A Gaming Glove That’s Fast Enough for Pros
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A Gaming Glove That’s Fast Enough for Pros

August 21, 2019

There have been all sorts of video game
controllers created over the years, but most PC gamers still rely on their
keyboard. It’s capable of putting dozens of commands
right at your fingertips. But the latest input device trying to crack the
PC gaming market just might be good enough to win over some keyboard
traditionalists. This is Peregrine, a gaming glove that’s
actually fast enough for serious gamers. Instead of having to reach across the keyboard to hit awkardly placed hotkeys sometimes, I instead have intuitive, short movements- travel time reduced, accuracy 100%.
I mean, I could do this all day long with my eyes closed, I’m never going to miss it. The washable glove is pretty low tech. It’s laced with simple conductors that
can be connected together in a variety of hand movements. There three contact pads: One on the palm of the hand, and two on the thumb. Touch any of the eighteen finger points
to a contact pad, and the glove sends a unique action to the game. Included software lets you calibrate and
program the results of each touch. So for the tip of the finger I have it clicked here and it shows all the hotkeys I have set up for the tip of my finger. If I want to touch the meat of the thumb one, I can go ahead and bind these. I currently have it blank, but you know, if you want to set one up.
Though the developers say that the glove could be configured for typing or design projects, it’s really designed for games that
require lots of hotkeys: Games like Heros of Newerth, Defense of the Ancients
or World of Warcraft. So I have all my character’s different spells,
her leap ability I have bound to my finger and my thumb; contact pad pressing for arrow ability bound to there; Star Fall- just all my different skills accessible. So is it hard to remember all the hand
positions? Not for Cyrus. He says it only took a few hours to master
the glove on one of his favorite games, Warcraft 3.
Some people came up, fans of the
game that were skeptics and they sat down one of the other pro gamers, had him use the keyboard,
me using the glove and we went one-versus-one, and in the end I
wound up beating him I’m not saying it was because of the glove, but it shows that I was able to take all of my skill and transfer it over, and use it more comfortably, for sure, as well.
So far the company’s only developed a A left-hand glove for PCs which leaves the right hand free
to control a mouse. But both a right-handed version and a
Mac-compatible glove are in the works. The glove is priced at $150,
but some players might find it worth the cost. In a pro-gaming situation, a quarter-of-a-second difference could be
the difference between life and death so, to me, I find it very valuable. For IEEE Spectrum, this is Josh Romero.

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  1. you will just look like an idiot….and well..he is using it very slowly…if you have to be fast with that idk…i would end up making a fist and smash my desk XD

  2. how the fuck is travel time shorter when your fingers are actually ON the keyboard instead of in the air? he has to bring his finger down to his thumb or palm to even register a keystroke which is just awkward. and how is holding your hand in the air more comfortable than resting it on a desk

  3. I wonder how it would do if I were to use it in either of my drawing programs [Manga Studio EX-5 or Sketchbook Pro7] ? Might be an interesting way to manipulate the palettes; change brush sizing, etc… I think I might just give it a try, to see if I can use it with my Cintiq 27" touch.

     (I don't waste my time with gaming, so I wouldn't care about how it works or doesn't work in that regard…and NO I'm NOT against gaming or gamers; I just got bored w/ doing it after about a month of doing it, way back in 2002, when I'd gotten my 1st computer).


  4. They keep saying how much more comfortable it is, but I don't see how. Your hand rests on the keyboard while idle, whilst the glove you have to hold up so you clear the space to perform your gestures unimpeded.

  5. This is the stupidest invention I have seen. Innovative, yet completely redundant. This is encouraging laziness and people who aren't willing to use their keyboard. That's why games have hotkey options. That way they can set the keys to ones they see fit instead of the default settings. Whoever came up with the glove idea probably didn't even know that games had options and settings.

  6. Step 1: Put Glove on and program it into Dota 2
    Step 2: Hope to god that this accessory is not Steam/PC Powerglove

  7. I read the comments with all the "oh my god what a stupid idea" hate, and I'm here waiting for VR to be fully developed so I can use this and all other kinds of controllers that allow me to move while ingame. The Virtuix Omni and this controller would make a great combination. I would hate using a keyboard with Occulus dev sets, it breaks the illusion of VR.

  8. I don't see the need for this. Gamepads will always be king in my eyes.
    I never have been K+m person. I find it utterly over whelming for most games.

  9. Why would you ever use this in a moba? All the buttons are right there at your finger tips. And it would take less time to tap the button than to move your fingers in to whatever positions you set them up in to use your abilities.

