Addictive Android Games 2016
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Addictive Android Games 2016

September 10, 2019

Hi guys this is Gibson, back with another
video and today lets take a look at the top 5 addictive android games
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to make more videos for you guys with that being said lets get back to the
video at number 5 we have infinity loop
after a stressful day if you are looking for something which you can relax and play
or maybe you want to play something simple you should definitely try infinite loop
you just have to connect all the lines and corners and make perfect connections. its very simple and time killing
if you like breaking things rather than connecting theres a mode called dark more
where you have to disconnect all the connections and not leaving a single piece conneccted. at number 4 comes timberman
the game is very simple to play you just have to chop the wood and avoid all
the branches chop the wood as fast as you can
there is a speedmeter at the top which fills up as you chop the wood faster
if you get slower or stop the the speedmeter runs away and you will
die next game on the list is flappy golf 2
when you mix flappy bird and golf you get this insanely addictive game flappy golf
this game contains all the courses of super stick man golf 3
all you need to do is flap towards the hole and complete the course in as few flaps as
possible to earn stars the game also contains local and online multiplayer
to play with your friends the second game on the list is high risers
its an endless game bounce of the walls
jump and go on the next floor u need to go as high as you can and make a
high score at number 1 we have pacman 256
if you loved the original pacman you will definitely like this game
pacman 256 puts you into an endless maze you need to collect dots,power-ups while avoiding
enemy ghosts along with the power pellets there are various
powerups which can be used to attack the ghosts.
and beaware of the glitch if you stop for too long the glitch will eat
you and end the game so thats all
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