September 12, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today,
you’re going to be gaming. – Oh Lord, okay. – I’m terrified. Please, though, bring it on. – I’ll try my hardest. – Dude, I’ve been gaming since the ’90s. But that doesn’t mean I’m good at it. I play a lot of games, but it
doesn’t mean I’m good. (laughs) – (Finebros) In honor of
the first Adults React gaming episode, we have a hugely fan-requested
game for you guys to play. – Okay. It makes me nervous ’cause I know I’m probably gonna get destroyed. – “The Evil Within.” Okay… this is gonna be interesting. – I have no idea what this is. – No! Why is it a scary game? – Oh! (laughs) Oh no-ho-ho. There was a lot of coverage for this. I think the creators
of Resident Evil made this game? – I played this right when it came out. I’m big into horror games. – All right. I’m terrified
and I will probably die immediately, but tell me what to do. I’m in. – Oh man. It’s it gonna be scary?
– (dispatcher) All units, all units. 11-99…
– Memories. (dispatcher) ..especially cover code 3. Beacon Mental Hospital.
– It’s always in a hospital, right? – (cop) 184 copy, code 3. ETA 3 minutes.
– I know what all of that means. – (dispatcher) Copy 184.
(siren wails) – Is that me drivin’? No.
I’m not even playing, huh? – (cop) Sorry, detectives. I know you just comin’ off a case but I’m afraid we’re gonna
have to make a detour. – That’s always a bad sign. – Oh gosh. Something’s going on.
– (detective 1) Sounds serious. – (detective 1) Is it a riot?
– JoJo was my favorite. – (cop) Call went out
just before I picked you up. Said it was “multiple homicides.” – Multiple homicides?
– (cop) Half a dozen units already on-scene. – (dispatcher) 131, please advise…
– This goes right to the action. – (cop) Maybe it’s the ghost
of that doctor who went schitzo and chopped up all those patients.
– Oh, there’s a schitzo doctor. – (detective 1) What happened?
– Fantastic. – (cop) Some patients disappeared.
– (detective 1) Some kind of scandal? – (cop) Still gives you
the creeps, doesn’t it? – A little bit.
– (dispatcher) 127, 124, please respond. – (detective 2) Joseph,
you think there’s a connection? – (Joseph) It’s a possibility. – (dispatcher) Anyone on scene, respond…
– Oh. – (detective 2) Dispatch,
this is Detective Castellanos in 184. What’s the situation, over? – (dispatcher) 184, be advised.
Some problem… (radio become garbled)
…at Beacon Memorial… radio. – Already with the interference. – (Castellanos) Is there any…
(in game: shrill, piercing note) (all groan in pain) – Oh, this thing vibrated. – (cop) Jesus!
– This thing vibrated. – The graphics are so good.
This is like a movie. – The graphics are really, really good. – Some of this I don’t remember. (giggles) ♪ (brooding music) ♪
So maybe it will be new again. – Oh no, I don’t wanna play this.
It looks so scary. – Okay, something’s wrong.
A whole bunch of empty cop cars. – What happened to
all these other pe– oh god. – Don’t go in. Don’t go! – He’s sort of hot in
a very angry Rick Grimes kind of way. – (Castellanos) Connelly,
contact Dispatch and let them know what’s happening. Joseph, Kidman, you’re with me. We’re gonna have a look around. – (Kidman) Right.
– Oh, they doing– always doing that splitting up stuff, see? That’s gon get ’em killed. – So the detectives go in
and the patrol is sent back. (sarcastically) Gotcha. Makes sense. – Emergency call, let’s do it.
Chapter 1, baby. – Okay, so I’m this guy. – Oh, [bleep]! There he goes. Gotcha. Now I’m running into things, okay. Castellanos, you suck! You look so lame running
into all those barriers. – Keep walking into the bushes and stuff. How do I do this dang camera? Oh, there we go. Hey! See, my son is slackin’.
He ain’t teaching me this. – Why, there’s no–
seems like there’s no sign of a struggle or anything.
It’s just gone. – Everyone seems pretty calm
for responding to a backup. – Where did all the cops go, though?
There’s a ton of cop cars here. – We could just go inside. (gruffly) Do you dare? (door creaks)
(Castellanos grunts) – Oh.
(Joseph sniffs) Does it smell bad?
– (Joseph) Smells like blood. – (sharp gasp) Ew!
