A Target Scavenger Hunt
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A Target Scavenger Hunt

November 20, 2019

– There’s another store
that has everything that you need this spring. It’s called Target. They’ve got summer style for
the whole family. You can even shop online and
then pick up your items at Target
on your way to the beach. So today, I’ve taken over
a Target that’s pretty close to here, and let’s see if they can
hear me… right now. [laughter] Attention. Attention, Target shoppers.
This is Ellen DeGeneres. If you can hear me,
raise your hand in the air. (Ellen’s voice over store P.A.)
– Raise your hand in the air. [cheers and applause]
– All right, wonderful! [cheers and applause] All right.
[cheers and applause] – Get ready–
– Listen up! Everybody listen up. – Because when we come back, I’m going to give away
thousands of dollars. It’s a scavenger hunt.
So start stretching. Get ready to start running and
finding things. Thousands of dollars
will be given away. We’ll be right back after this. Target has your spring break
staples and beach accessories all in one place
with great prices. I’m about to send their shoppers on a Spring Break
scavenger hunt. And here we go. So you have to bring everything
back to Andy at register four. Whoever brings each item back
the fastest is going to win
a fabulous prize. To show you I’m not
playing around, The first prize
is a $2,000 Target gift card. [cheers]
– Yay, Target! [cheers and applause] Who wants to win $2,000?
– Okay! I’m going to tell you what you
have to find, but before you get back
to the register, you have to be wearing it
over your clothes. Okay?
You cannot– You’re not going to win
the $2,000 gift card unless you’re wearing it
over your clothes. Okay, go find a Mossimo
mix-and-match crochet bikini, and women’s white Panama hat.
Go! – Go, go, go, go!
– A Mossimo mix-and-match crochet bikini,
and a woman’s white Panama hat. Be wearing them when you
get back. – A Mossimo bikini and
a white Panama hat. You gotta wear ’em!
– You have to wear ’em. Get back first,
you get the $2,000– Men, please participate. [laughter] – Here comes one.
– All right. – You need a hat!
You gotta have a hat! – You gotta have
the whole thing on. [laughter]
– Panama hat. [cheers and applause]
– All right! You are the winner!
[cheers and applause] Congratulations. What’s your–
What’s your name? – What’s your name?
– Melania. Okay, Melania, you just won
a $2,000 Target gift card. [cheers and applause] – Whoo hoo!
There you go, Melania! Congratulations! – Now, the next thing,
and you have to be the first one back to Andy with this. I need you to find
Burt’s Bees after-sun lotion. Burt’s Bees after-sun lotion.
– Burt’s Bees! – If you have a friend named
Burt– – After-sun lotion! – If you love bees… [crowd laughing and reacting] – Body lotion’s that way, Ellen. [laughter and reaction] – Oh, gosh, here they come. Careful, careful, careful,
careful, careful! Careful, careful, careful.
Okay. – All right.
– What’s your name? – I’m George.
– This is George. [cheers and applause]
– You just won– – Ah!
That was a run. – Yes! Well, you just won
a $1,000 Target gift card. [cheers and applause] – $1,000!
Good job, George! Whoo hoo!
That easy, here at Target. – All right.
– Okay, listen up, everybody! We’re still playing! – All right, now I need you
to get two things. You’re gonna get
an Xhilaration kimono jacket and any pair
of aviator sunglasses. You put them on
and you think to yourself, “Can I fly an plane in these?” [laughter] And if the answer is “yes,”
put ’em on. – You’re missing something.
You need a kimono! Xhilaration kimono! You need a kimono! – That’s right,
yell at them, Andy. [laughter]
– Xhilaration kimono! – Scold the people
that aren’t listening. – [laughs]
– Xhilaration kimono jacket and aviator sunglasses. [laughter] – Does that work? – I don’t see a–
where’s the–where’s the jacket? – Nope, that’s not Xhilaration! [laughter]
It’s gotta be Xhilaration. – It’s at the–
– Wait. – Xhilaration–
– Put it on, put it on, put it on!
[all yelling excitedly] – Right here,
she got it, she got it! – Wait, who are you? – That’s her coach! – This, I think this one won. She’s–she was the first one.
– Okay. – She won the $1,500
Target gift card. – $1,500 gift card!
Congratulations! What’s your name?
– My name is Mary Bellany. – Thank you, Mary Bellany! Okay, listen up, everybody!
We’re still playing. – Okay.
The other woman– Andy, the other woman
should win the– – We’re gonna give you
a gift card, too. – Yes, good. Now what I need is
a Ninja blender. ‘Cause you can’t have
Spring Break without a frozen margarita. Right, kids?
– Ninja blender! – Ninjas make
the best margaritas, I find. – She is running.
– She’s got it! – She’s got a Ninja blender!
She is the winner! Oh.
[laughter] – What’s your name?
– Stephanie. – Aw, no. I was watching the runner and there was someone there
all along! [laughter] He would be horrible shooting
a football game, – Stephanie snuck up.
– Looking at the wrong runner! All right,
so you are the winner– – She’s like a ninja!
She’s like a ninja. – of a $2,500 Target gift card. [cheers and applause]
– Whoo! Congratulations!
– Thank you! Amy, can you grab it? Thank you! – Oops, you got it.
You got it? – It is a rolling cooler. You have to bring me
the biggest one you can roll to Andy. So get the biggest
rolling cooler. – Bring it to me! [onlookers cheering] – That’s pretty big!
[cheers and applause] – That’s a pretty big one?
– What’s your name? – Chris. (audience) Oh!
– Oh! That’s the larger one. That’s what I mean. Which one is bigger? – What’s the quart–
60. – 50.
– 50. – Okay, so he–
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] – Oh.
[cheers and applause] You get a $3,000
Target gift card. [loud cheers and applause] Thank you all for playing!
– Thank you, Ellen! I want everyone here to get
ready for the beach season so you’re all going to get
this $150 Target gift card. [loud cheers and applause]

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