Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Punch & Back Fist in Kempo Karate
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Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Punch & Back Fist in Kempo Karate

November 18, 2019

Okay, so we learned some basic blocks, hopefully
you’ll be able to block things that are thrown at you. But you’re going to have to need to
defend yourself, you’re going to have to learn to throw something back. So that’s where hand
techniques come in. Okay, back to our training stance because it’s the easiest way. I always
teach beginners from a training stance. Even though it’s not that practical, it’s practical
so that you can focus more on your arms while your legs are getting in shape. Okay, your
first basic punch, chokuzuki, thrusting punch. From here your hands are already cocked back.
All you need to do, is you need to extend. I’m doing my right hand. You notice that my
hand is upside down until the last possible second, where it torques over. You’re striking
with the first two knuckles. If you’re ever decide you’re going to do board breaking,
it’s very important that you make sure that you’re aiming with this because you don’t
want to be breaking a board with a pinkie and your ring finger because the structure
of the hand is weaker at that angle. You actually want to hit here. So you want to make sure
your elbow is slightly bent, you do not want to lock your elbow out. You’ll develop tennis
elbow when you start hitting really hard. As the other hand comes out to punch, this
hand comes back. Once again, remember, it’s a grab and this one’s punching. It doubles
the force. Right, if you’re just punching somebody straight, yeah it can hurt, if you’re
really hard. But if you’re pulling them into it, it’s like two cars coming into a head-on
collision. Chokuzuki, thrusting punch, this can be done high, jodan level; chudan level,
medium. If you’re going chudan level the best target for this is the solar plexus. The solar
plexus is that soft spot where, you’re floating ribs meet, right underneath your sternum,
a Xiphoid process. Right there, is a soft spot. If you were a kid and you were playing
on the playground and you ever fallen down on your tummy you knocked the wind out of
you, you know what it is like to get hit in the solar plexus. You can knock the wind out
of them and take the fight out of someone really quick. Chokuzuki or gedan level, low
level. It’s not as effective, the angle when you’re standing straight up and your opponent’s
standing straight up. But when they’re down there on the ground and you’re going low,
it’s very effective because then you’ve got gravity helping you out. Chokuzuki. From here
there’s another fist technique that I like, is an uraken, or a back fist. This one comes
up across; the elbow is blocking your chin. Now contrary to popular belief the most vulnerable
part of the human body is not the groin, it’s the throat. Because if you get hit in the
groin the worst case that can happen is you’re sterile you can’t have kids. If you get hit
in the throat, worse case scenario, you can’t breathe, you die. So you want make sure that
you’re protecting your throat. So you want to bring your elbow up, this extends. You’re
hitting with the same two knuckles, but you want to add a little bit of a wrist flick
like if you’re a pitcher throwing a baseball that last wrist snap at the end of it. It’s
like a whip. Hitting with these two knuckles, the temple, one of the softest parts of the
human skull. It’s a very vulnerable target. There’s the vagus nerve that comes, there’s
a bunch of nerves that come out around the face, you hit somebody there, you don’t really
need to hit them that hard to stun them and you can follow through with another combination.

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  1. i doubt that the bonestructure on the firs 2 knuckles is the most stable one lol
    it´s the last 3 ones cause they are connected to the whole bonebase of the forarm, that´s why a whole bodypunch is mostle done with those knuckles or the palm cause it can´t bend away.

  2. this guy has no id about okinawian style punh..this is big mystake punhing like power…why?see dilman presure point mhetod fighting..

  3. @ImBigOnFlavour
    don´t call me moron or you just make yourself look simple lol
    the first 2 knuckles of the fist lead an incomming force over the the inner radius which is a way weaker bone because this bone is not directly connected to the ellbow joint, so even if you´re strong enough to do a hard strike there will be always a loss of force in your punch and a higher danger to break your wrist.
    this is fact, look it up if you don´t believe it or ask someone who has a clue about anatomy

  4. nobody LIKES that stance, however the strength focus and disapline developed is worth sucking it up and learning to focus!

  5. Old comment, but this needs explanation. First, you are correct that the last 3 knuckles are best; as you pointed out, they are more in line with the whole arm and can transmit force better. For this reason, there are punching styles that use mainly those knuckles to punch.

    The reason karate focuses on the first two is twofold:

    1. It's easier to condition; those knuckles start harder.

    2. Karateka strengthen their wrists anyway for ridge hand strikes (hit with the small bones in the wrist)

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