A Virtual Nightmare
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A Virtual Nightmare

October 7, 2019

Television: If you want to experience the future *echo* Television: Game like never before with our new virtual reality headset. Television: Go to Virtualgaming.com for details *sighs* *tech startup noises* These graphics are insane! *tech noises and shouts of pain* *gasping for breath* What was that? *light buzzing* *sudden loud noise* *screaming echoing in the distance* *grunting and screaming* *snarling* *whispering to self* It’s just a game… It’s just a game… *grunting and snarling* *gasping for breath* *gasping for breath* *creepy chuckling* *creepy chuckling continues* *squeal* AI: Cannot exit until all enemies are eliminated. *Same phrase repeating* No, no, no! *as phrase is repeated* C’mon! C’mon, C’mon, C’mon! *screams* *phone ringing* Hey, It’s Ethan. Leave a message, and I’ll get back to you. Thanks! *beep* Park’s Mom: Hey Ethan, it’s Park’s mom. Uhh, listen. I’m headed about, and I can’t get Park to answer his phone. I figured he was on his new video game thing. But uh, you know, I still worry. Anyway, since he talks to you more than he talks to me *chuckles* I, uh, figured you could get him to — *drowned out* *grunts* *laughs* *chuckles* *creepy grunting* *regular grunting* *creepy breathing* Stay away. An angry one, huh? *creepy yelling* *chuckles softly* Stay back! I’m a player, just like you. And I don’t want to hurt you. Look! *grunting and yelling* *grunting *creepy yelling gets softer* *gasping* *lock clicks* *glitchy noises* *scoffs* Glitch. *repetitive beeping* *gasps* *grunts* *panicked noises* Is anyone — Is anyone here? C’mon! *screams* No, no, no, no! News reporter: Coming up: a mysterious story about Park Lanford, a 19-year old student who passed away suddenly last week due to a self *phone vibrates* inflicted brain injury. Authorities are actively investi — *TV turns off* *knocking at door* Delivery guy: Package for Ethan Have a good day! (Subscribe to Nukazooka!!!)

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