Adley Surprises Grandma with an iPad (sshhhhhh its a secret)
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Adley Surprises Grandma with an iPad (sshhhhhh its a secret)

August 31, 2019

– Love you.
– I love you! Are you sharing the love? (upbeat music) We got a little sharer back
here, sharing the love. We are rolling up on Grandma and Grandpa’s house now.
– I love you Dad. – What?
– I love you more. – I love you more.
– I love you more. – One, two, three, yeehaw, a bear riding a bear. – [Woman] Hi Niko-bear, hi! Welcome to the vlog. – Have you guys ever
seen a bear ride a bear? Hey you don’t have your hoodie on. – [Woman] Hi Niko go! (baby noises) – [Woman] His little growls. – [Dad] Where are we going bears? Up the stairs, here we go. (laughing) Good job guys. I missed this guy, I was gone yesterday, guess where I went, where was I?
Do you know? – At the mountain – The mountain, I went on our guys trip, we go snowmobiling once a
year, it was really fun. – [Woman] Did you film it? – I filmed some stuff,
we rode a timbersled, it’s like a motorcycle
snowmobile, it was really fun. I put a cool video and some
pictures on my Instagram, I’ll pop some up right
here, do do do, see fun! Go look at the video on my Instagram (upbeat music) Wow, pretty good best day ever up here. I’ll film a little bit today and show you guys how cool
it is up at the cabin. (motor revving) Trav’s first time on the timbersled. (motor revving) (inspirational upbeat music) – Sorry! – [Woman] Hadley, I have an idea, let’s show the vlog that you can do your backflip on the purple thing. – Yeah, let’s go. – We’ve been practicing this. – [Dad] Whoa you’re missing it, look. Holy cow. – [Woman] Woohoo good job. – Have you guys seen Niko’s? Watch Nikos. – [Woman] Ah don’t you dare, okay. – Oh my gosh, whoa, I got. Whoo-hoo – Good job crazy. – Watch this. – [Woman] That’s good. – Oh you can spin on your stomach, should we show them Niko’s trick? – Yeah.
– Okay watch this, ready? Oo good trick Koopa. – [Woman] Oh wait, this is our trick. Ready? Oh he got up by himself. – Can you stand up?
– Look at you big boy, you’re such a big boy. – [Dad] He’s so proud of himself Niko, you’re doing it all by yourself! – You’re standing on your own – [Dad] Olive good trick, wow, look at all of us just
doing tricks right now. Should we go show them the basement guys? – Guys we can’t go in the basement. – We need a basement update. – Why? – Because they’re painting. – RIP you don’t get a basement update. – We’ll touch the walls and then they’ll have to come and paint again. – [Dad] Is that true Adley? (laughing) Okay so guys what are we doing today? We have an entire day of fun. Baby Bear’s just barely getting better, last vlog he was really sick.
– He was really sick. He’s been getting better
the past couple of days but he still has a cough – [Girl] Watch this, watch this – [Dad] Whoa, this is
gonna be Adley’s new bed but she has to go 100%
potty trained at night, she’s not there yet, huh? – Yep, let me show you
what my bed I want is Mommy, hand me your phone (laughter) – [Dad] You’re gonna show
them what bed you want? – Yeah.
– Okay you look that up. – [Dad] You just going through
Pinterest looking for beds? – [Woman] Oh boy, oh boy. – I found it. – [Dad] Okay let’s see
it, that is so cute. – I want that one please. – What, she just told me
she did not want that. – Truly wonderful the mind of a child is. – [Dad] Over here everybody,
oh you’re gonna film? – Yeah. – [Dad] We found something to do, we’re gonna try and get Niko to crawl. – [Mom] He’s doing pretty
good, you want this? – [Dad] Get the phone, get the phone. – [Mom] Come on. – [Dad] Come get the phone
here, come on, get it. – [Mom] Adley, do you remember
how we got you to crawl? – [Adley] Yeah. – [Mom] How did we get you to crawl? – [Adley] I don’t know. – [Mom] With keys, you
always wanted Mommy’s keys Look who’s crawling. – [Dad] Come on Niko, crawl, push. – He can definitely crawl backwards and he can go in circles for sure. – He kinda just like flops around but he doesn’t really move forward. Well we tried, didn’t get
a title and thumbnail. Next idea, what should we do now? – So close. – [Dad] He’s so close. – [Mom] Oh oh oh! – Nope, next fun thing. – Next fun thing, we
just put Adley to bed. That’s like our favorite fun thing. We actually ended up doing nothing today, we just stayed at the house and relaxed and played games with
Adley and played with toys and played with Niko and
we just had tons of fun but we did come up with a
really fun thing for tomorrow. (paper ripping) – Babe. – It was supposed to be
cool, look what we got an iPad case and an iPad,
what are we doing with it? – We are going to
surprise Shawn’s grandpa. – During Christmas time, we
were talking to my grandma and grandpa, how do you open this? There’s like no– – You just gotta dig a
fingernail on to here. – Let me tell you about
grandma and grandpa, this is Mom Durrese’s mom and dad and I actually grew up with
them in this same house Grandma taught me how to read, she was a schoolteacher did you know that? – So, I did know that. – She taught me how to
spell bed because it’s B E D and the b is like the
