A Texas Double – It Doesn’t Get Much Better For Any Hunter –
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A Texas Double – It Doesn’t Get Much Better For Any Hunter –

August 12, 2019

(low tense music) – [Narrator] Yamaha presents,
The Whitetail Diaries. Chronicling hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big game
animal in North America. Join top whitetail
hunters nationwide. Embark on the amazing
adventure that is hunting the white tail deer. (low tense music) Well Tony Miele from
Smith and Wesson performance centers
arrived in camp and he’s brought some hand guns to test out here in South Texas. – Well we’re in Texas right now. Wade invited me
down for a deer hunt and I couldn’t pass it up,
the opportunity sounded great. Well we’re gonna take a look and see if we can find a
nice white tail, you know, maybe two, and see if
we can get the job done. We brought along a 44
magnum as well as a 460 so if the opportunity
presents itself, we’ll try to take one
deer with each hand gun. Performance center
guns are compared to our regular factory
guns, our inline guns, we enhance them a lot. We take already what I consider to be the best products
on the market today and we make them
that much better. We add interrail, we
do custom action jobs so you can expect
a lot smoother, a lot lighter trigger pull. Custom sights, custom
grips, custom bells. I mean they don’t look anything
like our standard products. One of the most important
features about some of these hunting
handguns is the fact that the triggers
are a lot nicer than your standard product. You can expect about a
three and a half pound single action trigger pull out at a performance center
and about a 10 pound double action trigger pull and that’s
significantly different than our standard products and you know when you’re
in a field hunting, you’ve got an animal
in front of you, you got to make
that follow up shot. Typically it’s not going
to be single action, it’s going to be double
action and that’s where that 10 pound double action
trigger pull comes into play. You really want a
performance center features while you’re hunting. You know performance center
just doesn’t do handguns. We do rifles, we just came out
with a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. We do three gun for
competition shooting. We do 1911s, we do our M&Ps. Our M&Ps once again,
three gun, IDPA. Our revolvers IDPA. We do custom protection,
or carry guns. So our shield, our
portage shield, we do a lot of J frames and you can expect nice clean, lighter double
action trigger pulls and really on a J
frame, you know, if you think about it, you do an action job and we reduce the
trigger pull weight about 20%. You know when you look
at our competitors, they don’t really offer
a custom type package. I mean yeah you
can get custom guns from you know smaller outfits. You pay a lot more money for em than you would for
the stuff coming out of the performance center. Yet you’re getting
the custom gun. So you’re getting something a lot better than
standard production and our competitors
really don’t do that. Interrail rails,
I mean you’d have to send our gun
out to a gunsmith, have it drilled, tapped, and then you’d mount the rail and its not that rigid. If you take a look at the
performance center products, I mean those rails are
interrail to the barrel so you don’t have
to worry about them ever loosening up in the
field while you’re hunting. Originally, the 44
magnum was probably the go to gun for hunting. Smith & Wesson, back
when they were looking at the 500, they were saying, You know we want
a bigger platform that would enable a
guy to hunt just about anything he wanted
with a handgun and that’s how
the 500 came about and you know, you see guys
taking elephant with them now in Africa, Cape Buffalo. It’s just opened up a
wider range of hunting opportunities for you. People typically look
at the 460 or the 500 and they shy away from it thinking the recoils
gonna be, you know, way too much for them to handle. Which you’ve got to
understand about these guns is there’s a lot
of weight to them. There’s not flutes
in the cylinders and that helps reduce recoil. You know that misconception
of all the recoil you’re not gonna be
able to handle it, you’re not gonna be
able to control it. It’s really not there. I love seeing new people
come into this game. Say hey you know I’ve
done it with a rifle, I’ve done it with a bow. Now I want to do
it with a hand gun. Takes a little bit of practice and you’ll be out hunting
and enjoying it, too. – [Narrator] Come
check out the expanded Smith and Wesson
performance center selection at a Cabela’s near you. Well up next, Tony
heads out on his first hand gun hunt of the trip. The Yamaha White Tail
Diaries is brought to you by, Yamaha, ATV and side by side. Real world tough. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Garmin Rhino 7 series. Wherever you hunt,
make it Rhino country. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. – We’ve got Tony
Miele in right now from Smith and Wesson
performance center. He’s gonna be out
sitting on the ground, doing some handgun hunting. The strategy in plan tonight is we’re going about two