– (Castellanos) All right, stay sharp. – What does blood smell like exactly? – Ooh, there’s a lot
of people in there dead. – There’s lots of dead people. – Maybe there was a massacre. – How come I don’t
have a gun is the question. How come that guy gets a gun? – See, right here,
all those dead bodies on the floor. I wouldn’t walk in with two other people. I would need a little
more backup than this. – (nervous laugh) Please help me!
I don’t want to do this. – Wow, what a scene to start a video game. (loud bang)
– (Joseph) Did you hear something? – And we hear a noise. So somebody might be
trying to come up on us. – (Joseph) Someone alive in here… – Come on, come on.
Oh, someone’s alive. Oh sh– damn! – Someone’s alive.
(sarcastically) Good. Great. Let’s see who that person is.
This won’t be terrifying at all. – (Castellanos) Are you injured?
What happened here? – He’s so creepy.
– (doctor) Can’t be real… – He must be the doctor. – Yeah, he saw it. He saw some stuff.
– (doctor) …impossible… Ruvik is… – Ruvik? – (Joseph) I got him.
– Who’s Ruvik? – (Joseph) The security cameras
might tell us something. – That’s a good idea, Mr. Detective. – Do we wanna see anything? Oh, there’s the security cameras.
(in game: gunfire) Why don’t we check those out? – So that’s live feed,
so that’s happening right now. – There’s all my cop buddies. – We’ve got some evidence on film.
♪ (horror music) ♪ Oh! Oh, supernatural!
(slicing noises) (slicing noises)
– Oh, [bleep]. What? What? – (Castellanos) What the hell?
– What the [bleep]? What’s that? – Some kind of super-fast ghost. – I hate that guy. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(static) – Whoa. (static)
– Oh, it’s gone. Okay, so that’s what happened.
– (Castellanos) What? ♪ (horror music) ♪
(Castellanos and Dominic gasp) – Oh-ho-ho! (laughs) – Ew, it’s like a zombie. No. I hate zombies.
– (Castellanos) What? ♪ (horror music) ♪
(screams) – (Castellanos) What?
– Uh, okay. That’s what I– good! Aah! ♪ (horror music) ♪
(Castellanos gasps) – (mashing buttons) Uh? That’s it? – He killed three people,
three cops with a– whoa! Goner. – Here we go. – They got rolled up on me. (laughs)
And I couldn’t kill him. So am I dead? – Did I die? – I thought, at this point,
I’m dreaming this though, or I’m asleep in the machine
and this is all not reality, I think. ♪ (classical music) ♪
– I’m tripping? Okay. – Oh, what’s going on here? This is not a good
position to start out in. – Pretty traumatic stuff, man. (Castellanos and Madison gasp) – Ew, no! (Castellanos gasps)
– Oh, he kidnapped me. – Oh my god! Who thinks this up? – Oh my god. It’s that guy. – He looks mentally ill and he got
a lot of people hanging with me. – Oh, I can move now?
(squelching noises) Do I want to see
what’s going on over there? – This is a torture chamber, for real.
(slicing noises) – It’s like he’s butchering
some bodies here, um, and I need to get out of here. (slicing noises and gurgling off screen) – I imagine it smells really bad in here. – What’s happening? – This guy has a knife in him.
These people are just hung up. – I need that knife. – So with the left joystick,
what do they want us to do? – So I can move? I’m movin’. – Oh, I have to swing
toward and get the knife. – All right, ready? Grab the knife. Oh! – All right, I need to hurry up and– Like I’m swinging in real life.
This is horrible. – I’ve got a knife! Ha! Ha! – Get me down. Get the knife. No, no, get it. Yeah! Okay, okay, I’m feelin’ this. Okay, cut loose.
– (Castellanos grunts in pain) – Oh, okay, it’s on now. – You know what, man?
Stay alive. Stay alive, buddy. – Oh no, I would’ve just played dead. – That would be too easy
if my gun was still in my holster. – Can I run away?
There’s nowhere to go. – Oh, it looks like
he’s not hurt too bad though. He didn’t get stabbed. Yet. – Hone up on him. Ooh, he’s right there, cutting up somebody
and I’m behind him. – Sneaking. “R1 Sneak.” – Okay, that’s how to crouch. Okay. I figure there has to be
some sort of crouch or something. – Sneaky, sneaky. – I’ll sneak up on him. I could take him. Watch this stealth. (butcher growls)
– Ugh! ♪ (classical music) ♪
Creepy music. (presses controller) (butcher snarls)
– Game on. That was a good kill right there. (butcher snarls viciously)
– Oop– nope, that was not. That was–
(Castellanos groans) That was not a good kill.
