ADLEY’s FIRST ROLLERCOASTER!! Family Fun Day and 45ft drop at the ultimate Amusement Park!
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ADLEY’s FIRST ROLLERCOASTER!! Family Fun Day and 45ft drop at the ultimate Amusement Park!

August 22, 2019

(upbeat music) (screaming) – [Dad] Whoooo! (upbeat electronic music) – We are going to Lagoon. Thought today would be
a perfect day to do that so we’re gonna surprise
Adley, pick up Shawn, surprise him ’cause he has no idea. And it’s just gonna be an
awesome, fun day, let’s go. Okay, start buckling. Hello Nicko-Bear. We’re going to Lagoon. (screams) Yeah! Are you excited? (baby babbling) We’re gonna ride some rides. Should we go surprise Daddy now? – Yes. Gonna go to Lagoon, gonna go to Lagoon. Gonna go to Lagoon, gonna go to Lagoon. Go, go, go, to the Lagoon. – [Mom] How do we want to do this? – Maybe scare Daddy. – [Mom] You wanna scare him? – Uh-huh, let’s go. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go in there. – Sneaky toes. – [Mom] Sneaky toes? Sneaky toes. There’s a window, don’t let
him see you, we gotta run fast. (eerie music) – [Adley] See you? – [Mom] No. (eerie music) – Boo! – Whoa! (laughs) Hey, what are you guys
doing here, you Stinker! You scared me. What are you doing at the SpaceStation? – We have a surprise that
we’re going to the Lagoon! – To the Lagoon? Is that the surprise? – Uh-huh. – What are we gonna do in the Lagoon? – Go ride roller-coasters. – Yes! Like this? (airplane engine) – Nope. – Not like that? – No. To the Lagoon! – Right now? – Yeah. – I’m working. – You got to go right now. – But I’m working. – We got to go to the Lagoon! – Maybe if we do my secret
handshake, then I’ll go. (thud) (thud) (thud) (thud) (clunk) (laughs) – Look, this is called the
SpaceStation roller-coaster. Hop on. You ready? You’re gonna have your feet– (laughs) All aboard the SpaceStation
roller-coaster. (engine revving) (shrieks) – [Mom] We’re gonna get
a snack, you finish up, and then we’ll go. – So we’re really going right now? – [Mom] Yeah. – We didn’t really plan
this, are we just sending it? – [Mom] Oh, I planned it. – You planned it, got it. – [Mom] Let’s go. – [Adley] I see the Lagoon! – [Dad] I see it too! (screams)
[Dad] Holy cow! This is gonna be so fun.
(laughs) Nana’s watching Nicko so
we can go on lots of rides. – Yes! Big rides. – Yeah, this is a Lagoon day for Adley. – Go on the whale ride! – The whale ride (laughs). – Yeah, the whale ride. She’s so exited. She has been a very, very, very good girl. Adley, do you want to tell
them why we’re going to Lagoon? – I did not pee in the
bed, or I didn’t wake up in the morning and yell for you guys. I just waited in my bed
and go back to sleep and then I, it’s green. – Yeah, that was a good explanation. She has a clock and she
can’t come out of her room until it’s green. She has stopped yelling
for us and waking up Nicko and doing that, and she
just patiently waits, huh? ‘Cause your a big kid. – Yes, and Nicko’s a baby. – [Dad] Yeah. So excited. You’re wearing your Harry Potter shirt? – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] Good idea. – You like my shirt? Vintage. – [Dad] Hey, that’s when you were born. Your vintage already? (laughs) Congrats. Two, three, whao! What? – She needs sunscreen. (film rewinds) – I’m like a white skeleton. – [Dad] Yeah, a white skeleton. – I didn’t realize this was so thick. – [Dad] It’s good, no sunburns. – [Mom] Yeah. – Let me see. (laughs) Babe watch this trick. Automatic neck sunscreen. (mom chuckles) Hi, now are you ready? – Yes! (roller-coaster zooming) – [Dad] We’re going
under a roller-coaster. Go! – I’m beating you, already! – Whoa. – [Dad] That was fast. – [Woman] All right, look
right here in three, two, one. (camera shutter) – All right your good. – [Dad] She did it. Okay Adley, you need to
do a picture now I think. You can do a crazy face. – [Woman] All right, Adley? (dad gasps) Look right here Adley. Smile, three, two, one. (camera shutters) All right, good smile. – [Dad] Yes. – Dadda. – [Dad] That’s you,
that’s funny, good job. – My hair’s all crazy. – [Mom] Your hair is crazy.
(Dad laughs) – [Cashier] Hi sweety, how are you? – [Dad] Good job, it’s her. – [Cashier] Have fun. – Should we run through the water? – [Dad] Oh, careful mom. Go, go, go. Go, go, go! (Dad screams) Oh no! (Adley screams) Let’s get out of here! We almost got trapped. Ooh, good pick Adley. Why did you pick this one? – ‘Cause I like SpaceStation Gaming. – Oh yeah? I love it too. She always picks black and gold things. (children shouting) – [Mom] How was your first ride? – Good. – [Dad] She went really high. – [Mom] Oh, there’s nobody
at Whales, let’s do Whales. – [Adley] Whales, fun. – Oh my gosh, she does love this one. (chuckles) I think she remembers
this being like crazy, and then she’s gonna be
like, this is not fun. – I bet she’ll still love it. – I don’t know, do you think
Adley’s gonna love the Whales or be like, eh, this is a baby ride. Guess we’ll see. – You know what she could do now? That big roller coaster. Do that. – Will that be her first roller-coaster? – Pretty much, yeah. – First roller-coaster,
it’s happening today. – I mean, she went on
those, but I don’t feel like that’s really a roller-coaster. – Nah, that’s not a roller-coaster. Those are like rocket fish, see? Rocket fish. Adley, are you ready? Are you gonna do it with your hands up? Both of them like that? – Yeah. – That be crazy. (laughs) Whoa, she throws her hands up.