    If it was a cheap novelty toy, or even maybe 50 dollars, it might be cool, and something to show off with, but it's completely impractical for competitive gaming, and mice with buttons are better bang for your buck.

  10. Watch this video, buy the first full dive virtual reality tech created, look at this video again, and understand how crap this actually is. We are close to going outright SAO online in the gaming community. XD

  11. Why don't people just play a game? How is it fair when you have to rely on a damn glove in order to win? What happened to human skill? Does it all have to be technology?

  12. haha what stupid shit will they think of next to get the gamers dollar? Definately useless!
    Heroes of Newerth? Okay so you are playing Magmus and you want to Ulti, then queue up PK and dive while channeling ulti? Ummmm not going to happen with a glove.
    What it boils down to is you are sacrificing a keyboard in exchange for about 12 buttons that can be clicked one at a time.

  13. Yeah, but it can play Bioshock? (I believe it has like 9 plasmids, 9 weapons, 3 ammo for each weapon, 2 ways to use every plasmid, etc……)

  14. Amazing!! In fact with this glove we can manipulate and control spherical robots. The hand of God technology. 😀

  15. This is why the good old keyboard will win…ALWAYS:

    Whenever you switch to your rage-mode because some noob got a lucky headshot or your base got raided out of nowhere it's much better to smash your keyboard instead of your hand, right?

  16. they have never played wow before.. spaming keys 6/s on a glove ?! realy?? eanyway cool tech but not for mmorpg-s in my opinion

  17. and yet it is still slower then a lot of those Koreans out there. welcome to more useless inventions wasting our planets resources.

    this is why i use the razer naga epic with the thumb grid.i can bind 36 keys to my thumb, and still have excess buttons on my left hand.

  18. Hey, i saw your awesome vid and loved it 😀 i make similar videos and hope to see you on my channel. i make gaming, vlog, and funny challenge videos that you PROBABLY would enjoy! i love entertaining people and i'd love to find a chance to entertain you with some of my videos!

  19. As someone who has really fucking bad joints to the point of having arthritis this is pretty damn inviting to me. Also if this were to work with starcraft 2 we could probably have a lot less pro players that have to get a fucking surgery because having their joints fucking explode due to macroing. These hand movements seem to be a lot more friendly to joints.

  20. I got this thing that I gently touch hotkeys on just like you. Actually more of them, faster and for any game. I can also type. Its a keyboard.

  21. make a dick glove so i could view images, scroll up and down and control play bar and volume with my balls

  22. "Designed for games with a lot of hotkeys" and you put DOTA as an example? How the heck am I supposed to play Starcraft with this? You cant tell me this glove is more precise or fast than a keyboard. For a MOBA maybe since you only need 4 abbilities and a bunch of actives but in SC2 I have 12 hotkeys I need to use very frequently, 7 control groups and 3 camera hotkeys…

  23. I like how every nerd in here is like useless your hand will get tired well i have two solutions for you …..Stop being a psy ………Put the damn hand on the desk dip shits

  24. i love it bute will take more and 8 yers befor it coum to my contry you se the movie whas make 2010 and its 2017 now and westill not have that in oure store in sweden this contry suck so mutch we never have good things in sweden 🙁

  25. I feel this may be a alternative for people with disability. It is a niche device, but I can see use for it for some people.

  26. thats still not fast enough. On a keyboard you controll five keys at a time, and can press then all at once. Here with this glove you like press one key at a atime, can't do combinations, lose time on moving your thumb from one point to another. The thing about a keyboard being quick is that you just rest your fingers on hotkeys (or actionkeys) and in order to invoke a command – you just need to lower a finger slightly, And you can simultaniously invoke up to 5 comands without the need of ever moving you palm or fingers anywhere at all. Just raise or lower them slightly to press the key. And you know exactly when you press it – since the key "click", tactiley confirming you pressed it.

  27. this is literally the worst acting, 'i could do this all day' no you fucking couldn't. Do it for a 5 minutes and your hand starts to hurt, doing it all day would honestly give you cramps, another item that you never knew you needed, and now you know it exists, you know you still don't need it.

  28. nice, thats a reasonable price. i mean look at some of the pro controllers for ps4 and xb1, most of those start out at $120 and go up from there..average cost of them being around $200 for the custom logo and buttons.

  29. Hilarious, seeing how many gamers would benefit more from a glove that will teach them how to find a girl's G spot

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