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Abbreviated Reviews – Minit

August 26, 2019

Did you like The Legend of Zelda but felt
like you weren’t dying enough? Does color burn your eyes and make you feel
like the whole world should be monochrome? Well then you need to check out Minit! Wake up in a black and white world of adventure
as you head down to the beach and discover a normal everyday sword that you pick up only
to find that it’s cursed and now you are too! Then spend the rest of your foreseeable future
dying every sixty seconds and respawning at home as you travel the map looking for a way
to suck that curse out of your life. Make use of exciting tools like a pointless
camera or a watering can you can use to make plants grow or just pour water on people to
see what happens! Unlock a variety of helpful items like gloves
that allow you to chop down trees, a flashlight, and coffee that gives you the super strength
necessary to push boxes! Engage in exciting dialogue with all sorts
of fleshed out interesting characters as you try to speed read their dialogue before your
impending death. It’s not all pure action though, sometimes
you’ll encounter puzzles that aren’t too challenging, but with the added stress of a timer will
have you returning half a dozen times looking for a solution that takes a few more seconds
than you have to live! Then wrap everything up in about two hours
or so and prepare yourself for the New Game Plus mode that only gives you 40 seconds to
party before you’re struck down! Minit, a short game about short lifespans
that will give you a short burst of nostalgia for a short period of time. Thank you for watching Abbreviated Reviews. I tried to finish this voiceover in sixty
seconds but I c…

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