Adjusting a Hunter Rotor: Rotor Right Stop Adjustment
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Adjusting a Hunter Rotor: Rotor Right Stop Adjustment

November 15, 2019

So in adjusting the right stop of the PGP
or any Hunter rotary sprinkler, it might be necessary to access a little
bit lower on the sprinkler than you normally would. For instance, the top body cap
area. So I’ve gone ahead and cut a little circle of grass out right here and
I’m going to remove that to expose the lower portions of the
sprinkler and the body cap to make the adjustments a little bit easier. Let’s start with identifying some of the
parts here on top the sprinkler. The first part I want to point out is the raised
rubber arrow and that lines up with the nozzle, which
is where the water comes out of the sprinkler. That’s the
point which would be adjusted to the right or to the left. The center piece here is used with the
plastic end of the key and that’s to simply lift up the
sprinkler up out of the inner body. The other adjustment here is the plus or
minus adjustment. Now that only works with the plastic key to adjust the left
stop. The left stop is where the sprinkler stops at on the left hand side before
returning. The right stop is where the sprinkler
stops at when it comes around to the right hand side. So once again the left stop is only
adjustable with the key, but the right stop I’ve got a
couple of ways for you to do it. So let’s start out by putting the rotor key
inside the slot, turning it a quarter turn and raising up
the inner assembly. Now we know the water in the nozzle is
right here and we’re going to start by going towards the
left. We’ll see it stops a little bit short of where we want it to be. That’s fine. We can adjust that here with
the plus and minus, but when we spin the turret back, we notice that the right stop is well
short of the one eighty where we want to be. So we can spin to the left. There’s our left
stop. And to the right is our right stop. So
what we’ll do is first, to make the right stop go
farther to the right, let’s try and turn the entire sprinkler
tighter onto the lower inner assembly. Now you can
see I’ve got my right arrow lined up on the right hand side but our left stop is still well short of
where we want it to be, but at least the right arrow is lined up where we want it. So I’ll take my key, pop it in the slot and I’ll go in the positive direction
and you’ll see now we’re going farther to the left. Go a little bit more in the positive
and I’ve gone too far that time as you can see. So I’ll come back, then go a little bit
minus and spin it to the right and to the left and that’s where we want
to be. So that’s one way to adjust the sprinkler. So in the prior example we were able to
adjust the right stop simply by tightening the entire head onto the lower plumbing to where the
right arrow, that right stop, lined up where we
wanted it to. But in the case if you tighten the entire head and it does not
want to move any farther, like you’ll see here. This right stop is
stopping at about here and it’s well short. The left
stop is OK, but the right stop is stopping short of
the 180. So in this instance when you cannot
tighten the entire sprinkler over to your right stop, what we’ll do is
loosen the entire top outer cap and pull the inner assembly out. Now at
that point in time, what we’re going to do is make sure that
the rotor has spun all the way to the right stop
until it stops. Now we know that turret is all the way
to the right. Now at that point in time, we can take
the entire inner assembly and hover over the inner
assembly or over the body cap, excuse me,
and we’re going to drop the inner assembly so that the arrow is lined up on the
right stop, right where we want it. At that moment,
we can screw down the body cap and you’ll notice our right stop stayed in place.
We’ll take our key, raise it up, and our left stop is
incorrect but the right stop is good to go. So now we
can go out, use the key and adjust towards the plus direction, which
is the left stop. Little bit back on the minus and we
should be just about right. There’s our right stop and there’s our left stop. Keep in mind these adjustment methods are utilized
across the entire Hunter rotor line.

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  1. Wow! Pretty confusing video! Not sure how to make the adjustments. Does anyone else confused? Watch this three times and try it and it did not work! Now it goes more into the driveway then the lawn. Spend about a hour trying to fix my rotor but it just made it worse. Now I use a dripping hose to water my lawn!

  2. Sorry to hear that this video did not make adjusting your rotor easier for you. If you would still like assistance you can feel free to call our technical services group at 760-591-7383 and they would be happy to walk you through it.

  3. I work with Hunters everyday and this actually helped me a little as I did not ever know of the second technique which can come in quite handy at times. The Hunter channel is one of the most informative on youtube. Please keep posting vids!!!

  4. Thank you.  As a single woman, I pay my landscaper $55/year to adjust the sprinkler heads.  If I see brown spots and call him back, I may have to pay additional.  This video really helped.  It took a few views and some trial and error to understand the "right side" concept and how all arc adjustment must follow the right side.  I did have some difficulty moving it.  But in the end, I learned something and feel confident that I can perhaps tackle replacing heads when necessary.  One thing I am noticing. .. When the system shuts down, the head takes about 2 minutes to slow to a stop and then it needs to be pushed down.  Is this normal or is there a way to fix this as well?

  5. Outstanding video. After viewing, I was able to achieve what our association landscapers could not for the last 5 years. Now the heads on my property are all properly aimed. Thank you Hunter Industries.

