a SMALL PORTABLE gaming pc setup
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a SMALL PORTABLE gaming pc setup

February 25, 2020

hey what’s up guys welcome to the
channel Andydjangoo and yes your eyes did see that that tiny gaming PC setup
fits in that bag today I’m gonna put together a small gaming PC setup that’s
both good for desktop and portability we’ll also go through the pros and cons
of a tiny PC there before we carry on make sure you’ve subscribed to my
channel if you haven’t already turn on notifications so you never miss a video
and order parts featured in this video will be linked down below for the case
I’m using Orion tech metas plus it’s a mini ITX PC case that aren’t absolutely
loved I’ve been using it since early 2017 and it’s still my favorite case
today originally it came with a small window side panel which I swapped out
for a bigger piece of plastic so I can see all my beautiful PC parts inside is
Intel certainly 700 K CPU a CPU that’s both good for gaming and productivity to
keep it cool the heatsink I’m using is not true as Nhu 12s where one affirm
will take spring plus fans attached to it for graphics we’re using a gtx 1070
mini bar gigabytes a small powerful card as both good for 1080p and 1440p gaming
and it’s the perfect fit for the size of this case Boram I’m using a set of eight
gigabyte Corsair Vengeance lpx memory and storage is a Samsung Evo 500
gigabyte SSD one of the most reliable SSDs out there and great value for money
coolin wise I’m using thermal tape spring plus 12 fans there RTP quiet and
very efficient at keeping a small PC core and finally all the components are
connected to MSI’s 270 i ITX motherboard all of which are powered by Cortez SF
600 power supply and yes I know my cable management can be a lot better
I do find higher than these cables in such a small case tricky but let me know
in the comments below what custom cables you guys would recommend the mouse on
using is course as m65 pro an RGB FPS gaming mouse that has good pixel precise
tracking controllable RGB and a sniper button that lets you slow down your aim
making it great for FPS and I’ll be using it on top of a mouse
map by speed link which features a non slippery back and a stylish level look
the keyboard on user is an age as a k33 a cheap compact mechanical gaming
keyboard in white I’ve actually done a review on this a few months ago so if
you want to check it out click on the link above the headphones are simply the
ear pods from the iPhone I’m using a USB microphone made by a brand called I Goku
a simple clip-on mic so I don’t have to worry about using a microphone stand or
a mount and lastly I’m using a portable monitor called wim max it’s it’s an
eleven point six inch LCD display that’s 1080p and powered by a DC power adapter
it was the cheapest portable display er can find on Amazon that offered 1080p
and wasn’t powered by USB as I read in some reviews a lot of the USB powered
monitors tend to have lag issues when it came to gaming so in the end I got this
monitor and it also comes with a cheap standard that allows you to tilt the
monitor up and down let me know in the comments if you guys want to see a
detailed review on this monitor but as always I’ll leave links to all these
products on using in the video description below so here it is a small
gaming PC setup that’s super easy to put together but why should you build
something like this you might ask we will talk more about the benefits
later on in the video now let’s see what it’s like to use this so I’ve got four
Tenaya loaded up and I must say I’m really impressed with the colors from
the small monitor with the graphics set to 1080p and a game setting set to max
the game is considerably running smooth even with vsync turned off there’s
actually hardly any screen tearin on this monitor not now I can know anyway
but as you’d expect the speakers on this monitor isn’t particularly the best
let’s have a listen okay they don’t sound that bad
they’re not great and my four night skills shocking there is one for you can
rely on is the performance on his PC with the resolution at 1080p and the
game set to max I’m getting reason for the high frame rates and very good
temperatures for the CPU and GPU however if you look close enough there is some
noticeable ghosting it is a 60 Hertz monitor so there’s not much you can do
but surprisingly it isn’t a much input lag making this monitor quite appealing
to game on for general web browsing the text can be a bit tiny to read at 1080p
but for me I found okay for video consumption the screen quality is
actually impressive it’s vibrant bright and sharp with this sets up you’re gonna
have to expect a lot of cables and it can get bit messy but on a surface the
setup looks clean and minimal and yes I know it’s not as practical as carrying
around a gaming laptop as the PC itself packs a bit of weight it roughly weighs
about three and a half liters of water which isn’t ideal to carry around but
this set up is still portable let me show you how it fits in this bag I got
this bag from Ikea it features loads of storage space inside and easy zip access
let me show you a quick clip on how this complete setup can fit inside this bag so let’s go back to the question of what
the benefits are of having a complete gaming PC set up as small as this we’ll
start with the negatives first the parts for an ITX PC build can be more
expensive than a full-size build they’re not as portable as laptops they can also
suffer from thermal issues depending on a case design and lack of airflow
they’re usually difficult to build into and if you’re using it on ergo they can
take a while to set up compared to a laptop the positives are that they are
actually portable you can use it as your main desktop without any compromising
performance they don’t use mobile components like
laptops do you can overclock them given that you had the right airflow and case
take up very little space on your desk much cheaper than a laptop equivalent
and finally my favorite benefit all the parts are upgradable so that’s why I
prefer ITX pcs I might have missed out on a few pros and cons so if you guys
can think of any more listing below but I’m really curious to see what you guys
think can this small gaming PC setup substitute your full-size PC or gaming
laptop or could it be the perfect balance between the two let me know your
thoughts and why alright guys don’t forget to like this video if you liked
it share it as well and if you’re not already subscribed to my channel do it
now and as always all the parts and products featured in this video will be
linked down below i’m andydjangoo and i’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Is this build currently available? Do you have any new suggestions? And how can i do it a bit cheaper? For example use 1060 instead of 1070?
    And is there any thermal issues in this build?

