A Miss and BIG HIT Archery Whitetail Rut Hunt
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A Miss and BIG HIT Archery Whitetail Rut Hunt

August 16, 2019

Hello and welcome to Wired Outdoors we
have a great show for you today and I was fortunate enough in
Pennsylvania to tag out the first week of the season so once that happened I
called my good friend John Bulgrin in Wisconsin to say “hey could I come out
and hunt with you this year?” John – if you remember all the way back to season one of Wired Outdoors, it was the very first buck we ever shot on film so I can’t
think of a better place to go. So I’m gonna be picking up Jon Collins we’re
heading to Wisconsin let’s see if we can get it done Good morning. Today is our last morning here in Wisconsin. We were actually not going to hunt today. But as you can see, there’s no wind. Conditions are perfect. It’s 26 degrees And we’re supposed to be in Kentucky this afternoon So we’re going to get a little later start than what we were. But we had a great encounter with a good buck last night and it just feels like you know we’re in the last week of October where things are ready to break loose so we want to get one more morning before we take off Conditions are perfect. It’s quiet, no wind We’re going to rattle and grunt a little bit. See if we can’t get something to come in Jon there’s a buck, good buck down
in the corn. Snort wheeze at him He’s coming he’s gonna come right in
this trail What a bummer man.
That buck he came out of the corn and he was heading the other way I snort
wheezed, grunted at him. Did a doe bleep he came up our way perfect but he just
hugged the edge of this plot and he never gave me a shot he got out by this
pine and he went the other way What a heart breaker man. I thought it was a done deal Jason, Jason! Buck right out there in the woods. Right there in front of us. Yeah he’s gonna come in Initially I had no idea what happened
that deer was only seven yards away and I didn’t hit him I obviously missed
and what I did was – I hit a branch so all heck’s breaking loose now. Jon Collins
is gonna hand me my quiver i’m gonna knock another arrow and see if I can’t pull
off a miracle [bow shot] Are you kidding? You smoked him
We were supposed to be out of here this morning for Kentucky and we had
a great encounter with a big buck last night and it’s just getting ready to
bust loose here in Wisconsin. I said Jon let’s hunt one more morning. We’ll get on the road by nine o’clock and you know we’re just
sitting here Jon saw him coming up through the wood. We apologize too we forgot our tree arm today so Jon’s free handing it and we
never do that. Haven’t forgot it all week maybe now we’ll freehand it forever because it’s good luck. Awesome man. Sure enough he just didn’t know what happened and he stopped and hr came back and I even stood up he saw me and he whirled out cuz I had to shoot over this
branch. He whirled out. I put it to him he’s done. I saw the blood pumping Okay it has been about a half-hour 45
minutes since we shot this deer I know it’s a good shot and I know he’s dead
because this wise guy over here was hunting about 120 yards over the hill
then watched him drop and was messing with me and said “oh he ran out in the
corn” and I knew that shot was good and we came up and we just started to look
for this blood trail but we still want to do our due diligence and show you
this Rage blood trail so follow along because it is really easy to follow. So
John Bulgrin thank you so much Freddie thanks for all your help man. Yeah last morning, last day. Nothing like putting it off till the last minute. We could see it was increasing all week and we knew if you stayed this one more sit it was going to make all the difference. It sure did so let’s go find him Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo just a good Wisconsin
buck man! I’m super-pumped just a good Wisconsin buck man. Look at that Rage hole. Oh my god I can’t believe he went – what? 200
yards almost? I think he went till he had no blood left so what a buck man. Awesome. Well as you can see we recovered my deer it was an absolute bloodbath probably the
easiest blood trail I’ve ever had. That Rage did a number. You can see quartering away shot just destroyed him but what a hunt we had here. Every day
has got a little bit better it’s the last week of October, started out a little
bit slow and then last night had a great encounter with a big buck then this
morning had another really nice eight-point come in and then this one
literally came in with the last 15 minutes. We’re off to Kentucky today we
weren’t even gonna hunt this morning but I knew with the weather – it got even
colder, there was no wind, I just had a feeling that you know this morning was
gonna be a good morning and it absolutely was so just can’t say it
enough to John Bulgrin and Heidi Bulgrin and Brady for having us out and
you know helping us get this great deer thank you guys so much and thank you all
for joining us on Wired Outdoors Well what can I say how awesome was that to get two shots at this deer was absolutely unreal and that rage blood
trail was unlike anything I’ve ever seen absolutely destroyed him
so again I can’t say it enough this has been one heck of a season for me so far
I know somebody’s looking out for me upstairs so thank you to the big guy
upstairs thank you to the Bulgrins for having us out hunting and thank you
all for joining us on Wired Outdoors

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  1. If you shoot at an animal you need to go down and investigate. Whether or not you think you hit a stick. Bad form to assume you didn't hit it and keep hunting. Second shot was a good one though.

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