A REAL BOW AND ARROW! | The Lab #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
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A REAL BOW AND ARROW! | The Lab #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

August 17, 2019

[*HIGH FIVE*] Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome to “The Lab” This is something made by Valve If you remember the Aperture Robot Repair thing I played It was the very first HTC Vive game/demo that i played So this is the follow-up from it Because we are in the pocket universe lab, so all the little dudes you saw in the pocket universe are actually all here working And they’re making universes They’re making worlds for you to Look around. Ah silly. I’m hearing like a forklift Where is it!? There it is. So they’re- they’re making these little pocket universes that I can go around and look at What the hell is this? Oh, it’s a balloon-maker! Jesus! Fuck! boop pong Oh that’s awesome! They actually.. Oh God. Eeeeeeehhh.. Boom Poom Yeah! There is a little dog running around. Hi! Come here! You want a balloon? You want a balloon? No, he doesn’t want a balloon. So, there was a.. How do I get rid of this thing? I wanna ge.. I wanna get rid of this. Hello! Excuse me! Okay, we’re just gonna have to navigate with this. So, I can go to anyone of these spheres, that are lying around, and then I can pick a world to go into. This looks like it has archery, so immediately I’m gonna have to go into this. This looks cool! Yeah! So, this is called longbow! Okay. Because the one I was playing, you did like a test. It was just me standing on a mountain range But the mountain range was like a real mountain range Like, up somewhere And now… Youtube Comments, with Jacksepticeye *laughs* Oh, it’s like a little play! That’s cool, like a little puppet show Hey dudes! What do I- what do I do? Ohh. OHH! Oh! It’s fucking awesome! I took control of him “The horde is threatening your castle” Fucking not today We- we got this shit going on Ohhhh Oh, this is what I wanted! Erm, can I put it back, can I pick it up a different way? Oh, Jesus Oh God It like, fucking warps me around Ok, Here we go What the fuck just happened?! Oh god, It’s not tracking my headset anymore Good god, damn! Ah, Archery! Proper archery! That’s what I wanted! Oh god! Hahahahaha! Yeah! Run bitches! “Gate Health” “Defend your Castle, Defeat the Horde” Okay! UH! Fuck! It’s Hard! God dammit. HUH! Die ye bastards! I can’t hit them! Gotcha! Oh YES! Aw I almost got him! Good god, this is a good workout! YEAH, BABY Can I light them on fire? Oh, YES! Where you going, bro!? Oh, I almost got him This is so much fun! Ok, Aim higher Got his fucking helmet God, Fuck! No, you don’t! NO, YOU DON’T! Yeah! Shit, shit! I can’t hit those guys! Good god I knocked out my fucking headphones! SHIT! No, no, no, no! You can’t destroy my shit! This is MY land! Wave 3 of 8. Ok, uhm… Where’ you guys coming from? WHERE’ YOU GUYS COM- Hi OH! I almost got him right in the face EEEUH! NO! God, fuck! Is he the only one? It’s really hard to aim! Ok?! Dont judge me -too harshly- I’m gonna get him when he comes around here I’m gonna get him, I’m gonna get him! Yees! Right is his HEAD! Oh, God! This is where we hold ’em! THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT! There’s just so much drop on it! god damn! Oh ok, that got him Aw, f**k! Where is he coming? where is he coming? Gotcha bro! Ok, We’re almost down! We’re all going on to wave-something Aw, come on I wanna get the balloon! Dammit! Ah cause I think I have like the aiming system down And then it travels- much further than I think it’s going to. like it dives YEAHHH OHHHH EVERYBODY FEAR ME I have a flaming arrow now *Exhales* Good god this is a workout in itself Aw man I can’t light sh*t on fire Go in, go in the thing! UH! Damnit Where you going bro? Where you going bro!? God f*ck where did that go? Yes! Ok,ok,ok That didn’t blow anybody up! HUA Yeeeah baby! Don’t you be doing f*ckin’ flips on me! Oh my god, this is so much fun! Oh I actually aimed that one! I closed one of my eyes. *Laughter* Awesome! I wanna hit some balloons Noo.. Aw man they popped *imitates bow noises* I should just be doing this, just firing nonstop arrows AW! That would’ve got you if you didn’t jump! You little sh*t Fuck yea! Ok I – I wanna do this, I wanna do this! *More weird bow noises* Yeah baby! Yeah baby!!!!!! Come on guys, come on guys, come past this! WOOAAH!! Fuck! Fuck! I could’ve got him! *bow noise* Oh, I almost got that No you don’t! Wave 8 of 8! That’s how we defend our own fortress, baby! That’s how we DO! YEAH! Aw, awesome! Oohhhh.. Oh, wait, this is the last wave! Shit! SHIT! Fuck man, I didn’t know – I thought we were done! That would make more sense because that was a bit easy before.. I wasted the thing! I wasted my