A modern-day “hunter-gatherer” confronts coronavirus, “social-distancing” and “self-isolation.”
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A modern-day “hunter-gatherer” confronts coronavirus, “social-distancing” and “self-isolation.”

March 24, 2020

[Terry Barner] For thousands of years, men have been the hunter-gatherers. So let’s see what it’s like during the coronavirus and social distancing. [Music is Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries] I skipped the skim milk. I left the Cherrios for others. Yes, I know it’s not an N95 mask. I actual came in for fertilizer and drill bits. But then I had a run in with one of the store “workers.” “Buddy” is freed! Buddy goes back into battle again for floor debris! Sort of… Buddy’s medal of honor. [Yes, I even disinfected my car keys.] [My trusted steed rides into town for provisions.] [Terry Barner] And now, we’ll confront hunter/gathering at Walmart! I issue a challenge to Amanda, the delivery girl. Oh! Hi! [Amanda] What’s the name on the order? [Me] Barner [Amanda] And what was the first name? [Me] Terry [Amanda] I will be out in a couple of minutes. [delivery woman] Have a good day! [Amanda burst through the doors to meet our demand! [Open the car castle gates!] [A challenge to Amanda] Hope you don’t mind being in a video I’m doing? [Amanda] No, that is fine. Any prayer requests you got for you or anyone? [Amanda accepts the challenge] [Me] I know, strange question. [Amanda] Have a good day! [Me] OK. Thanks! [I give my trusty steed the spurs and head back to the cabin with my gathered groceries!] [Cleaning my catch.]

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