  6. aargh.  After first method didn't work, I tried the 2nd method, but, the whole assembly unscrews.  I can't get the outer assembly screwed back onto the plumbing barehanded because there's nothing to grasp.  Do I have to dig a big circle up to where I can hold the outer assembly while unscrewing the inner assembly?

  7. Congrats for making a product that is so ridiculously complicated, that I am taking all of mine out and putting in impacts. And I have 17 stations and tons of sprinklers. I should NOT have to go thru all this just to make some simple adjustments.

  8. Hello xlaurenstephens. We apologize for the trouble. We have a very helpful technical support team that would be able to help you troubleshoot over the phone. For technical assistance, please feel free to reach out to them at +1 760-591-7383.

  9. Doesn't work that way for me… I turned the turret all the way right with the arrow point at my starting point, then I turned left. Left stop was too short so I adjusted the screw + direction for the left stop, but when I turn the turret back to the right the arrow has moved beyond the original start point.  It's like turning the +/- screw makes an equal (divided) adjustment between both the right and left stops. 5 heads… all the same.

  10. Hello Alps Diorama. Please contact the Hunter Technical Support Team at 800-733-2823 between 6am and 4pm PST Monday through Friday. Your questions will be best answered on the phone.

  11. The problem with this video is that it doesn't follow the directions on your site.  The directions on the site state that all arc adjustments for the +/- must be made with the turret turned all the way to the right stop.  In the video he doesn't do that.  He adjusts the +/- with the nozzle pointed in all different areas.  Which is right?

  12. I had been struggling with my Hunter heads after trying to follow the directions that came with purchase, but fortunately I found this video and finally I was able to put it all together in my head, and made all adjustments in 5 minutes, after what had been hours of frustration. Thank you for this video.

  13. I did not find this video useful. My hunter sprinkler is moving too far to the right (eg, the right stop is too far to the right). In this video, Mike does not show you how to fix that. He only shows you how to move the sprinkler further to the right. Frustrating.

  14. Hello Hunter,
    The rotor that was installed in the corner of the grass next to the driveway has been driven over by a truck.  While the sprinkler head is not damaged in any way and is still fully functional, it has put a tilt in the canister and is no longer vertical (or 90° from the horizontal ground).  When the rotor has water pressure behind it and it pops up, it is at about a 75° angle which throws off the arc and it sprays directly into the ground about about 2 or 3 feet away from the rotor.  While I could adjust the arc, it would still be a bit wonky.
    How do you recommend I fix the tilted canister?  Do I need to dig it up and fix the angle when I put the ground back around it?  I am afraid that, if I did too deep, I will cut into the water lines.  Do you have a diagram of how the water lines are hooked up to the canisters?

  15. I'm replacing all my rotor heads with Hunters. Just completed the first station with 7 heads. Replacing Nelsons and Rain Birds could not have gone any easier. The adjustment is so simple with the Hunters. Thanks for a great product looking forward to the next station being replaced.

  16. Thanks so much for this video! I just bought three of these sprinklers to replace weathermatics and was stumped
    on how to adjust them.

  17. Best Video yet on how to adjust a Hunter PGP. questions for Hunter in regards to the Head and Assembly that sits in the Cavity/Container piece. Is there a rubber gasket that could corrode after 10 years? One of my sprinkler heads was spraying water from this area causing low pressure output at the nozzle. Ensuring it was free from debris and no visible cracks, I was unable to hand tighten enough to prevent leak. Another unit I have, I am unable to unscrew the assembly. Thinking they were not to be opened, I was able to minimize leaking in the first unit by over tightening it with pipe wrench and vice. (using caution not to crack or damage the unit) How tight should it be? Thanks!

  18. Thanks for a Great Video.
    To me the instructions that come with the head is not very helpful, nothing written just confusing pictures.
    Now I adjust them like a pro.

  19. Dude, I have been looking for this video for ages!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do it. Good job. Thanks, Chuck

  20. Performance of the sprinkle is a none issue, but the adjustment tool? How does a home owner aquire the tool if they are the 2nd owner of the home and need to make adjustments?

  21. Hi I was wondering if the pgj models with a check valve have a dark gray turret and the ones without a check valve have a standard black turret and also do you make i20 06 ss prb models?

  22. mine is performing a full 360. i used the drop method to set the right but nothing with the key sets the left. it just makes a clicking noise when i turn the key?

  23. Does the builder provide the key for the adjustment of the rotor? We don't have any. Where can we buy one? I just want to adjust the left stop.

  24. that was a great explanation! my ex thought he knew what he was doing rather than looking on YouTube and ruined my my sprinkler heads!

  25. So I have a weird issue with my home sprinkler system:  When a valve shuts off, seals and the heads go back into the ground the water pipes starts thumping under the ground and in the house.  It gets so bad that other zones open due to the pressure getting forced back through the system.  What might be the issue there?

  26. That was the simplest instructional video I have seen in regards to this adjustment. I would have loved to have seen this video first and not wasted my time on others. Thank you!

