ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER (Channel Trailer 2018)
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ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER (Channel Trailer 2018)

November 16, 2019

Jeremy: It’s not gonna make it.
(guitar) (slam)
(yelling) Gav: Oh my god! Geoff: Hey, what’s up everybody? It is Geoff from Achievement Hunter Garbo: ABUAGHBUAGH
(laughter) (thump off bookshelf)
(bigger thump onto ground)
(yelling) Jack: Ow, God, my glasses (screaming) Jeremy: This is a really bad time to mention i’m afraid of heights. (laughter behind camera) Gav: Hey Jeremy
J: hey
Gav: alright well, this is a GTA let’s play with face cams just for that joke Ryan: bring me the head of a gamer! (bouncy balls fall)
(background yelling) (excited giggling) (more giggling) Michael: HUUUUUU (laughing) Ryan: Really get you going to court Jeremy: Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!
(laughing) Toad: Hey, Mario!
Mario: oh shit! (Geoff screaming) (thwip)
(yelling) (laughing) Lindsay: Welcome to the chaos corner (michael doot-dooting) Gav: hi
Matt: Damn we’re not good at this
Michael: We suck, it’s fucking hard BAAAAAAAH BAH BAH BAAAAAAAAAH BAH BAH BAAAAAAAAAAAH BAH BAH BAAAAAH Jeremy: Oh no, it’s caught in my chest hair (scream of anguish)
(others laughing) Jeremy: blblblblblbl
Geoff: ABLBLBLBLBLBL I got this Alfredo: WHO’S BEEN CARRYING YOU THROUGH THIS GODDAMN RAID??? (Jack laughing) Trevor: OOHHH IT’S CRACKING Jeremy: Welcome back to the Pleasures of Cooking Gav: duuuuuuuuuude, that’s incredible Trevor: Eyyyyy, we did it! (slam)
WHEE! (lots of splooshing)
Geoff: THAT WAS PERFECT! Michael: boink! (spring noise) Ya knucklehead! Gav: AUGH Jack: OOUUUUUH Michael: Nyoom (bouncy castle flops down) Gav: AUGHUGH (flop) (very loud screaming of disbelief)

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  1. Amazing. Should've had someone getting their hand cut from the bingo ball mixer too, since that's a staple of RouLette's play.

  2. Surely they will move more to live action on this channel in 2018, that trailer was 10% game play. People simply want to see more shenanigans

  3. This video perfectly sums up why since the end of December 2013, when I first watched their Minecraft Let's Play, up until 4 years later, I still love them. They have fun and are real people in their videos. Good comedy, quality banter, and hilarious antics. I love it.

  4. I just realized how much these guys are like those assholes in mtv. The ones that will do stupid shit constantly.

    But these guys are WAY better as they actually ARE productive and do stupid shit we actually enjoy watching.

    I've stopped watching t.v. years ago as all channels were not as funny as AH can be.

    Haven't regretted it once. I love you all.

  5. I really like the video, but it seems to me that someone who watched this and didn't know what AH was would assume that 90% of their videos are live action.

  6. okay, so i just subbed….now it's time to binge, i want to start with 0:01 1:14 1:30 1:33 1:38 please let me know these video titles I'd like to see them, i've got a lot to binge…oh boy.

  7. hi i am Nl Games would you like to promote me so that I also get viewers?

  8. this is such a great compilation! definitely going to use this video to introduce AH to my friends

  9. Naïve me: "Let's see what they're all about!"Channel trailer: **Immediately breaks a table with their foot**(EDIT)What is this place?

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  11. The more I watch behind the scenes videos from Rooster teeth the more I am concerned that the human resource department has been ritually sacrificed and eaten by the staff.

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