A Hunter & Vegan Get Handcuffed For 24 Hours
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A Hunter & Vegan Get Handcuffed For 24 Hours

November 16, 2019

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  1. Hunting was always interesting to me even though I have never have been hunting at all.

    I want to know more about dismembering animals.

  2. Just so you plants add as much to a bad environment as animals and I'm an animal lover but I eat meat. I really just respect where my food comes from and realize that the animal kingdom and the plants are in balance of a sort

  3. Honestly I would love to go vegetarian (and get my cheese, yogurt, eggs and honey from people who don’t abuse or breed the animals just for that reason) but I feel like it would have a huge effect on my health since I have iron deficiency and vegan alternatives are usually quite expensive.

  4. Look who is in better shape and healthier….. THE VEGAN! The hunters arteries must be so full of plaque from the meats. She will be on BP meds soon

  5. merle is going to look back in a few years after gaining a more conscious view of veganism and wish she didn’t say some of the things she said. “healthy meat”, “sustainable”. are you kidding??

  6. I think im a sociopath because when the vegans who are in your face force their veganness on you when they show me the slaughter house videos i just think "mmmm cheese burger"

  7. The thing is I think we can reduce emeat intake greatly instead of going vegan. Going vegan is the luxury of rich white girls that most Colored people dont have. We should stop eating red meat and reduce meat intake which is a better option.

  8. I’m happy they found a nice and reasonable meat eater who wasn’t closed minded with her views and actually took in what the vegan was saying.

  9. as a vegan I don’t support that the meat eater eats meat, I find it immoral BUT hunting your own meat is something I can respect

  10. They were not even handcuffed for most of the time, just out there completing the challenges and trying new stuff.
    P.S I'm not complaining

  11. I went vegan for a 1 week challenge and that challenge never ended(3years later). I hope it never does end until the day I pass on. Being vegan is great. Also, the vegan girl is so pretty!

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that the meat eater looks way better than the vegan loser. She looks way buffer and healthier because of eating meat

  13. I’ve been vegetarian for 5 years and just started going vegan and lemme just say, if you’re going to eat meat be this kind of meat eater. She understands and respects where her food came from and that a life was given for it.

  14. Yes, we kill animals for sport in the sense, but not you be cruel or waste anything. We eat as much as we can d from the animal. Hunting also keeps from more animals dying. If there is an overpopulation of deer, diseases spread, and hunting brings the numbers down which helps stop diseases. Okay, rant over

  15. do you have to be such a show off that you take a selfie with an animal you just murdered? no hate just saying that it is slightly obnoxious x

  16. I’m late but I love the vegan girl and her personality she just gives off so many soft vibes like she’s the embodiment of ???

  17. I’m not a vegetarian or even a vegan , I am against killing animals for fur . And I am definitely against hunters …. it’s violent , savage and just cruel

  18. If anyone was unclear: she eats the animals she hunts. She's not a sport hunter. Often people who hunt their own meat are actually very environment and ethics conscious and choose to do so because the more people hunt wild animals sustainably, the less factory farms get business. And eating a wild animal has a way lower Carbon footprint.

  19. I like the fact that they are both open minded and respectful to each other even though they have different point of view ?☺?

  20. Just saying, that video they were watching was from 14 years ago, how are things now? Not saying things have changed or haven't changed, just saying, shouldn't you watch current videos?

  21. "Handcuffed for 24 hours" by hour 2 the handcuffs are already off when they are back in the car, I understand it's for safety reasons but if people are going to do a challenge they might as well do it right. I am on the hunters side because my dad is a butcher and we eat a lot of meat.

  22. i feel like the hunter girl you start a family with her,the vegan girl i feel like she would text you she isnt over her ex we need a brake.Hunter girl can make you a meal with a shotgun and vegan girl opens 5 containers and calls that cooking

  23. I liked that they both were able to respect each other's opinion in a safe and peaceful manner, but I also felt that Merle had to be pushed farther out her comfort zone than Kelsey did

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