Advanced Native American archery (1)
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Advanced Native American archery (1)

August 18, 2019

“Advanced Native American archery” This is the name that was given to this art of progressed traditional skills passed down to him by his family along with the forgotten and lost skill that was made popular by the master Archer Lars Andersen. Not every skill that is used in this video is historical for the Amerindian tribes, but the traditional art is continuously evolving and each individual progressing this art serves it’s evolution. There are two types of skill sets the ones for war and the ones for hunting. the hunting ones are not as fast or dynamic and heavy bows would be used to penetrate the game and take it down with one hit. The hunter would seek to be hidden and covered and he had the luxury to take all the time needed to aim. The combat would be done often with weaker bows so that they would be swifter. Considering that poisons were often used and that there was never any heavy armors to make light bows obsolete then we can see how lighter bows were lethal in war. In warfare there is no time to aim, so the technique mechanism changes a little. This is the most common Native American quiver made from leather. There are many ways of wearing it depending on how you want to use it. Mostly when it was placed as a back quiver it was only for traveling like carrying a bag. The many leather straps of the quiver can be used to tie your bow or other tools and make it easier to carry them while walking or running. One of the ways to use it is placing and securing it like a belt. This type of quiver provides great freedom of use changing it’s position at any time depending on how it fits best each warrior. Another common way of placing this quiver was by pulling it to the front making it easier to kneel or squat to take cover. The arrows can’t fall off thanks to the physics provided by the thick leather. It bends in such a way that it secures the arrows inside no matter what you do while bending in action. The arrows that we use are nockless, they do not have this common “V” shape to their back so they need two special handling techniques. There are many ways of handling the arrows and shooting them fast. All of them them are useful to know and can come in handy during different moments in action. Our shooting technique is that we use our bow hand to push forward the bow while the arrow hand holds the arrow in place for it to be pulled. This technique makes the pulling happen instantly and it saves energy by not holding the arrow while it’s fully pulled back. All of the aiming is done before the arrow is pulled. The moment that we want it to be fired and the timing of pointed back and releasing the arrow is all accomplished in one movement. Much like pulling the trigger of a gun. And here we can see the famous technique of rapidly shooting your arrows by holding them in your arrow hand. The only difference from what Lars Andersen has shown in his videos is that we are shooting the arrows from the left side of the bow instead of the right. The first step to achieve this level of skills is to learn to knock and shoot the arrow almost instantly. One technique that you can see him do here is that when he shoots his arrows he pushes them with the bow forward right after releasing them. This makes the arrows fly faster and with more force while making the bow completely silent. Perfect for guerrilla warfare and ambushes. For a trained archer distance does not affect accuracy no matter what technique is used. If our bow can reach a distance then it’s up to us to learn and hit the target within that distance. Almost all of my bows are around 30 pounds heavy and with this demonstration I want to show that even if they are so light they can be deadly. Bows have been used as melee weapons as well. Here I’m demonstrating some basic counter attacks based on the four direction hits that can be done on a target. Throughout the rest of the video you will see him performing several different techniques. Enjoy, see you in the next videos and have a Blessed Day.

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  2. Greetings from the Land of Ishi… Oroville, CA.

    This is Maidu Country. (although Ishi was Southern Yana, this is where he was found.)

  3. Very, very formidable warriors. Much respect. Good bless. I hate these sobs that are killing us all, and killing our planet!

  4. I would love to come meet you, and learn from you. Actually I would eat to never come back again. This way we are forced to live under now is wrong and the sick JESUIT, Ashkenazis communist ((()))s are poisoning us all, in our skies and Waters, food's as well. Mind body and spirit. I have half white and half native ancestry.

  5. I love seeing advanced archery techniques and the nuances between archery in different cultures. For anyone looking for further research material I suggest you look up egyptian archery, the jarmakee from horse archery and the writings of the anonymous french master archer.

  6. Holy shit, first Lars now this guy!!! Awesome sauce baby. I’ve been doing archery for a little over a year now. I love it I just keep getting better. Please make more videos. I really wanna know more about the knockless arrows. Thanks.

  7. please check out my comment to your reply in my previous text. I appreciate your replying. I am a ex chemist and medic. Maybe i am just overthinking. Thank you again for your time.