miles or so from the camp. We’re gonna park, we’re gonna
hike in a pretty good ways to try to do our best to
get in at the right angle without busting any deer that are kind of up
further in this draw. I’m hoping as the sun sets and that big old moon rises that those deer work
down this funnel as they historically
do and the trail show that they do and if they do, they very very much so are gonna be within
pistol range. It’s some kind of super
crazy moon right now. It’s gigantic out there. I would imagine
tonight at midnight, it be about as bright as
it’s gonna be at seven AM. It’s gonna be 80 degrees
and virtually no wind but we only have like
three days for this hunt. You can’t kill one
sitting at home so you gotta go. So we’re heading out. – The first hunt
we were on actually is a little creek bottom,
you know, really thick. So it wasn’t a lot of
shooting opportunities. We had about two lanes to shoot. It was interesting and Wade said that was probably gonna
be one of our best bets. (soft instrumental music) So we’re sitting there,
we’re watching the does. All of a sudden,
I catch something out of the corner of my eye. Look and nice looking deer. I mean eight pointer. I got the gun up, I
just didn’t have a shot and I thought maybe
he might come back. Waited and waited and
then out of the corner of my other eye, I
picked him up coming out on the other side
of this thick brush. (low tense music) (gunshot) These deer are
right on top of us. It’s incredible. Had a doe here about 10
yards in front of us. When that buck
came out over here, I don’t think he was
more than maybe 15 yards. So they’re right on top of us. Taking them with a handgun
is just incredible. Everyone’s got to
experience this. – I got running tracks up here. Hard running tracks. Right through here. Hey, Tony. – There he is. (laughing) – Congratulations,
buddy great job. It’s funny, we just were
talking on the range. Ever free hand? (laughs) – Not a drop of blood. (laughing) – That’s so awesome. That’s hand gun
hunting there, buddy. You crushed him. Well done, my friend. Hand gun hunting. That’s a lot of fun. – Nothing better right? – Nothing and you know what? Back straps,
tenderloins, (mumble). (laughs) How do you like your venison? How do you like your
venison, my friend? How do you like your venison? That would be good
each right there, all the way around. Such a fun challenge. Such a fun experience
to take a hand gun out. The whole learning process
for me is just been, been exciting. Been exciting. – You know, I prefer
shooting off a stick because it gives
you a solid rest but I do practice all the time shooting off hand. You never know. I mean you’re gonna
have that opportunity. You don’t want to
blow the opportunity by trying to move the sticks. So in this particular instance, we had no choice
but to go free hand and like I said,
practice makes perfect. – [Narrator] The Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries is brought to you by, Smith and Wesson
Performance Center. Performance when
it matters most. Purina quick draw
mineral blocks. A difference you can see. Stealth Cam digital
scouting cameras. Proven. Grovtec, go hunt. We’ll carry the gun. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton. Tony Miele has knocked
down a Texas buck with one performance
center handgun and after a morning sit
at the amphitheater, well he’s hoping to
get back out there and take another
Texas whitetail. – So this morning we
were at this blind. It was a real nice blind. We were there probably three,
three and a half hours. A lot of bucks came in. We had one eight
pointer in there. He had a little fork on
his (mumbles) too there and we thought about taking him and we passed on
him this morning. If he comes back in tonight, well that might be a
different story though. So I’m hunting with a
performance center 460 10 and a half inch barrel,
fiber optic sights, great action and the
ranges that we’re shooting at this stand are by
and large not a problem. It’s gonna drop that deer
probably right in it’s tracks. So we look forward to
get back in there tonight and get it done. – We’re going back to
the exact same stand we sat this morning
because we saw so much you know pre rut activity. Deer working scrapes, chasing
each other, posturing. We saw fights there and the scouting cameras show that its a, about anything
could show up here at any given time. So the confidence
is really high there and it’s a perfect
set up for the handgun that Tony’s hunting with. You know he’s got a 460 out of the Smith and
Wesson performance center that he’s gonna be using and probably our longest
shot in this scenario could be 60, 65 yards. Right in his wheelhouse
with that red dot on there. So we’re gonna settle
in, let the sun go down and see what comes out
and maybe we’ll get lucky. – We get into the
blinds, we get all set up and we couldn’t of been
there more than 10 minutes and this little four
pointer come out and next they know a
couple does come out and we’re probably
there about an hour, maybe an hour 10 minutes. The bully comes back. He’s walking around,
pushing everybody around and Wade gives me a