headboard and the d is like the footboard, that’s how you
remember how to spell bed. – Yeah that’s true. – So I grew up with her and my grandpa and I have so many good memories
of them because for three or four summers, I had to
go up to my grandpa’s farm I spent the whole summer there, we would push sprinklers around,
cut weeds out of the field they have this fence that’s
like I don’t know how many miles long and every post
on the fence there was like three fence thing and every
post needed washers and then like nuts or bolts. what’s the difference
between nuts and bolts? – A nut is a thing that holds the bolt. – Yeah the bolt is the thing
so the bolt is in the fence and then there’s a washer
and then I’d put the nuts on and there was six of them per post and there was miles and miles of posts – This is a true story, so the
first time I went up to this cabin, Shawn’s like go ahead
and take a look at this fence here, I was like uh okay it’s a cool fence he’s like every single and
bolt and nut and washer, I put on there by hand
and it took me forever. – False, I didn’t put the bolts in, my grandpa put the bolts
in, I put the washers. – Okay but he just was like
I did this whole thing. – I did. – I almost got bit by a rattle snake. – So many times, my
grandpa’s dog saved my life. – And I was a big cowboy. – And I did want to be a cowboy, I probably have mentioned this before but I wanted to be a cowboy
so bad, my very first tape ever because that was before CDs, my very first musical
thing that played music was a tape of Garth Brooks and I wanted to be a country singer. Anyways, the point about all this stuff is I absolutely love my
grandma and grandpa Allen. During a Christmas time,
we were talking to them about what they were doing
and my grandma’s like well we watch a lot of
cowboy videos and Jazz games then back to cowboy videos
then Jazz games and take naps. – They eat, take naps, and watch cowboy. – And they have old phones
like ones without screens like the flip phones and
so they don’t even FaceTime and we wanna FaceTime them with the kids because that’s really fun
and we want them to be able to watch The Best Days Ever
and we want them to be able to follow all the family on
Instagram, like all our cousins and my sisters and mom Duress,
so Grandma and Grandpa. (trumpet noise) You just got your first iPad,
we are gonna load this up with all the numbers from
everyone in the family so they can start FaceTiming everyone,
we’re gonna put on Instagram, we’re gonna put on YouTube,
make sure you’re following Adley’s channel and our channel
and then I think my grandma likes playing like Bejewled
or stuff like that. – And then we’ll put on a lot
of addicting games for ya. – Yeah exactly and we got this
cute pink case for my grandma Grandpa, hopefully you like
pink because I don’t know, we just thought of Grandma
when we bought the case. – All cowboys like pink. – Well it’s because it matched the iPad that’s why we did it. – That’s like a Rose Gold. – It’s Rose Gold, Grandma,
you’ve got your Rose Gold iPad. – That’s pretty pretty. – We should get her AirPods,
could you imagine my Grandma walking around with AirPods,
she’d be the coolest grandma on the block, anyway we
gotta get all this set up and download the apps and
follow people and tomorrow, we’re gonna go surprise Grandma
and Grandpa with the iPad we’ll get Adley and
probably bring Mom Durres, you guys can come too. – Show her how to use it. – It’s gonna be really fun, I’m excited okay Grandma surprise
coming in three, two, one. – I love you. – [Dad] I love you, are
you sharing the love? We got a little share back
here, sharing the love. We are rolling up on
Grandma and Grandpa’s house. – [Adley] I love you
guys, I love you more! – [Dad] I love you more. – I love you more. – [Dad] Let me see your hands. – Alright, we’re rolling
up on Grandma and Grandpa’s neighborhood, we just
called to make sure they are home and they said yep we’re
just hanging out, come say hi. – All these houses look the same, I don’t know which one it is. – Uh we’re a little lost
here, I probably should have driven, drove, drived,
have you ever wondered why Jenny always drives, because
she doesn’t like my driving. – It’s ’cause Shawn sucks at driving. – Exactly, but I’m okay
with it, she doesn’t like my driving, cool I’ll just
vlog and use my phone and be along for the ride, you know? Adley we’re here, I used to
mow this lawn every single week for like five years of my life. Me and this lawn, we’re best friends and Jenny just pulled up onto the curb, we’re here, now what are we gonna do? – Surprise. – [Dad] The surprise,
what’d we get Grandma? Do you remember? – iPad. – [Dad] Oh, so she can
watch your Adley videos huh? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay let’s go. – Do you think she knows how to use it? – I’m gonna guess no. – [Mom] We’re gonna have to teach her. – [Dad] Do you want to hold the surprise? – Yeah. – [Dad] Okay be so careful, okay lets go. – Cheerios. – Yeah, we wrapped it in a Cheerios box. Hello doggies, we’re here, hi doggies. – [Grandma] Hi little guy. – [Dad] Hey Grandpa. – Hello. – How are ya?
