would be so scared aym๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  7. the 2nd guy the reason that i disliked this video. First guy somewhat deserved it but the second guy is very cool and tame and shows you are abusing your power.

  8. I still want to know.. What way he found the info.
    If it's legal, it will be funny to mess with people. but not too far.

  9. Bruh the first kid literally did nothing wrong yet Virtually Vain terrifies the kid for no reason. Honestly these stupid troll videos are fucked up and irrlevant.

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