  27. Omg this was so helpful for a sprinkler newbie! Thank you for saving me $$ and not needing to call a landscaper!!! DIY is the best!

  28. Thank you. Great help. I've got one head where the tool simply can't locate the square hole to adjust the radius. Any thoughts. I'm assuming it's clogged with debris.

  29. Any tips on cleaning/replacing the spray nozzle ?
    One nozzle on the rotor head just refuses to deliver the water even though the head pops up. The other two rotors in the station sequence work fine.
    Thank you!

  30. I've replaced several of my sprinkler heads with these Hunter PGPs. Oddly enough, a couple of them actually adjusted in the opposite manner reported in this video and in the instructions. In other words, I had to physically set the left stop and the adjustment key is what was used to set the right stop. It took me forever to finally figure out what was going on. Once I realized I had to do everything opposite of this video, then I was readily able to make the appropriate stops. A lot of time wasted!

  31. Excellent video – I should have watched this before going out and trying to set them while they were running 😉

  32. This is really great and exact. I was trying to follow the instruction that comes with the product but to no avail. I am actually planning to return it today but would defer doing it after I saw this video.

  33. Thanks to this video I now have a handle on those pesky sprinklers I've been baffled by ever since they were installed. ?

  34. I have had mine for years and never realized you can adjust these when the water is off…..I get soaking wet everytime I mess with my system.
    Nothing like a beached whale running out of the way of the sprinkler. My neighbors must get a good laugh.
    Good Video Thanks

  35. When you grab and twist the sprinkler barrel at 1:55 is there a possibility twisting it clockwise might damage the sprinkler in any way?

  36. The method of unscrewing the top and rotating the innards doesn't work for me. The next time the water is turned on the head rotates a random amount clockwise, giving a new fixed right side location. Rotating the whole body works. Ideally you are rotating a small amount clockwise so you can rotate by the top and not have to excavate the body to get a grip. Somebody mentioned grabbing the popup and rotating while running. Also didn't work for me. Same problem.

  37. To anyone out there, a word of warning: in this video the large, black plastic ring he unscrews at 3:20 to remove the inner barrel/sprinkler riser loosens up with hardly any effort. IF this same ring on your Hunter I-20 sprinkler head has not been removed in a long time, there is a high probability that as you crank on the ring counterclockwise to loosen it, instead of "only" the ring coming loose, the ENTIRE sprinkler, (meaning the inner barrel/sprinkler riser, the ring AND the outer barrel) may come loose from your water feed line below the entire sprinkler assembly. How do I know? This happened to me today when trying to remove the inner barrel to set the right stop of the arc. I then put the entire sprinkler assembly in a vise and tried to loosen the ring with a pair of channel-locks. No dice. I then tried loosening the ring using 2 channel-locks gripping the ring and the outer barrel. Still no dice. The bottom line is I couldn't get the ring off (to remove the inner barrel/riser) without crushing / completely destroying the outer barrel. When I called Hunter Tech Support the guy I talked to said that in order to NOT have the entire sprinkler assembly come loose he digs down BELOW the ring and puts a pair of channel-locks on the outer barrel and then twists (either by hand or a second pair of channel-locks) the ring loose. Bottom line: be prepared for the ring on your sprinkler to NOT come loose as easy as in this video. Sorry for the long post but maybe this will help someone out there.

  38. Excellent video!!  The trickiest part is the Hunter instructions do not inform you how to adjust the fixed right stop in correct position before you go ahead and adjust the arc via the left stop adjustment..  took me 3 mins after watching this video

  39. I wish that I would have watched the whole video before adjusting the right stop because when you said to turn the entire head to the right…I forced it and broke it. I wish that I didn't pause the video right after that part and watched where you instructed that if it doesn't want to turn, then unscrew the outer cap and pull out the inner assembly and turn it to the right where you want the arrow to point then screw outer cap back on. I jumped the gun…my fault. Good video though, thanks.

  40. FINALLY!! Thank you for the great video.
    Probably should have the right stop adjustment info in the owners manual. Just saying.

  41. Thanks. This video is extremely clear and understandable. A very lazy sprinkler tech did not adjust me neighbor's heads this spring an they are quite far off.

  42. Thanks for the great video. I tried adjusting the screw, but nothing happens. Is the pathway to the screw just filthy? I am guessing this sprinkler hasn’t been used in ages.

  43. Wish I read about this 10 years ago! I thought the only way to adjust the right stop was digging up the sprinkler head again! So simple to see how easy it is to simply unscrew the top, feel like such a fool

  44. No offense, but turning the sprinkler barrel (the turret) clockwise within the body works great, unless it's already turned just as tight as it will go and then forcing it to go even further clockwise (tight) then strips the threads and you now just caused a leak at the very bottom of the sprinkler. In this case, you're extremely lucky if you don't have to replace the joint within the sprinkler line itself. Other than that, nice video.

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