(butcher snarls) – There’s a butcher guy. Should I be following him?
I’m gonna follow him. (butcher growls) ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(butcher snarls) Wait, I thought he
couldn’t see me if I was sneaking. – So attacking didn’t work.
(hacking noises) So is there’s something–
I can go over here and avoid that guy? (horn blares)
– Is there anything over here? (horn blares, chain rattles) (loud thud)
– Uh-oh. ♪ (classical music) ♪ (dull thud)
It’s locked. Do I have to go towards him?
I don’t want to go towards him. – Come on, get out. Let’s get out. [Bleep], I’m on it.
– (Castellanos) Locked? [Bleep]. – F– it’s locked.
And where’s the key? Probably where that guy is. (laughs) – We’d better hide so he don’t see us.
(butcher growls) Oh shoot, I hid!
He didn’t see me. – Get the key, okay.
All right, I can do this. – The key. He’s walking away. (softly) Go, go, go. – Right there. The keys. – (softly) Grab the key.
Grab it, grab it, grab it. – I want those keys.
Get me out of here. (gasps) – “A key found in
the mental hospital basement.” – “These were in use long before the hospital’s modern
security system was put in. – Exactly what I need
for that locked door back there. – Slowly move back
without getting caught. – (whispers) Oh no. Get back, get back. ♪ (tense music) ♪ (butcher growls) (Castellanos groans)
– Oh no! (Castellanos groans in pain) – Damn, I gave myself away, man. Oh, I’m done. That was pretty intense, man. I want to play that again. Oh, I got another life?
Oh, what’s up, man? We get three lives like Miss Pacman? I gotta go back, right?
Go back, go back. Come on, buddy, get outta there. – Now where’s the lock for the locked door? – What’s scary is
that creepy Victorian music! – I’m really nervous ’cause
something bad’s gonna happen. Something bad always happens. (door groans)
– Yeah, he’s gonna hear that. (chuckles) – And I’m free.
Well, out of the meat room. – Now I’m starting to like it
’cause I can move around. – Now I got the keys. I’m feeling good now. – It’s kinda cool how
it’s not ghosts and stuff though. It’s kinda just like an actual– (clang)
(alarm rings) – Oh no! What do I do? (clang)
(alarm rings) – Ah, hell! What did I do?
(approaching footsteps) Did I set off an alarm? (clang)
– Aah! (alarm rings)
Duck. (approaching footsteps)
Please help. (clang)
(alarm rings) – Oh [bleep]!
No-ho-ho-ho-ho! No! No! Run.
(chainsaw buzzes) – And that’s not a good thing. (annoyed) No, now he’s gonna move. – Oh no, he saw me. (chainsaw buzzes) – Oh, definitely a leather face.
– (Castellanos) [Bleep]! – (Castellanos) [Bleep]!
– [Bleep] is right. Get me out of here, man!
Here we go, here we go. I’m running into a wall! – Where’d he get the chainsaw from?
Aw, man. This is ridiculous. – I’m gonna have to outrun this guy. – Go, go, go, go, go! – Oh, does he got that chainsaw? Oh, uh-uh. – Come on, come on! What the–?! Oh! (Castellanos groans)
Come on, you gotta run faster than that. – Get me outta here!
(chainsaw roars) Aaah! No! Why? Not a chainsaw! Not the Texas Ch–
Please, God, help! – Oh, he trapped me. – He’s just toying with me.
He so could’ve got me there. – Oh! Go, go. This is like that scene from Star Wars. – This is like Saw. Run!!! – You gotta hop. You gotta hop, skip. – God, I’m slow. Hurry up! Oh [bleep]. That’s not good.
That’s not good. What’s happening?
How do I go? How do I get out?
