Adding A Non Steam Game to Steam Tutorial
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Adding A Non Steam Game to Steam Tutorial

February 23, 2020

how is it going guys!! This is thec0re3 from fighting games online .info and today I’m basically just going over tutorials for adding non steam games to steam and you might ask exactly why you would want to do such a thing and there is a good reason if you’re familiar with PSN or if
you’re familiar with XBOX Live both of those your able to add friends and when you add them you’re alerted to when they come online and you also know what games they are playing when you come online and steam work the same way it alerts you and.. also lets your friends know exactly
what game you’re playing so, adding a non steam game the same thing to happen where you’ll be alerted and people will know what game(application) you’re playing okay, so here, I have an example of a game that recently was released. A
new version released for the game that makes it a playable online. It’s super
smash flash 2 it’s a fan-made game and so just to show you I’m going to hit
play and the game’s gonna start now, I want to direct your attention to down here on the right bottom hand corner where you
see.. my steam icon and you’ll notice the box is green. Originally it was blue.. and it will return to that color when I come out of the game so I’ve come out the game and of course the box turns back
to blue the other things I wanted to point out was that if you go over my icon you’ll notice that it… kinda silly with the mouse touching you’ll notice that it says non steam game.. super smash flash 2 so it will tell you the type of game I’m playing and it will show that I’m in-game so let’s go ahead and add another game or in this case an application let’s say that you have GGPO or Supercade or.. any other application.. that basically plays games you can add to the steam library so you’ll just come down here to the bottom left and you go to + add a game and go to add a non-steam game now, you’re going to get a bunch of applications so most likely you’ll have to browse for the game that you wanna to add as you can see I’m looking but can’t find what I want to add so for this example.. I’ll go ahead and add the recent emulator that I did a tutorial for which is the demul 5.6 and that is in.. that is on my F drive under emulators and so what you’re looking for is the execution file the .exe so anytime you’re looking to add something you must make sure its through your .exe file. sometimes it can be different but most if not all of the time its .exe so you’re just gonna hit open once you’ve done that, the program will appear at the top of the list and you just have to hit add selected program so once you’ve done that you can come over here to games and you’ll notice that demul is now playable and you can name it what you want by right-clicking and going to properties and put whatever you feel like that can maybe get folks attention let’s say you plan to play a particular game on demul usually I’ll play… Capcom Vs Snk 2 🙂 so I put the name in and just hit close.. and essentially that’s what will come up when your friends are alerted that your in-game so if I hit play we can come look at our icon you can see it’s a non steam game and it says Capcom Vs Snk 2 so that’s one approach that you might
want to take to. let your friends know what your playing and the great thing about steam is there a lot of communities out there that have groups for non steam games and that is what’s nice about steam there very open to any community that wants to get some sort of forum started for a game that is PC compatible okay so that’s basically it I just wanted to let people know about that hopefully people will be interested in using it only thing that I can’t be for sure about is how this might effect gameplay on and offline one more thing I’d like to mention for people who are familiar with steam it will also add the steam interface in the non-steam game *music plays* so you’ll be able to access the steam community and friend list *smash bros. theme* so that is just something I wanted to show I think its.. very useful definitely believe more people should take advantage of it so go ahead and try it out! enjoy it, have fun, and take it easy!!

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