thing! No! NO! NOO!! NOOOO! NOOO!! Get away from me! Get away from my – my castle! Get away from my castle! Aww! You kinda get a feel for it after awhile UH! See! And then.. AWW BULLSEYE!! Yeah! I wanna get a bullseye here.. Naw, damn it.. cause distance is hard to judge – there we go! Yeaah baby! We – we’ll try out the catapult thing, there’s targets over there that we have to hit In game narrator: “The calibration unit is the large catapult shaped unit in the room with you.” “Approach it now to begin calibrating your -” Jack: This? Core in catapult: I’m so excited, are you the uh calibration guy? Jack: Yeah Ball: Great, this is my first time.. Jack: Aaww! Core: Pleased to meet you, what’s your name? Jack: Uh, Steve! Uh, Sean! Core: When does it start, by the way? I mean.. Oh my gosh – are we doing it already? Jack: Yeah, *launch* WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HA HA HA HA… see you later buddy! New ball: Oh, hey – hey… Jack: Hi! Core: Um.. a-a-am I up for calibration? I can’t see anything! But, you know – Jack: Are you Justin Roiland? Core: …I knew something was gong on with that last calibration – Jack: That’s the Rick and Morty dude Jack: Weeee! Come on! Previous shot.. um, oh.. OOOHHH I get it. Core: Well, ain’t you fancy? Jack: HUUH! Okay, that’s not good.. Oh yes, OH YES knock it all down! Core: I am the reverse psychology – Jack: That’s awesome! .. BOOOOM! There’s an explodey one in there! *loud noise* Whoa, god, my fucking headset’s freaking out! *speaking to core* Shut up! *explosion* WHOOOA YEAAAH Core: The name is Wilson, a boring, hard boiled core. But another minute and I’ll give you the lowdown on my latest caper. Jack: Ha, ha, these dudes are awesome! It’s so funny to listen to them! Ok, I gotta knock it over.. Core: I am the calibration core. Please – Jack: I DON’T CARE! *explosion* BOOM BABY!! SHOOT IT ALL DOWN, YEAH! Core: ….do not snuggle me, or I will explode! Jack: (mockingly) Or I will explode! What the hell is going on down there? Core: I was designed for the most pleasurable snuggling by humans. If you snuggle me, I will explode! Jack: You have a VERY familiar voice! I don’t know who it is, but it’s very familiar. Ok, faster please! Core: Have I got a deal for you! Up for bid, what a one of a kind – Jack: *launch* SHUT. UP. Just do your job and knock shit over! Here we go, hey.. aaaand – next – same one again, same again, same again That didn’t really work, ok we’re going over here this time. Um, I’ll move a small bit *inaudible in-game narration* What?! Ohhh, I only have a certain amount of them. Ok, can we start again? Okay, cool, that would make a whole lot of sense.. Whoops! I didnt know I had finite amount of them! If I did, i would’ve.. used them.. better. Are we good? Yeah? Okay. Got it! Hi There! Core: Oh hey! Hi! Jack: How’s it going? Core: Are you the uh.. Calibration Guy? I am the Calibration Guy! And you are going to Calibrat..die! Hey, hey! Oh jeez, Rick.. I don’t know if I should be- fired out of this thing.. Come on, man! I want to hit this fuckin’ thing Core: The name is Wilson. A boring hard-boiled core. No one cares! *laugh* Aw, the physics are awesome! Wooooo! Okay, uh- Woosh! Oh god, I have to go way further. Core: Welcome! To a world of wonder. Welcome to a world of pain, brother! Yeah! I was gonna say that went way to far. Ha! Aw I’m so close to getting the thing. Hyaaa! See ya later! Yes! Come on, explode already. Woooosh! You sound like Nolan North, by the way. Explode, explode! Aww, you didn’t bring anything with you. This is my last dude.. Core: Please calibrate me so that I am calibrated. Shut up! Well that sucked! Ah! I can change the calibration height That’s awesome Okay- shut up dude! Fwoosh! I didn’t really fuckin’ do anything- I need to explode shit It’s hard to aim. Core: A-a-am I up for calibration? Jack: Yep! Good job! Thanks Justin! Core: Hey, calibration trainee, I kn- Respect! Yeaaah! Baby! Watchin’ that shit explode is the best! Boom! More booms? Core: *Female robotic rambling* Yay! Oh god- you are annoying. Oh god, you need- you need to go. You need to go and die. That was almost close. If I can do that same thing- But just- *Core talking* Wah! Yeaaaah! You didn’t knock it all down though. Yes, yes! Yesss! More explosions! MORE explosions! Ha ha ha! So fuckin’ cool! Could you guys all stop talking? Please? *Core talking* Thanks Rick! *laugh* Again, Justin Roiland from Rick and Morty. Funny dude. Core: Welcome to the inaugural flight of the Aperture Science- Wah! Jack: The Aperture Science what? The Aperture Science wah? Core: Okay chief, we tried calibrating things your way and it didn’t get us squat! I’ll see you in heaven! Jack: I’ll see you in hell, bitch! Fuck yeah! Core: -or I will explode! Jack: Or I will explode! You sound like the dude from Gravity Falls