(slicing noise) Pffth. Humph. (chuckles) Man, I suck at this! Go, go. Oh my god, oh my god. – Oh, there’s a–
there’s a thing right here. (presses controller rapidly)
Okay. – Get that trap. Can I get that trap? – Key! Key! Let’s go, baby. (shrilly) Get out of here! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Gross. All right, I gotta luge this. – Oh! (cackles) That’s a [bleep] Slip ‘N Slide
if I’ve ever seen one. – And I’m sliding in some blood and corpse and all that gooey stuff. – Are we slipping,
slidin’ through blood and guts? Then glory, baby, come on. Let’s go. – It’s so nasty. (sharp gasp) (splash)
(disgusted) Oh my god. Just disgusting. (splash)
– Ew! This is, like, the worst thing
that could ever happen to someone. – (groans in disgust) That’s gonna… That’s gonna have to get
checked out after this. – Get up on that ladder. Come on, get out of that big pool. – Hurry up. I know you don’t have a leg, but hurry up. – I like how my white shirt,
though, is pretty white after I just fell into that. – Now I’m limping ’cause I got maimed. – I really don’t feel well. Me, the person– not me, the detective. – Open wound in a pool of blood,
probably not the best thing. – Okay, look around, J. Look around. Now it looks like we’re just in the sewers. – I am so impatient.
Like, I know he’s injured, but he’s super slow. – I am gonna need a bath. – I really feel dirty.
(Castellanos groans) This is not a very sanitary game. It’s from the meat room,
to the blood pool, to the sewer. – Ooh, there’s a person.
(gasps) Is he alive? – Ooh, there’s somebody over there, dead. I wonder if that person
dead or alive or something? – (Castellanos) Where’s the exit? – I dunno, maybe this guy’ll know. – Oh, there’s a document here. Okay, you just stay still while I grab this. – “Beside the locked gate,
at the far end of the sewer, there is a ladder…” – “…which would take you to an old ward. If you can make it through there, you would find
an elevator leading outside.” – “You would be the one who escaped. You might be the one
who survived.” That’s right! – All right, so I gotta look for the ladder. – (whispering) This is gross. – Okay. Oh, there’s a ladder! – Is that what he was talking about?
The ladder to the ward? – Oh man. I need a band aid.
I need a beer. I need a lot of things. – What’s at the top of this ladder? Something’s gonna grab me and then what? – (gasps) No, I’m so scared. I don’t even wanna go up here. I’ll just hang out
in that bloody pool thing. – Is this the door? Yeah, hey! (door groans)
Okay. (echoing footsteps) – If only we would have ran faster, man, you wouldn’t be
limping like this. (laughs) – Where’s my backup?
Where’s the lady from the beginning? (door creaks and shuts)
– Okay, this must be the old ward, right? – Hospitals in real life creep me out.
I just can’t– I can’t do it. This is just horrible. – Come on, man.
Let’s do this, man. Come on. – Am I looking for a key or something, or am I just trying to get out of here? (gasps) Because this is so creepy. – This place is so gross. (door creaks)
– Get out. (butcher growls)
Oh crap. – Hold X. (chainsaw buzzes)
(sharp gasp) – Come on. Come on, come on! Oh, make it out– wait,
do I have to hide or make it out? (loud bang and button mashing)
Go, go, go, go! Damn it! – (Castellanos) Better hide. – I need to hide right now.
Where am I gonna hide? – Wait, what was that? What was that? – R1? Oh yeah, to get down.
(loud banging) Ooh, am I hiding in here? – Nice. So I’m gonna hide out, buddy.
We hidin’ out. (loud bang and clattering noises) (heart thumps)
– What is he doing? (butcher growls)
(loud bang) (heart thumps)
– Uh-oh. (loud bang)
– Oh [bleep]! This dude’s– wait.
How did he find me? – He didn’t see me this time.
(butcher growls) – And I see that fool right there. See, last time he creeped up on me.
Now he can’t see me. I see him. – (nervous laughter) Oh my god,
this is just very torturous. (chainsaw idles)
– Oh, you can hear your heart beating. (heart thumps)
– And the heart beats, making my heart pace. (chainsaw buzzes)
(loud bang) – Oh [bleep]! (butchers growls grow faint)
– Is he out there, out that door? I don’t wanna go–
that’s where I was just gonna go! – All right. Let’s get out. We’re good. Good to go. – So do I not want to follow–
I don’t want to follow him. He’ll kill me. – I’ll follow him, of course.
