A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (Part 2) VR Horror Game
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A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (Part 2) VR Horror Game

August 24, 2019

but you know why we just go for a swim why not holy where’s my trusty crowbar alright okay okay fear Louisiana Swan we had a pelican in the postcard we’ve got Holy Bible sacrifices it’s super says this is everything okay right who was the teenager in the water who else was out there that was a teenager [Music] chapter three Pelican motel [Music] oh it’s so creepy oh man something on the red door okay [Music] no I don’t come our Oh in the morning oh dude and my the dead guy oh no no no no no no and of course we’re gonna take one of these pills yeah go meet that creepy voice out in the hallway she said tomorrow in the morning and it’s definitely not same time before all right take the cross with me taking this bottle let me know don’t do anything creepy Pelican motel no vacancy color TV Wow Oh should be film canister another missing child what I want all those are pills this is motor skills not this guy’s good wait what if I do this too I went [Applause] Oh nicely done that oh they gave me the children the student is drinking like crazy oh no I don’t want to go through the church hallway I know when I go in with complete swag that’s right lobby smoke what do you want I say what I say what did I say [Music] shut up no shut oh shit ha boy [Music] everything’s still creepy everything so so creepy I’m afraid to turn around okay now it’s your turn okay more pills just a second I forgot how to hold things again Oh police have launched a hot investigation after the body of an unidentified young man was found in a rural area of the green water swamps this morning urging anyone with information to call the regional emergency helpline immediately we will be following this story as it happens on PC TV news well hey why are you still talking Kim scary yeah uh what do you want yeah that’s acting to the mix I’m guilty of something we’re at the Pelican motel now we need to check every room one by one start at the end of that row now make sure that no one tries to slip away passcode safe what what to access the safe please key the correct code use three digits and four button how I hope you enjoyed stay I’ve done it there what’s that thing you open ah you know what what all right here we go why is the bet why is the bathroom blocks from the inside waitwhat go in there we go Oh No Oh man [Music] [Applause] here comes a scary okay thank you I’ll say a gun no wait for me in the lodge nothing come out by the time I can’t okay [Music] all right so do you back here again see we got there was a bird one who preys on the weakness of others definitely Doctor Who

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