  2. The components are a bit overkill if you are only gaming at 1080p at 60hz, so the components only really need to handle 1080p at 60fps. You could also switch the Intel processor with an AMD processor because they run cooler, perform well, and cost less. With a cooler CPU, you don't need such a large cooler so you can get a smaller, more portable case like the Fractal Design Node 202 and a Noctua NH-L9i for the cooler. Bitwit built one like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ4mMcfLTO0&t=136s

  3. Did you install the ram wrong? I can’t tell because I can’t see the ram but I think I saw them not spaced out(ram sticks)

  4. You should mount the monitor to the side of the case and have the cables always connected so you can pull out the kb and m and game

  5. could this case be any good for a gaming cafe? im thinking of opening one with at least 20PCs and this one looks ez to hide behind the desk to avoid theft.

  6. Just get a laptop and I know you will say laptops are overpriced for what you get but just wait for a sale and you can actually get a laptop cheaper then a Pc that’s what I did

  7. Yo, my guy, can you update your description I am very interested in buying all of the things I saw in the video

  8. The keyboard could get a smaller, and the mouse could be both smaller (magicforce49) and you could find a wireless mouse (logitech g305 is a good choice) to make it a little bit smaller. The monitor and pc are great though i have nothing to comment about those, this is really interesting nice video dude!

  9. I always travel and changing destinations that's why i came here so I'm checking it out. I always think LAPTOPS arent worth it. Worth 1200$ and its not really for gaming only 1050s? Im planning to get i5 9600k and a 2060 so i might plan to do this. Is the case good for this specs? what mobo should be fit for this

  10. I love that case, this is my construction in that box, I have put a 1080 ti and an i7 7820X in that small box, I have lengthened it 18 millimeters so that the graph can fit.

  11. This is the exact reason I bought the MSI Trident 3 (really good console sized prebuilt btw, weird look but works perfectly for portability for lan etc)

  12. you didnt list that bag though and how much did everything in the bag end up weighing all together so we know what the load is on our back you know.

  13. ok, so im planning to build a portable pc, so i can bring it to my friends house or anywhere else
    do u think its a good idea to buy this case? or a smaller case

  14. As a nomadic guy this would help me greatly

    I mostly play indie games so I'm hoping this would be powerful inoff

  15. I'm watching multiple Videos on Portable PCs for inspiration. I'm building my Daughter he first PC. she's 11yo old and enjoys Minecraft, Stardew Valley and browser games. the old Dell Vostro 1220 she has is struggling to play Minecraft with modified low settings. So I asked her if she just wants another laptop or a Desktop PC. She chose PC. However, her mom is her custodial Parent. since they live within 15-20 minutes of me I figured a small Portable PC that she can take between our houses would be good. Something that has few Cables and she can pick it up and go. well Put away a couple items including KB and Mouse. a small Mechanical KB like the one in this video is what I'm looking at for her. I've seen a few designs. I'm probably going Mini iTX or if I can find a good small mATX board. I plan on Going Ryzen 2400G, with 8GB of RAM. I might do a small AIO cooler instead of the Air cooler. however, if the Ryzen 3000 series also releases the 2200/2400 equivilants I may go with the new CPU. but for now a 2400G is what I'm planning.She's not playing massively graphical games, Minecraft is the most right now but I'm hoping to get her into more games. She has a copy of Slime Rancher and I think Subnautica. I'm thinking of doing a build on a slim case and putting a Mounting Bracket on it to mount a monitor to and wiring the power for the PC and Monitor to a power strip. that way it's only 1 power cord and put a handle on the top so she can heft it. I want to be Upgrade friendly as well, that way in a year or two I can get her a small mid level gaming Video Card. the 2400G is still a good CPU if you add a Dedicated GPU.

  16. Why not just buy a laptop
    This guy in this: MAKES PORTABLE COMPUTERS

    guy who created laptops: AM I JOKE TO YOU

  17. Ima do this one day. But the pc will be made to stay in place and not move on the top of the bag will be a usb hub. Hdmi ports. Made like the manufacture did that. The. I’ll make wholes in bottom for air flow. And the wholes will have wooden rims. The bottom will have some plastic walls that make main parts of the back pack not move so the pc has something to hold on to. Then when you open the bag it will have a monitor and the other part of the bag will have the keyboard headphones and mouse. Boom a real gaming backpack

  18. I'm getting ready to take a trip. I know a laptop would be the simplest way to get my gaming fix, but after the week is over I would not use it for much. So I'm looking to do something like this. I all ready have a ITX board and an AMD 1500x. But finding a small chase to get it all in is my hold up. I tried a cooler master elite 130, but cooling is not good. So it is in a Corsair Carbide Series Air 240, this cools nice, but not portable so much. So I am looking for a way to get this in some thing portable.

  19. About the Cable Management, I think that if you change the SFF Position , you will be create a space between the case and the SFF Corsair.

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