That’s logical. ♪ (creepy music) ♪
– “Enemy alertness.” – “When enemies are
within a certain distance, the proximity icon will appear. When an enemy has found you,
the discovery icon will appear.” (snorts) I know which one
I’m gonna see more often. – Oh, he’s like– hmm. Okay, and knows that I’m close. (chainsaw idles) – (butcher growls)
– (Castellanos) [Bleep]. (sharp gasp) (chainsaw buzzes)
– He knows I’m here! Run! Run faster. Oh no! (squeals) Ah, no! (gasps) This is so graphic.
Did I just die? I did. There’s no way
he could’ve lived through that. – The enemy knows I’m there. Okay, go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go.
(butcher growls) Stay down. Stay down. – Now I’m in the room with him
because I can’t think straight because I’m very afraid.
(chainsaw buzzes) – Oh, is this another thing
to hide in? Great. Hide in this one. – Come on, buddy.
Come on, get over there. Get in there. Okay, let’s hide. – I’m just waiting for him to kill me
’cause he’s arbitrarily breaking things with this chainsaw. Like, why not the locker? – Once you leave,
there’s a little opening in the wall right there for whatever reason. – It’s cool, let him do his thing, man.
You gotta be safe. (chainsaw idles)
– I think I’m good? (butcher snarls from a distance)
I’m looking. I came out too early. Oh, I’m done. (butcher snarls)
(chainsaw buzzes) And run! OH! He doesn’t see me. (grunts) Oh, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. It’s these close calls.
(butcher growls) (heart thumps)
Sweaty palms. – He’s right there. (gasps) I’m just gonna
wait right here for a second. (chainsaw buzzes, loud clatter) Aah!
(chainsaw idles) (laughs) I’m just gonna stay right here. I’m not gonna move. Just don’t look over here.
Just don’t look. Ooh, that was so scary! ♪ (creepy music) ♪
(chains rattle) – Okay, he’s over there. Great. Come on, dude, come on.
Come on, baby. You can make it. – God, I wish I could just
take a nap in that bed right now. It’s bad timing, I know. – Poor guy with his leg.
That would hurt. Oh man, what is this room? ♪ (indication chime) ♪
– All right, a bottle. (inhales) Where’s he at? – I gotta throw this bottle.
I gotta distract him. Oh, [bleep], he’s coming this way. – (gasps) No, where did he go? (butcher growls)
(bottle shatters) – Go.
(chainsaw buzzes loudly) Now he’s distracted.
Now I think he thinks I’m over there. – Doesn’t help that I’m only on one leg. Keep going! (butcher growls)
– Oh come on! Go, go, go, go, go, go. I don’t remember where to go. – Come on, come on, duck, duck. Come on, you got this. You got this. – Come on.
(butcher snarls) Run! – Okay, he’s aware. (chainsaw buzzes)
With the eye on me. (door creaks)
Get through that door. – Where can I hide? Where can I hide? (butcher snarls)
Nowhere. (door creaks)
Keep going. Oh no, ew. This is so creepy. (butcher growls)
(loud bang) Oh-ho-ho-ho! Run! (loud bang)
– Oh, hell. Come on. – (Castellanos) Oh [bleep]!
– Throw the wheelchair or somethin’. – (Castellanos) Oh [bleep]!
– Oh [bleep] is right. Aaaah. – No way he’s just gonna let me go. – No-ho-ho-ho! – Move the bed! Climb over it.
(Castellanos groans in pain) Go, go, go. – He’s right there. There’s no way. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Go, man! Go. – Come on. Salvation is calling. (chainsaw buzzes) – I made it. – See ya. (chuckles) – (laughs nervously) Woo! – Hey, now. – Did I make it right now?
I did not make it right now. (gasps) In yo’ face, butcher man! – In real life, I’d still be
hanging on the hook. – (rapping) ♪ I’m a survivor ♪ ♪ I will not give up ♪ (laughs) – That was intense. That was intense. – It opens like a movie. – Now it looks like it
was a movie or something. – Very like the second
half of True Detective. ♪ (mellow music) ♪
– Ah, you guys… this is exhausting. – Either always against the clock
and something’s always chasing you. – Am I, like, that desensitized? Like, I really want it
to be gorier, bloodier, faster. – It’s pretty much like I was in a movie,
but it was the real deal. – (dramatically) “The Evil Within.”
Dun! Dun! Dun! – Thanks for watching us play
The Evil Within on the React channel. – Don’t forget to subscribe! There are now four
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Hit that like button. – Let us know what games
we should try next in the comments. – Bye! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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