Abby Wambach talks USWNT’s World Cup title, equal pay and responds to the haters | SportsPulse
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Abby Wambach talks USWNT’s World Cup title, equal pay and responds to the haters | SportsPulse

October 7, 2019

– Congrats. – Thank you, yeah.
– It’s huge. I know that you’re gonna
always be a part of the team – – Yeah, I mean people have
been congratulating me and I’m like you’re welcome. – You’re like “I did a lot” – Totally, totally all up to me. I manage the whole thing. No, the women are amazing. It’s been a lot of fun and watching them celebrate, as they should, brings back some good memories. – Yeah, and a lot of blow
back on the celebration, not only during the World Cup, but after they won the whole thing. – What kinda blow back? Of course, there’s a double standard. Of course, it’s a double standard. And you know, what these
women do, they’re trying to redefine what it means
to be a woman, right? ‘Cause so many women believe,
and maybe you even believe it, maybe I believe it on a deep level, that like, oh we’re just
supposed to be polite and say thank you so much,
we’re so grateful to be here, and like, you know what,
that was so four years ago. I was a part of that team four years ago. The world wasn’t ready for
a team like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan are leading today. They’re saying, you know what,
we’re gonna do this our way. We’re gonna be unapologetic,
we’re gonna be confident, and we’re gonna celebrate our
asses off because guess what? That is what we wanna do,
and we’re allowed to do that because we’re strong,
powerful women who deserve it. And when one woman does it, then it gives permission
for the next woman to do it. So, all those people out there who think that their celebrations were tactless, whatever. For all those people out there
who think that they should be more of anything other than
what they’re being, whatever. They’re just missing out on
one of the most successful and glorious teams that you’ve ever seen, and I just wanna celebrate with them. – And fun, right? – Yeah, doesn’t it look fun? I’m actually kind of jealous
that I’m not even a part of it. And I know the women, and I text them, and I’m congratulating them but they’re just having the time
of their lives, as they should. They just worked their rear
ends off for the entire month and under the most intense
pressure you can imagine with the President of our country tweeting at some of our players and all – – Wrong handle, by the way. All the media and all the things, with the lawsuit, there was so much that these women were fighting for, and they came out on top. Talk about the most epic talk the talk and walk the walkers in Megan Rapinoe. I’m lucky to know her. I’m lucky to have played with her. I guess she’s gonna be,
what, President 2020? – Four years ago, was she just as vocal, just as who she is now but the moment that we were at in society really wasn’t necessary for her to be who she is in the moment? – So, it’s not about necessary. It was what our collective consciousness was capable of handling. Four years ago, our world
wasn’t ready for somebody to be as vocal and unapologetic
as Megan Rapinoe is. They are now. The way that she’s gone about it, the way that she’s
navigated this whole thing, has been nearly perfect, in my mind. The team, and Megan,
have fought for something that is bigger than just soccer, right? Because a win for this women’s team is a win for women everywhere
and that’s something that, every four years, when the
lights are shining so bright, hopefully, that will allow
this moment to transcend over the next four years
so that there’s not so much of a lull. – I think that there are
a lot of people who think that this lawsuit is all about money. Can you share more about
what success looks like for women and more than just compensation? – Well yeah so, money matters, right? It allows these women to
play their sport, singularly, where they don’t have to have another job, they don’t have to worry about if their next paycheck is coming. They can just do their
thing, their one thing. So, money does matter. But resources, and more
importantly, investment. People don’t understand
how important investment is into the women’s game, right? So, in 1994, the MLS got a massive amount of investment from the owners of the MLS. They lost hundreds of millions of dollars ’cause they were investing in this thing, they could see this growth. Well, the women’s game, not just soccer, but every women’s sport,
has never gotten the same kind of investment of
marketing, and dollars, and sponsorship and that kind
of investment really will make such a big difference. When you get into the weeds of it, ’cause I have been in the weeds of it, it’s undeniable how much
more potential for growth these women’s games
and these women’s teams have than men’s sports, right? And this is not men’s vs. women’s sports. This is women doing amazing
things and inspiring other kids, girls and boys, to be the best
themselves that they can be. I get fired up about it
and it’s exciting to see what can happen and hopefully
people find themselves at women’s sporting events
and find themselves at – – How do you think we get there? How do we get to the point where – We’re all fascinated and captivated in the Women’s World Cup. I saw mostly men in bars
watching the Women’s World Cup. How do we get people to be
as excited all year long, considering how many other
options there are, too? – Well, you gotta understand
that only 4% of sports media is dedicated to women. 4%. So, people like you have
to put women in the news, have to put women, whether
you like it or not, whether you think it’s gonna
get the most clicks or not, that’s an investment. That’s a resource. That’s something that
people can learn from. Obviously, you gotta go watch. Even if you don’t have
a professional team, go to semi-pro teams, get
your kids involved in sports, sit down, find the women’s sports… If people are looking for women’s sports, TV will make sure that
women’s sports are on TV. And not the most obscure
hours or weird channels that you can find them. And the more that we all
collectively commit to it, the more the sports
will get the investments and the turnover and look,
it’s not an easy solve. It’s confusing and it’s difficult, but we’ve gotta figure it
out, one way or another.

