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Achievement HUNT #35 – Michael vs. Gavin | Rooster Teeth

December 3, 2019

Alright, Micheal, What are we doing? Uhh Fucking hitting our balls Hittin’ your balls? What is it called? Nutball This is today’s HUNT I guess so for HUNT We’re gonna throw this apple, at each other’s nuts, back and forth I guess and if you get hit in the nuts you get a letter. if miraculously we go HUN to HUN We’re gonna use this orange as the uh final toss because Gavin diddn’t really wana play the whole game with it see this would just bounce off a nut this would jus hit and crush it down you do have a medical condition so we’ll take that into account. I don’t want to pop a staple maybe only have you get hit once with this orange hopefuly that happens don’t we need to be as far apart as possible? i come back from the bathroom and he’s like so you guys are going to hit eachother in the nuts and i was like seriously? and i thought we were gonna just punch each other in the balls so sit like this and you cant flinch well flinchin’ is for bitches so it’s gotta be overhand? dont whip it at him you gotta lob it not pitch it Alright, i think we are good Quiet on set! Okay? do we have slow mo cam rolling? yea Katie’s got slow mo cam Okay Micheal goes first woah! That was awful You broke the apple here il give you a better shot Checking the wind? Windage is good *Laghing* oh you hit the arm hugh gauhh That was close I was abit worried on that one woah! that was so close I think it hit floor first That was like jean ugh Damn just a little short its so old that was more like here i dont know where you want to count it I’l know when it hits me in the nuts! I’m just sayin aye! That was leg Damnit! all leg im awful at this I want you to hit me in the nuts Do you want to make it closer? no no this is great this is ideal fine tuning it i keep hitting the same spot i’m just awful gaugh! that was close! that one was close I will kinda count that it like brushed, i will give an H for that it wasn’t painful but it like hit the wall of the sack the sack wall *laughing* youll pee your pants when i hit you in the dick with an apple its like the snitch *laughing* i guess il count it if im gonna play i want to get my nuts smashed HU Ye im doin piss poor here You got the bounce back If you had a medium sized dick that woulda hit That was like top of the dick I would count that so you are beating me fucking three to nothing come on micheal ow! you hit him in the arm? *laughig* Gavin and Michael making incoherent speech while laughing Alright this could end it Gavin miss so i can smash your nuts its no good this is why i dont play sports kids beer pong its the only thing im good at ough! YES! YES Obliterated! Alright Its one to three I got one! No shut out that woulda been like a pitching one too If i get two more man, that orange comes into play Oh god *Laughing* this is mushy whoops Jesus! Whoa! did I get it? That was a hit that was right here, i guess we’ll count that Alright HUN to HU we gotta finish with that orange you really want it dont you? the apple is also breaking apart so its perfect timing if i hit you, you get to orange me first true YES! ohh the orange! That was on my staple it missed my penis completely and just hit my ball Alright okay you get the first shot with the orange this is gonna be brutal oh god! hear the thud! if that hits your nuts you are not walking for a week it hit my stomach alright! Im gonna be fucking black and blue from ths thing *Michael makes the throw of the Century* OHHH!!! *Gavin can no longer have kids* Call 911! That was a direct hit! That was the most perfect shot Wooooo! Michael wins today’s HUNT *Laughing* he did not want the orange I should have flinched! Alrght well you accepted it like a man You are cuddled up like a fetus Good Job Michael good game wait wait wait Rest in piece Ray That hurt so bad

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  1. So this video appeared in my up next tab.
    The video on top of it had a thumbnail of Micheal on the floor with his legs open and is about to throw a ping pong ball

  2. Hmmm not good enough (jk) it should go like this.

    Ah desk
    Monster truck
    Chunck of earth
    Half of earth
    The universe
    Gods hand
    Then… a sharp axe

  3. Gavin didn't complain so I guess they didn't consider it cheating, but michael was not lobbing the shots like they said they had to

  4. (somehow this vid got into my recomended)
    kinda unfair for michael to not throw with a curve. as instructed at the start they should have thrown with a curve yet michael keeps throwing straight.

  5. Remember when this was their crazy wild antics? And now they whip moon balls at each other for fun.

  6. If I squint, I can actually see past the personas the internet has built for them and see the real guys just having a laugh. also, poor Gavin.

  7. i’m a woman but i still physically flinched when that orange hit gavin in the nuts the poor guy 😂

  8. And to think at one time this was worst thing they did.
    "Don't pitch it."
    And now they full force Moonballs at a wall.

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