– I’m wonderful. – [Grandma] Pictures, you
might wanna see some of them. – [Dad] A picture frame? – [Grandma] Yeah. – [Dad] Hey Nana’s here,
should we go get Nana? Come on let’s go, we’ll be right back. – Yeah, we’ll be right back, hi Nana. – [Dad] Hey Nana. – Hi you, how you doing,
hey how you doing mijo. – [Dad] I’m great, it’s
awesome being in this house, like I said, I like grew
up in this house so there’s lots of memories, let me
show you one memory in here this used to be like 70s
wallpaper and my grandma put me in timeout here
once and I ripped down all the wallpaper, she was mad, this is our family wall,
everyone in the family look at those cuties, Grandma,
I was just telling the vlog when I went to the
bathroom and ripped down all the wallpaper, you remember that? – Yes, you got put in the
bathroom to be disciplined your mother put you in the bathroom. – I ripped down all the wallpaper, I disciplined you guys,
teach you to discipline me I was probably Adley’s age. – [Nana] You were. – [Dad] And I was a little stinker. Alright Grandma have a seat,
you gotta open your present open your surprise. – Open it. – Oh my goodness what is this? – [Dad] Your very own iPad. – Oh my goodness. – [Dad] Yep. – [Grandma] I’ve wanted
one for a long time. – [Dad] She’s so excited,
we already opened it up and we got it all set up so
you can watch Adley’s videos and you can watch our family videos and you can follow everyone
on Instagram and see what they’re doing, we’ve got
a cute picture of you with all your daughters. – [Grandpa] Yes that’s nice. (happy music) – It’s a closer, Adley helped
pick it out because it’s pink you just put it on that
and then that closes. – Oh look at that. – So its just protected and
then you’re good to go and then when you open it up, push it. – There we are. – We just AirDropped so all
these we are my dads phone he AirDropped them all
over here so now they’re on yours, look at all those old pictures look, Grandpa skiing. – [Grandpa] I was skiing. – You were skiing, I like it. I went riding up at
Allen Peak the other day. – You did? – I did, its safe for
snowboarding and skiing over there now, the ski patrol patrols it, they make sure it’s avalanche
safe and everything. – There’s no longer a
marker there is there? – Yeah there’s still a
marker, there’s a big cabin that says all about Allen
Peak, I took a picture I’ll show ya, Lawrence
Allen, so is he your brother? – He was in an avalanche. – Yep thanks to him, thanks
to him he made snow basin all scouted out and now
we all get to go ride it so that’s pretty cool. That’s grandma when she was a baby. – 21 months probably around there. – Wow, look this is me, I
should recreate this picture get a red shirt and some
suspenders, leave a comment if you want me to recreate this. Wow, Grandpa in a fighter jet. – A T-33. – I used to fly. – You used to fly jets. – Yeah. – I didn’t know that. – Is that a jet? Was T-33 a jet? – Well I don’t know the
difference between a jet. Oh and Teddy, guys this
is the dog that saved me from a rattlesnake. – That was Grandpa’s favorite dog. – [Dad] Right there, Teddy,
I told them how I put the nuts and bolts on the fences
and we ran into a rattlesnake and I was cornered and it
was hissing and I didn’t know what to do and Teddy came
up and rar took it out. These are all moms. – [Nana] That’s me. – [Dad] Look at that, that’s my mamma. – [Nana] That was when I was a sophomore. – [Dad] Look at Nana
when she was in school you can do the video
thing, see that video? – Oh yeah? – So you hit the video
so right now its calling, this is calling Smorstrol. – Hi Grandma. – Hi Sarah. – We just got Grandma an
iPad so she can FaceTime now there’s Smorstrol. – This is called Happy
Color, it’s a coloring book. – [Dad] And you color every single day. – Oh my gosh, I’m addicted. – My mom colors on her iPad every day. – I gotta show them. – [Dad] Are you proud of these paintings? – Oh they’re so fun,
this is what I’ve done. – [Dad] You painted all of those. – [Nana] I colored them. – Now I know where I got
my Snapchat artistry from. – So then you have to, you
can do it like, there’s one. – Bye grandma. – Come here love. – Group hug. – Bye bye sweetie. – You’re a sweetheart. – You guys have fun with the
iPad, you’ve gotta call us their ceiling is so low I
bet you could walk on it hey you’re walking on the
ceiling, are you crazy. – Good bye Mama. – Bye. – Bye. (upbeat music) (paper ripping) – Babe. – [Male Voice] It was
at this moment he knew. – Be cool.

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