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  1. I hope they DO get equal pay, so there will be no more women's soccer/football since it would mean paying them twice the amount they actually bring in. Also, men's teams get 7% of what they bring in while women's teams get 22%.

    Learning that a business fails when following stupidity is a great equalizer and I hope these fools destroy the women's sport.

  2. You do know men can get paid less many jobs . like s
    Psychology .or Google.
    And the 70cents is no wear near as Dentremental as the Pay Gap in Alimony. .more often men are left Homelessness destitute. And put jail for falling behind . Offten if Women Sexually rapes or steals a used Condems r a she take him for ChildSupport. And it's more common for a man on street paying child support and alimony to indanger a man's health life. Then for pregnancy to indanger a woman's health and life. 90% of what Women go through is Emotional . Compared what men have cry about. The 70cents like in women's soccer team doesn't leave any homeless or or even a significant portion of what they make compared to Cobie Bryan Michael Jurden Tiger Woods Mell Gypson Robin Williams. Oh yeah if it so hard to be a woman living in fear of Rape and few moments of being uncomfortable how come 80% of suicides Barr Men

  3. Generate more revenue, more fans,and sponsor monies and then get a raise. Pay gap is fabricated, woman already get bigger cut of revenue. Basic economics.

  4. You lost to the 15 year old boys from Dallas FC. None of you would make an above average high school boys team and your team would be pasted by said high school boys teams. You don't make nearly what the men make in revenue. Plus where is the money going to come from? From the men's side of things for FIFA? That seems backwards, I thought you progressive women were about independence and not needing men to subsidize you. Ditch this garbage.

  5. So we praise them because they are women and want more money …. greedy selfish gender you are turning out to be .

  6. So much male hate up in here 😂 damn. I’m straight but gonna turn gay to get away from the sexist males ruining the bunch

  7. If you look at the books, they're actually overcompensated and the NWSL is a title 9 violation. But who expected a professional athlete to understand economics? I didn't.

  8. "I deserve this!! I deserve everything"!!! Wow! She acts like the USA doesn't dominate almost every sport and doesn't consistently have the best athletes in the world, therefore Rapinoe herself is some kind of never before seen quality of athlete. She also acts as if she and her teammates have somehow been "oppressed" by our Country and Donald Trump… In addition, it seems like they feel that they're owed something more because the American men's soccer team isn't as prolific. Are they not aware that all of the best male athletes typically stop playing soccer around 10 or 12 years old. They move onto more equitable, popular, contact sports; such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and/or even Hockey. Soccer has become very much a women's sport in America, beyond the age of 12. We're all proud that the women's team continues to win on the World's stage, but let's not get big-headed over it. As Megan says, being a lesbian, having tattoos, and having varying skin colors is pretty much the most virtuous thing a millennial can do in 2019. However, no one else is really that impressed with any of those things, which have become played-out, and then played-out some more…

    She talks about "listening" and "love", yet you (Megan Rapinoe) refuse to speak with anyone who doesn't agree with everything you say. I.E. – Anyone on the Right. I know you're riding a high at this moment, but the President didn't really say anything offensive to you, except to respond to your insults by telling you to focus on winning. Now that you've done that, you can enjoy your day of fame, but maybe consider using that fame to have a real conversation with someone whom you don't necessarily agree with 100%.