  8. This is instinctive shooting, very beautiful to watch. The way he moves and he shoot not from the same place two times so it is harder for the opponent to hit him. really good video. hope that you make more videos especially about the draw and "nocking the arrow". Also the different ways of hold the arrows in hand.
    Great video and thanks for sharing

  9. I started shooting a long bow instinctively about 1969. To use a little vernacular from that day…..FAR OUT!…or if you prefer GROOVY!. I also picked up a lot of Indian artifacts as I roamed around the plowed farm fields here. It is hard to imagine how we can't seem to do anything the same for more than a year anymore. When the American Indian did things the same for thousands of years at a time. Archaeologist tell us that they also used the Atlatl a lot. Some people interested in this ancient form of spear throwing actually got it added to our primitive weapons deer season as an approved weapon. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to examine the stone tools and weapons of the Native American Indian you should seek out a place to do that. It is truly fascinating to think how long they sustained there civilization with very little change. We must learn and return to at least part of that thinking.

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  14. He is very good at what he does, but the way he shoots is akin to spraying and praying. With my compound bow I have 2 inch groups at 50 yards. At 30 yards he has 3 foot wide or worse groups. Yes he can put 5 arrows down range to my one, but you may only get one shot at an animal before it runs away. Only using 30 pounds of draw, and firing so erratically is a good way to have a wounded animal on your hands. The only way to curve arrows like that is using a weak bow.

  15. Great video
    Excellent skills
    Did doesn’t happen overnight
    Thanks for sharing
    Keep up with these amazing videos 👍👌

  16. What do you think about me and you doing a " going back to the old ways" video? Dances with wolves thing, maybe we could get donations to but land back, to live the old ways again, buy the animals back, buy the fish in the streams, what do you think?

  17. Here in the philippines, archery is more of like a traditional play thing. We use bamboo bows and so far everything was forgotten. Only our natives knows how to make a bow and shoot it well. I would love to see you use a bamboo bow from the philippines to see how much different or the same it is to other natives that uses bows back then.

  18. This video has inspired me I had to create a bundle bow so I did from fiberglass rod from the orange driveway markers my cane is to young and needs more time to yield bows,blow pipes, arrows and darts. I love my bow I have made it feels good I have much practice to do I study your videos and your words ring deep within my spirit much as when I release and hit the mark. Peace be with you all

  19. Interesting vid, as is almost everything about Native Americans. But I don't really like or get impressed much by show. However, I'd give a pretty good chunk of change to be able to shoot anytime I wanted in that warehouse.

  20. What is the draw weight on that bow? Would be imterestinf to see penetration in ballistic gel with this style of rapid shooting and at various distance.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to create and post this.

  21. are you using a sinew backed bow? otherwise the poundage may be too weak for hunting large game. Great skills though

  22. This is awesome, amazing and practical. This should be Olympic an competition instead of the stationary shooting which is useless LoL

  23. After the apocalypse and after the ammo stores run out a guy like this will have a major advantage over all ravenous mutants still on the land.

  24. No smiling , please! This is all dead serious. Btw, shooting a hundred yards with a 30# bow is quite challenging.

  25. Very Impressive!. I like to think I'm pretty nifty with an English Longbow, but this chap would have hit me with two blow pipe darts, three poison arrows, slapped me in the face with his bow and finished me off with an arrow to the head at point blank range just as I hit my anchor point!

  26. Awesome shooting, but this is only the first step of advanced Native American archery. The next is riding and shooting on horseback. Especially into a stampeding buffalo herd, shooting a buffalo while controlling your galloping horse with your knees!

  27. Yea sou Pano ! Great techniques there !!!! How's about some actual big game trad bow hunting ? Bison maybe ? Those curves were "unreal " !

  28. i was just 10 yr.s and my neighbor in his 80s, who witnessed comanche and apache attacks in south tx. by the boarder of the rio grande, and he describe the skill which he saw, on a mounted horse, shooting five arrows before the settlers would take a shot and mind you the archer was shoting under the horses neck , while he held to the mane with his teeth

  29. oooooh, i was wondering how u shoot so fast, as i seen on the comment, that u have NO knock groove on it, so i wondered how u shoot so fast, its good to know, BUt still your very quick loll even your a big feller, its great, thanks mate your brilliant,

  30. Im watching a bunch of videos on archery so far medevil archers and native American archers. Are my favorite

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