(laughs) Adley’s such a ballah. – [Mom] Wohooo! – [Dad] Woo! – [Mom] Yeehaw! – Hands were up the whole ride. It’s next level, good job Adley. – I went on the black one
like SpaceStation Gaming. – [Dad] Good job. – Adley, do you remember
this ride and you’d get done and you’d go, “More, more.” – [Dad] Good job Adley! [Mom] More?
– [Dad] More. – [Dad] It was the cutest. – [Mom] I have a special one over here. – [Dad] Oh. (adventurous music) – Bro. – [Dad] You got the front? Wow. – She’s gonna be a first-time rider. – Her very first roller-coaster and you’re going on the front. – Yeah. – [Dad] Babe! Oh boy. – You ready? Hold on. Woohoo! (screaming) Was that fun? – It was fun. – Yeah Adley, good job! – Woohooo! Yeah! First roller-coaster, success. – [Dad] What’s the plan? – I want to go do it again. – [Dad] We’re doing it again?! – Yeah. – [Dad] Again?! – Yeah. – Are you sure? – Yeah. – All right, one more time. Here we go. Should we put our hands up? – Yeah. – Okay, hands up. Here we go! (screaming) Whoo! (children screaming) Whoo, that was crazy. Good job. – That was fun. – [Dad] Do you guys want
to do this and I’ll film? – Sure. – I don’t really like heights. (child screaming) Good luck. – [Ride Operator] Is everybody ready? Here we go. – [Dad] Ooohhh! (screaming) (laughing) – We survived! – We survived. – Oh! (Dad laughs) – [Dad] You’re going again?! – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, we’re going again. – Mom, you come with me. – [Dad] She wants you to go with her. Look at that picture, that’s amazing. These guys are all best
day ever havers-ers. You guys have best days ever? – Yeah. – Perfect, that’s what I like. Here’s your phone. – Thank you. – [Dad] Yep. – That’s what we’re gonna get on. (Dad laughs) – [Dad] His hat fell. Oh, they’re gonna get wet. Whoa. Should we do this one? – Yeah! – Yeah, don’t let your hat fall off. – [Dad] Okay, I won’t let my hat fall off. – Lets go! – [Dad] Is she tall enough? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Yes, good job Adley. – Whoa. – [Dad] Whoa! I think we’re gonna get wet. What if the Vlog gets wet? (chuckles) You guys gotta try to not get wet, okay? If it’s gonna get rainy, I’ll throw the Vlog over here.
(shouts) – No. – And you just protect it, okay? – [Mom] No. – We’re going in the (mumbles) oh! – [Dad] Oh no, okay. (screaming) Got me! Oh no Adley. (screaming) – My butt! – [Dad] We got toasted! Oh boy! (screaming) – Oh no, there’s the waterfall. – [Dad] It’s coming, what do we do? – I don’t know. – Here we go. (screaming) (laughing) – [Dad] That was crazy, good job guys. – Yeah
(smack) – [Kid] Have the best day ever! – [Dad] Have the best day ever! I like your wet butt babe. – I know, it’s soaked. – [Dad] Hey were are you going? Is that the shortcut? – Yeah. – [Dad] What kind of ice
cream are you gonna get? – Maybe green. Green ice cream, green ice
cream, green ice cream. One colorful one. – Okay, could we do one colorful one? – [Mom] What do you say Adley? – Thank you. – [Dad] Thank you. We’re twinners, cheers. (boing) (upbeat music) We found a peacock, just chilling. They’re pretty cool. I don’t know if you know this. I know this ’cause they’re peacocks. They were in my house growing up, but they make this weird
meowing cat noise (meows). It’s weird, I don’t know,
Brandon’s try to find the peacock screech. (screeches) Or maybe this guy will just screech. Hey, will you screech real quick? Just one? Like a meow? Nope. Do you want to do boats
or cars or airplanes? – Boats! (bells dinging) – [Dad] Ooh, purple. Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Whoa. – [Dad] Whoa. (bells dinging) This is so fun, last
time she was here she was so little in that boat. – She could barely reach that bell. – I know. Hey! I think we can have lots
of best days ever here. We got season passes. – And they have like
a Halloween theme too. When that comes up. – Oh my gosh so in like five months? We can film that. – Yeah, or at three. (doing) – Three, I want to bring Nicko too. – That would be fun. I don’t think he can ride any. – He won’t ride anything but
I he’d have fun, probably. – He could go on the
trains, sit in my lap. – We just talked for a
whole lap, she’s back. Hey! (bell dinging) (dad laughs) How fun. – Cute. – Day is what we seek out in the ocean. (clears throat) and today we’re going to the
Lagoon and that’s exciting and look at all the wind. All the wind. And we’re going to the Lagoon
and it’s gonna be so fun.

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  1. Hi shonduras my name is hunter hicks I love ur guys vlogs and I am subscribed I live about 1 and a half hours away from u in Preston idaho and I also have a season pass to lagoon and have ridden bombora

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  3. It’s not her first rollercoaster, I remember you have one best day ever when Jenny and Adley goes on a rollercoaster and Adley is making that scared face!! Hahaha the funniest thing i’ve seen!!!

  4. Oh my gosh!! This was sooo cute!! I just got from a month long summer camp and we weren’t allowed to have our phones:( I love Adley soooo much she is soo pretty and she’s also super smart!

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