A Gaming Chair You Won’t HATE! (2018)
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A Gaming Chair You Won’t HATE! (2018)

August 26, 2019

The Black Friday deals are here and this is
a spicy one. Howdy howdy guys ponchato here, and in this
video we’ll be looking at a sweet gaming chair from AutoFull. Thanks to AutoFull for sending this over,
and let’s get started. First thing’s first we gotta get it out of
the box. Right on top is the 5 arm base that the wheels
and chair will be mounted on. Next we have the back of the chair and right
off the bat I’m liking it; solid backed chairs get too hot for me, and this mesh will allow
plenty of airflow to stay cool. Next is the plastic cover for the bracket
that holds the chair back to the seat. Under that we have the lumbar pillow which
is actually really dense, comfortable foam. And of course, AutoFull’s name stamped into
it. Next we have the mounting hardware, warranty
card, and assembly guide. Oh and a funny little pair of gloves in case
you have sensitive, delicate hands. My hands are tough and manly, so I set the
gloves aside. Under that are casters, tilt mechanism, and
seat back mounting bracket. Next we have the seat cushion, which has another
AutoFull logo stamped into the base – these guys are very proud of their name. And under that is the mounting plate for the
tilt mechanism, then finally we have the two arm rests. Assembly is pretty straightforward, typical
for a chair like this. It starts with snapping the casters into the
arms of the base, then sliding the riser piston into the center. After that, the tilt mechanism and support
plate get screwed into the bottom of the seat. Next the arm rests get attached. This part can be a little tricky to do by
yourself, since you’ll need to hold the seat, the arm rest, and screw them together. Putting the seat on a box to keep it off the
ground would’ve made this a little easier. Once they’re in, the seat mounts to the base
and you attach the seat back with that bracket plate. For some reason I’m really good at installing
things backwards, so I had to flip the plate so it was facing the right way. Finally, the plastic cover snaps in to hide
the bolts and the chair is ready for your sitting pleasure. My first impression was this chair is really
comfortable. The seat is soft foam but what I really like
is the back, which is a tightly sprung mesh. The two huge openings on the back allow for
plenty of airflow, so unlike most other gaming chairs, this one won’t cause you to overheat. As for size, as a 6′ guy it just about fits
me perfectly with the seat all the way up, and it has about 3″ of adjustment for the
height. The arm rests can also be adjusted up and
down about 2.5″, and it can recline really far – 160 degrees at full tilt. I personally love the edgy, angular design
and the blue and black looks great. AutoFull also has this chair available in
red and black, if you prefer that color combo instead. And it’s competitively priced against other
gaming chairs – I think it strikes great balance between overly high end and too cheap to sit
on. With the code in the description and AutoFull’s
instant savings coupon, this chair will only run you $162. That’s a great deal, but you’ll have to get
one fast because these savings will only be around for Black Friday. If you want to pick one up for yourself, follow
the link in the description. Hit subscribe and click the bell icon to get
notified of new videos as soon as they’re up. So guys if you liked this video hit the like
button, if you want to see more hit subscribe, and if you have any questions on chair, leave
them in the comments below. Thanks for watching, I hope I helped, and
I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. There's a plastic gaming chair isn't? I saw one on a furniture mall yesterday and its looks good and comfortable. The chair cost around 10-18$

  2. Love the review 🙂 , i would like to get a red one. This chairs do look confy. @ponchato can you adjust the pressure of the spring loaded chair ? Thanks.

  3. Seems a little cheap (plastic everyhere).
    I have the Newskill Takamikura that costs 155€ in Spain, and there is just 2 small plastic covers. The rest is metal. And you can tilt the chair to be fully flat. You can tilt the armrests to both sides, back and forward and also up and down. For 155€ it's agreat deal. It is the best selling gaming chair in Spain. I would like to see it in other countries :/

  4. "and a funny little pair of gloves in case you have sensitive & delicate hands, my hands are tough & manly so i set the gloves aside" that made me laugh way to much

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