A Bobcat Uses a Different Hunting Strategy to Catch a Duck
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A Bobcat Uses a Different Hunting Strategy to Catch a Duck

November 16, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The bobcat, named
for his short bobtail, isn’t built for deep snow. Small paws don’t support
the cat’s weight, and he sinks into the drifts. The stealthy hunter
becomes slow, inefficient. Bobcats usually avoid the
snowiest regions of Yellowstone when winter arrives, but
this cat may have been lured by an unusual opportunity– open water, an oasis
in a frozen world. It becomes a refuge
for waterfowl, who, in turn, attract the bobcat. Bobcats are not by habit
creatures of the water. They’re elusive
hunters, rarely seen. But the hungry cat must try
his luck here in the open. [DUCKS QUACKING] The bobcat moves towards what
must be a tempting sight– mallard ducks within
striking distance. The cat’s bold approach
should concern the ducks, but they don’t panic. With a quick paddle,
they’re easily out of range. The bobcat is left
with a puzzle. He’ll try a different strategy– hide and wait. Let the ducks come to him. But an unexpected
target surfaces– a muskrat, blissfully unaware
of the unlikely stalker. [SPLASH] [DUCKS QUACKING] A mouthful of river
muck is no prize. And this cold water
is the cat’s enemy. The only thing worse than being
hungry is being hungry and wet.

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  1. When the narrator said, "…an unexpected target arises," I thought, "An alligator?! WTF?! That is unexpected." Then it was a muskrat. Bummer.

  2. Smithsonian have the best narrators narrating excellent commentary ever! I could just listen to them for days and still can’t get enough. The way the narrator phrased it, “the worse thing than being hungry, is being hungry and wet.” I ❤️ Smithsonian!

  3. When I was a kid, National Geographic, Mutual of Omaha etc would air their docs on broadcast TV, and you'd see the predator stalk and catch the prey. Nowadays, they always show the prey getting away, or the predator failing to find food in general. They are sanitizing the content so as not to trigger the younglings. Who wants to watch this content when there's no action? Life feeds on life people.

  4. Sad. I was hoping the bobcat would’ve killed a duck or at least the muskrat. Instead we see a lonely, wet, and cold cat.

  5. Would it be illegal to own/pet a bobcat?. All vaccines done and everything required by a regular house cat done also.

  6. Uses a different hunting strategy to catch a duck yet it didn't even hunt the duck, nor catch it. uhhhhh…

  7. *"A Bobcat Uses a Different Hunting Strategy to Catch a Duck"
    *Does not catch a duck. Does not even attack the ducks. Attacks a muskrat and fails.

  8. Great !! Wow ! Thank you for your interesting video. Lots of greets. Please check out my nature videos on "Alex Brackx Nature"

  9. Bobcat is a Terrible name for a majestic cat. I propose the name "Rinyx" (Ren-icks). Lynx rufus is scientific name. Take the "R" from rufus. Add "I" for pronunciation purposes.

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