Fwoh! Core: Snuggle me! Jack: Smuggle me! ‘k, get ready, Core: Why hello, weary calibration trainee.. Jack: Hello! Core: Tell me, do you like stories? Jack: I love stories! I love stories in which you DIE! Core: I am the executive core- Please action calibration now, calibration of executive core will be a- Danger! Computer: Racer core released Jack: Oooooh! So if I hit the things- then I calibrate them! And I get more cores! Oh, I didn’t know! Woosh! Almost perfect, if I can go a bit higher Core: Welcome to a world of wonder- Jack: Shut up Core: Do you like magic? Ta-da! Jack: Get it, get it, get it, get it! Computer: Racer core released Jack: Yes! Core: Ah haha, impressions! I’ve got a million of ’em *laugh* Core: Now the first one, guess who I am! Jack: Guess who I am! Woosh! Good fuckin’ god, you can go far. Okay, I only have three left So- Oh! You actually tell me where you’re going! Computer: Ascending new core- Jack: So much better when I know where they’re going. Okay, you need to go higher Woosh, get it, get it, get it, get it. Fuck! That was the top Okay, I need to- I need to calibrate more stuff. You are a calibration one, you can tell me where you’re going. Annnd- Go! And I get more of them then. Wooooowaah! Awesome! Sorry, I’m like fuckin’ way off camera Okay, um- You go over here, please. And hit- that! Yesss! It’s so much easier knowing where they’re gonna go. Core: *rambling* Jack: Shut UP! I don’t care! I do care about you knocking down shit and exploding, though. Thanks, thanks- are you gonna keep falling? Oh, keep falling. Oh! Keep falling! Beautiful, baby! Um- Tracer core! Oh no, I can’t pull it back far enough! My wall gets in the way! There we go! Nice one, bro! ‘k, now we’re just exploding shit.. Core: Tracer core- Jack: I don’t care about more tracer cores! I just want to blow shit up, baby! Core: Hi, I’m Trevor. I’m with the work from home cor- wah! Jack: Good! Good to meet you, Trevor! I’m Jack- And I’m gonna fuck you up! Tracer core! Uhhhh- Boom! Baby! Fourth of July! Are you gonna fall?! Please fall! Core: Please calibrate me so that I may cause climate change- Jack: It’s not gonna fall… Man- shut up! Shut up- Shut up! Yes, now you should fall. Now you’re gonna fall, baby! Oh, that’s awesome! Boom! Uh, you can go- Weee! Yeah! That’s definitely Nolan North’s voice. Core: *music playing* I am the rhythm core, I provide rhythm. Fuck yeah, brother! Ah man, that was it! Aw, career over! Fuckin’ hell, that was fun! That was so cool! That was The Lab, by Valve It’s a new thing that just came out, I- I think ‘Cause they were talking about it awhile ago, and I was looking forward to it coming out And then, all of a sudden, It was just there, on Steam free to play for those that had a Vive, so I was like Hell yeah, I want to play that! The archery was so much fun- that last one was fun as well because it had the whole, Portal vibe to it. With the cores and you were firing them and they all had personalities and they were able to talk. Sorry if you couldn’t hear some of them. I was probably talking over half of them. I couldn’t even hear half of what they were saying- even though they were right next to my head. So much fun! I’m watching the physics interact all really far away and the explosions and everything. So cool- the archery was, by far, my favourite. Because after awhile you actually get a feel for it You feel like you’re actually firing arrows I can’t wait until we get, like, force feedback chests Like chest armour things that you can put on and it feels like you’re actually pulling something back Man, VR future is going to be amazing. But anyway! Thank you guys so much for watching this video! If you liked it, PUNCH the like button in the face! Like a boss! and- high fives all around! Wah-psh! Wah-psh! Well thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes- in the next video!

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  1. I've played that first game! I recognised it from when I played it in a military base my dad works in. I didn't realise the balloons give your gate health so I died

  2. omg the lab is so awesome. my mom works with ARA and builds games for the HTC Vive and I get to test out all of their games. Sometimes when I go to work with her and no one is working on the headset, I get to explore any of the games they have, and usually, I will just spend 2 whole hours playing the Longbow game in The Lab. lol

  3. I played this at a friends house. Watching this is way less immersive than actually being there. It is a all 3D and is way coole

  4. I haven’t watched this video in a few years and now I do archery
    Any other archers laughing and slightly cringing at jacks form
    I get he’s having fun but it’s making me die a little inside lol

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