A Hunting Outfitter Tests Out the Trailblazer
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A Hunting Outfitter Tests Out the Trailblazer

November 15, 2019

Hi everybody. My name is Jason Sigler. I am
the owner of MUCK FARM whitetails from Syracuse, Indiana. We provide large acreage leasing
for deer and turkey hunting. The guys from Orec America brought down the Trailblazer
for me to try. I had the need to move deer feed. I used my side-by-side in the past,
which was fine, however it’s large, it’s heavy. The Trailblazer holds 650 pounds and will
get me down where I need to go, and get me in the wetlands, on top of the muck fields,
I can fill my feeders, and have a great day. Josh Rollins here with MUCK FARM whitetails.
Getting prepared for next season, as most of us do. We’re going to take some feed out,
mineral blocks, and we’re going to test out the Orec Trailblazer here. Six-hundred-pound
capacity. So, we’re going to put it to the test. Terry, let’s get this loaded.
This was the first time I’ve used it. I’m pretty impressed. Not going to lie, I had
one casualty. I dropped a bag but we made it through some pretty rough terrain there,
and that saved a whole lot of time. That would have taken me a couple hours dragging all
this out here with a wheelbarrow, or even with a side-by-side. It got right through
it. Let’s get this loaded. Well, we got this one full. Now, we’ll venture
off to the rest of the feeders and fill those too.

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