    If that sounds too stressful, maybe you and Colin Kaepernick can ride off into the sunset with all that Nike money, just please don't expect anyone to remember or respect anything you say beyond tomorrow. Some of your more attractive teammates may earn modeling contracts or television analyst gigs. The rest of you will be going back to your previous day jobs, with your current professional teams. If you truly want equal pay, you will need to convince the entire league to allow testosterone, steroids, and/or HGH. I played for the NorCal Olympic Development Team. Played soccer my entire youth. Even while playing everyday, I never enjoyed watching the sport as a spectator. Nor do 99% of Americans. I'd prefer watching pee-wee football over professional soccer. Sometimes, we would even practice against girls who were 2 – 4 years older than us. It was always awkward for everyone. Girls/women simply don't have the same fast twitch muscles that men do. It's not even close. The girls could never keep up with the ball movement. We all played at 50% and still felt guilty for schooling these beautiful young ladies, who wouldn't give us the time of day, due to our age. Equal pay will never happen, because equal interest in the on-the-field product will never happen. Maybe the answer is more Trans Women… Or, maybe the sport should be subsidized like the WNBA… That worked out well. IDK the answer, but I have two daughters, and I would never confuse them by acting as though the facts of biology and economics don't exist..

  9. I agree with equal pay but if these women Want that, then all these women who are yelling for equal pay, they should start going to these events and buy up alll their merchandise. Women have to actually support these women By going to all their games and Selling out every arena they play in. Men make more because there's actually more money in men's sports. If women want to make more than women have to start spending money on these female players.

  10. Thank you Abby … for keeping girls and boys inspired today … I miss seeing you play. My neighbor’s daughter recently took a pic with you. You made her so happy. Thank you!!!

  11. US women team deserve much more than equal pay because they play fantastic soccer. They look great, physically and emotionally strong and inspired the audience to love the way they play one of the best game on this planet.

  12. Who remembers @121st seconds Rapinoe’s cross to Abby’s header to tie the game??? It still gives me chills !

  13. Rapinoe President 2020 up against Trump team
    No way ‼️‼️‼️Rapinoe will not have a chance of beating The Mighty Trump
    Trump massive win 2020 than ever before ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  14. I am confused you only work for a month and expect to get paid millions ? Keep dreaming .I respect the women who go to law school, medical school, engineering , accounting , aviation. There have been women that have been breaking barriers for a long time. Maybe these Jocks need to take a history lesson. Like most male athletes they are becoming full of themselves and expect to be worshipped . guess what they are right on track.I am sure some of them will sell out and do the SI calendar because it never really was about respecting a women for whets on the inside its making a buck and being objectified .

  15. Abby, GREAT interview. You are the strongest, most feminist voice on the subject of equal pay and on supporting women's sports I've heard any time recently. if ever. I think women should start Meet-Ups to go watch local women's and girl's sports, and cheer them.on! We all need to call our local tv stations and newspapers and demand they cover women's sports equally, even if that means covering the college and high school women's teams, to ensure women's sports get equal time on tv and equal space in print as the men. Thank young or being such a a strong, clear advocate for girls and women's sports. And for being a great athlete and role model for being a powerful woman, on and off the field.

  16. Play the college – or high school? – boy team again, try not to concede five goals and come back to discuss "pay gap", lol. Until then, please shut the fuck up.


  18. Also no one watches women’s league soccer and only World Cup so they make like no money so they should get money that they don’t make

  19. She said fuck Trump , oh how brave Megan .the skill will get people watching , woman's soccer have to be able to beat little boys before they can demand an audience

  20. A lesbo captain women leaves the soccer team and another bi women replaces her as a captain . What is this world coming to

  21. FIFA is bigger than the U.S. so stop comparing only the U.S. teams. You have to compare the revenue between all the national women's teams to all the national men's teams. Then you can get a holistic view of everything.

  22. Thats the problem with all of you. Your about yourself. Whatever. Dont pretend like your representing. America

  23. Men love to watch women play soccer … and NOT some other women or men-denomination…….speaking out against the traditional formalities like visiting the White House…..and or making distinctions between the different politicians and the White House……which amounts to bringing a divisive and polarizing element element bet the White House and other public servants….when the presidents have invited the USWNST they have never once. singled -out any players political affiliation……they are inviting and have always invited “the whole United States. team”. and it’s not about what ever one individuals “ feelings of hate”. towards the WH occupant at the time are………..

  24. It's an honor for every athlete in the world to play for the national team. They shouldn't be paid at all for this honor.

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