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A Caveman and His Archery Skills – Answer & Win $10 | Play and Win

August 20, 2019

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400 year ago A cavemen was known for his archery skills. He was a real master in targeting the arrows
to perfection. He was so skilled that he could Shot 5 arrows
in exactly 20 seconds difference between the first and the last arrow shot. One day he was roaming around in search of
dinner, Where he saw 2 birds sitting on tree and thought of killing them to have a great
dinner. He has exactly six seconds to kill both the
birds before they flew away Can he kill both the birds under 6 Seconds
? Answer in the comment section below. And Also Random winner from all the correct
answers given in the comments will be selected and prize money of $10 will be given. Name of the winner will be announced in the
next video with the correct answer. Condition to win the award is, you have to
share the video on social networking site and also video should cross 50000 views on
Youtube, So share as much as you can and win prize of $10 Remember to Hit the like Button and subscribe
the channel for more videos. Also Don’t forget to press the bell icon. Answer of class test riddle. If you are new to the channel press the (i)
button for class test riddle. Unfortunate for C, correct answer was not
division of 2 what teacher asked. Correct answer of four would have been Four. That is, because answer was the number of
alphabet that it takes to spell the word that teacher asked. As 12 contains 6 alphabets, 6 contains 3 and
10 also 3 So, now teacher asked E Eight, Therefore correct
answer that E has to give is Five. Winner of this riddle is Mehul singla
Unfortunately Cannot win the prize money because all the conditions of the video were not fulfilled,
so better luck next time.

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