little tug on the arm. (gunshot) That’s a good one. (laughs) – Like I said, they
don’t go too far once you hit them with this. It was a little high
though, I think. – No you smoked him. You flat out smoked him. You crushed him. The difference in
those two deers probably two years. I mean you could
see the difference. We talk about how dominant
that other deer was. He ran everything around and did you see how cowed
down that other deer was that we had looked at seen? I mean that deer there came in, he’s like you are the one. That’s an awesome eight
point right there. We got scouting camera
pictures of that deer. That’s the deer we saw in
the picture I was showing ya. – So that’s the one you
said that’s on the road? – Yeah that was him. We had that picture of
him walking down the road. That’s awesome. Great shot! It’s only 4:24. – Time for supper. – 82 degrees. If we’d been sitting
under the air condition, we’d of got nothing. Well done, Tony. The 460 speaks. The 460 speaks. (laughs) – It’s amazing how quick they
were in here tonight, though. You know we just sat down,
they were right there. – They bed right around this. I mean why go anywhere else? This is a perfect little oasis. Down behind us, where a
lot of these deer come. You know you can
walk down that trail, you’ll see it drops,
if you go right down that trail right
there, it drops off and it’s a creek bottom. It’s just, I mean
you made the comment we were driving the
(mumbles) thought the bottom, how cool it felt, that’s
what it is down there. This is the hole. The amphitheater produced. – No tracking today. – No. (laughs) The viking goes. (screeches) (laughs) That’s a big old bodied
deer right there. I mean look at his
body from here. Well done, Tony. – You know it’s always great
to make an ethical shot. You know have the animal
just drop right where it was standing. The animal doesn’t suffer. That’s a lot more pleasure to me to make sure I got the job done the way it should be done and it’s exciting. I can’t wait to get back
here and do it again. – That’s awesome. I mean you knock
em down like that. That is awesome. That is a big ol mature deer. – [Narrator] Congratulations
to Tony on your double entry into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Walkers, protect it or lose it. Wiley X, absolute,
premium, protection. Thompson Center. America’s master gun maker. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton. – When it comes to
hunting with a handgun, you’re looking at a wide
range of opportunities and options that are
available out there now. You’re looking at handguns
that have high velocity that are tuned to perfection. They’ve got muzzle breaks, they’re a little bit enhanced
in some of their weight and handling capabilities so you feel less recoil and
so at the end of the day, a person can take
one of these handguns and spend some time on the range and become proficient
and feel like they can reach out at
long distances or up close and be very successful
in a wide range of hunting applications. – [Narrator] And that’s
exactly what happened with Yamaha’s Steve Nessl. Steve spent some time on
the range with a performance center model 629 stealth hunter. – I love this gun. – [Narrator] And now
he’s ready to head out on a evening doe hunt. – We got our ammo we got our firearm,
we got some sticks. I got my gloves, helmet. Now we’re gonna get loaded up, get back there and I’m told it’s been a while since
someone sat back there. I love this spot so
we’ll see what we see but we’re hunting
the females tonight. I can’t get the dot on her. There it is. (gunshot) just right there, right there. I’m glad I had these in cause I felt a pop in the blind but nah, I love the way
this thing doesn’t kick and I know, I knew. (laughs) It was gonna be a lot more with an animal in front
of me at the range but still. I put it in the
front left shoulder. She’s down right over here. This things awesome. (laughing) Oh my goodness. Yeah that red dot is great
but so much build up just. (exhales) trigger so sweet and if
it weren’t for the trigger and the confidence and
no kick or anything, I mean that helps cause
you don’t worry about that and all I had to do was try
to get that red dot to keep, just keep it right there. I think she’s right down here. That’s all, shoulder
was all messed up. She’s kicking but I
think she was expired as soon as that bullet
her so (mumbles). We’ll give it just
a couple minutes. Give me a chance to
calm down a little bit and then we’ll go
get the viking. And I plowed her front left
shoulder just like I thought. But she didn’t go, she didn’t go 30 yards
from where we took the shot and she struggled
her little behind off to get there, so
she was running dead from the moment it hit her. So, this thing right here is, it’s a whole lot of fun and
it is very very efficient. – [Narrator] Hey be
sure to check out the full line of performance
center hunting hand guns at smith-wesson.com. Remember to like us on
Facebook and Instagram to be up to date on the
latest Whitetail Diaries news and giveaways. That will do it for us today. We’ll see you next time.

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